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More Clients – Like Lifting More Weight

May 3, 2016

Getting clients is the “need” most personal trainers indict as the most challenging and in that they seek marketing and social media options.  They create ads, funnels, and sign up for costly courses, but they fail to develop the simplest skill of all. Talk to people.  Honestly.

I know it’s hard . . . at first, if you have qualities of an altruistic introvert (as most trainers do), but change your neural wiring, make the initial contact easy, and then, once you’re engaged in conversation, use a 90-second “open.”   I know, in sales they call the capture of the client a “close.”  I hate closing.  I love opening.  It opens up a relationship.

The 90-second open simply asks you to initially spend 4 minutes in dialogue.  It can start with “hi” and can lead quickly to you mentioning what you do for a living.  Here’s the beautiful question.

“I love what I do for one reason.  I make people’s lives better.  What do you want to change?”

I know, I know.  You just can’t see yourself asking the question.

Consider the options.

  1. Want for more clients and keep yourself wanting
  2. Spend money on questionable marketing with an uncertain outcome
  3. Be courageous and force it at first knowing it will soon become simple

I’d choose #3. It’s just like lifting more weight.  You have to challenge yourself.  I know you get the old tired metaphor but realize, you change the wiring in your brain as you force new action.  Your client who thinks they’ll never handle 25-pound dumbbells for reps needs encouragement with 10’s and an eye on possibility.  It begins with a willingness to try something you’re not convinced of, to face an uncharacteristic challenge, and while in this case, the growth isn’t related to muscular strength, it’s that neural wiring that impacts mindset strength..

Once you find the courage to do this, you’ll find people answer you.  Sometimes it’s with the grab of a bodypart.  Other times it’s with a roll of the eyes.  Sometimes it with an ashamed smile, but they will answer you.  Always.  I’ve asked the question thousands of times and I’ve NEVER had anyone say “I don’t want to change a thing.”

People want more energy.  They want to get off meds.  They want to erase a symptom or cluster of symptoms.  They want to look better.  They want to be more attractive.  They want to feel better.  They want to perform better . . . everywhere from the workplace to the bedroom.  You’ll wonder if this is true, but only until you begin to habitualize the question.

As soon as you get an answer, you jump right into the 90-day “open.”  There is one caveat.  You have to have a single call to action.  In other words, you don’t want a long drawn out dialogue about cost, about the action they should take, about your schedule vs. theirs.  You simply have to be prepared to make an offer that comes across as a well-intentioned command.

Know, in advance, what you’re going to ask them to do.

“Let’s get you signed up for my Monday night Orientation.  It’s $20 with a money back guarantee.  Should I lock you in?”

“Give me your phone number and email and I’ll make sure there’s an opening in my group training tomorrow afternoon.  Are you more likely to find it easy to attend my 1:15 group or my 5:45?”

“Come in tomorrow evening for a consultation.  It’s $75 and I’ll make sure you get so much clarity and direction you’ll immediately realize what it takes to get into a new body quickly and happily.  I have open consult slots at 6:00 and 8:30. Which works better?”

I’ve shared this with hundreds of fitness professionals over the past decade in my Be Better group.  Would you like to know how many times one of them attempted what I’m sharing with you and regretted it?  Zero.  Do you want to know how many have found explosive growth after gaining comfort with this process?  Let’s just say . . . lots.

So now, with a willingness to open up and sustain a 4-minute conversation in a grocery store, restaurant, on the street, at the gas station, at your kid’s school, in the doctor’s office waiting room, in the line at the DMV, at the health food store, or . . . hmmmm . . . at the gym, and with a single marketing directive, here’s the 90-second journey from prospect to new client.

  1. Reiterate the specific of the expressed desire for change. We’ll refer to that as “the need.”
  2. Ask a single question that reinforces the fact in the mind of the person you’re speaking to, the need isn’t being met.
  3. Spend 30 seconds, not more, explaining that you are “the Vehicle” that will take them from where they are to where they want to be.
  4. Go to your directive.

That’s it.  Is it fancy?  No.  Do you have to drive people into your sales funnel, hook them into your website, or pay Google or Facebook to bring you “leads?”  No.

Here’s the big question.

Does this simple process work better than virtually any client acquisition process on the planet? Yes.  Yes.  A thousand times yes.

Want more posts and info?  Good!

Be sure you’re on my 500 list, a list of fitness professionals receiving insights aimed at higher and higher levels of success.

Be sure you’re enrolled in the Facebook group, Every Personal Trainer Needs to Know.

In June of this year I’ll be launching Be Better 101, an explosive new version of my Be Better Project.  It’s early . . . but I haven’t offered this program to Fitness Professionals in over two years . . . so it will sell out.  Right now, if you have interest, or want more info, email me,, with the Subject: Make Me Better and we can set up a time to talk.

For now, get beyond fear, get beyond the Rational Lies that will assure you “this will never work” and use the 90-second open.  I look forward to hearing of all the new clients that suddenly enter your life!

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