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If you deserve it – why not?

May 27, 2016

There’s a general consensus among personal trainers.  They believe they should be paid IN LINE WITH MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.  I often hear the justifications.  

“They can only treat sick people, WE CAN PREVENT THEM FROM GETTING SICK!”

Is that truly a rationale for what trainers deserve?  Let’s put a number to it.  Let’s say . . .

$250,000 Annually.  Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars a Year.

Are there trainers who earn that?  Yes.  Likely less than 1/4 of 1%.  If you would like to be there, but you aren’t, we have to question why.

Let’s start with this.  As long as personal trainers blame the industry, the medical field, the public, the drug companies, the universe, Oprah, or Donald Trump (OK, few blame the last two but I was on a roll), the percentages aren’t likely to change.  The big earners have a very different mindset.  They understand some things beyond “safe and effective exercise.”

Screenshot (16)In a 90-minute webinar I shared with a few hundred fitness professionals, I shared some truths.  Indisputable truths.  I changed the way some people think about provision (the service you provide) and reward (what you receive based in great part upon what you deserve).  I believe I made some sense out of the imbalances and the misinformation that riddles the medical field and its audience.

In a sincere effort to again raise the bar, to help personal trainers understand how they can get to become big earners, happy earners, knowing they’re thrilling their clients and finding just rewards, I’m making the video for a limited time available free.  If you’re apprehensive and you think “if it’s free he’s going to try to sell me something,” you can put that to rest.  There’s no sales pitch at all. It’s just information.  Good information.  Valuable information.  And of course, I invite your feedback.


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