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May 3, 2016

So commanded the group exercise instructor as the small medicine balls were returned to the rack and the 55 cm stability balls were spread out around the room.  Enough overhead presses, time for lying leg curls.  “Get bigger balls.”

Perhaps I can borrow that phrase as I say to the personal trainers of the world . . . capture clients!  That command is always received by fitness professionals with acknowledgement of the importance of it, but the hesitation and a subtle retreat making certain I know that people “don’t like to be sold.”

“But Phil, I can only “sell” if the person really wants it.”

At that point I shake my head, turn a little bit red in the face (just a little) and emphasize the truth I know, “THEY ALL WANT IT!!!!!!”

Yes, they all want it.  You just have to know what “it” is.

“It” is betterment, and after 30 years in this field, I can make you a promise.  Everyone wants it!!! Whether they believe “better” means bigger, faster, stronger, or whether they believe “better” means thinner, leaner, lighter,” or whether they believe better means livelier, healthier, sexier, they ALL . . . each and every one of them . . . want to be better.

If you’re a personal trainer, and your subconscious mind wants to give me another “but,” if you want to tell me they can’t afford you, they aren’t ready, they have other options, or they have to think about it before they decide, I’m not telling you to pressure them, nor am I telling you to trick, coerce, or mislead.  I’m simply asking you to get bigger balls!

OK, apologizing to anyone who finds that offensive, trust that I mean it as a figure of speech, and a very rough one at that.  Still, you get it.  You understand the meaning of “bigger balls.”

I can tell you it’s an AC/DC song (it is), or better yet, I can refer you to urban dictionary where it’s defined as “courage or bravery.”  Hmm.  Let’s stay with that definition.  Courage.  That way it applies to female personal trainers too.

Why do you need courage?

Because you’re an altruist.  You care about people.  The amygdala, a little gateway shuttling information in your brain, has teamed up with your Emotional Experiential Memory to link a fear response to asking people to pay you.  I know you don’t think that can possibly be true, and that’s because it happens subconsciously.  Beneath your conscious awareness.  You think of “asking for money” as “selling” and you hate, absolutely HATE to sell. Deep down you believe you’re worth the money, you understand intellectually that you’re offering a value exchange, but that darn subconscious mindset attaches fear to asking.

A man jumps over the word fear on an arrow, illustrating the bra

Everyone who has gone through my Be Better Project learned, achievers are not free of fear.  In fact, without fear there is no courage.  The big balls of courage require that fear rears its head and you act forward anyway.

That’s courage.

Taking the action you know is right, even if fear tries to hold you back.

Tomorrow, I’m going to teach you a 90-second technique for turning a suspect into a client, for scheduling an appointment and bypassing “maybe,” even in an initial conversation.  I’m going to show you how to verify that the next new acquaintance you connect with wants “it,” I’m going to tell you how to uncover the need, summon up instant motivation, and receive a commitment to schedule an appointment without any sort of drawn out sales process.

It’s simple.  Subscribe to my “Earn Better” private group posts by clicking here.

By this time tomorrow you’ll be registering new clients at will.


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  1. May 3, 2016 5:43 pm

    Hey Phil,
    After thirty years in our industry, both of us are still telling it like it really is. Way to go! Regards, Rob Rideout (AKA – MicroFit Man).

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