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Career Conquest

This promises to be the most powerful career-building experience EVER offered for Personal Trainers anywhere, and I guarantee if you are a personal trainer with a want for excellence and a passion for helping others, this will take you to a level you never even imagined.

Yes, it is a bold promise, but I’ll stand behind it fully.  If anyone completes my special Be Better course, Career Conquest and does not feel that the absurdly inexpensive investment paid for itself hundreds of times over, I will issue an immediate refund,* and I’ll even throw in an extra $100 so you can buy another program from anyone you choose . . . on me.


When you join Career Conquest, the newest Be Better offering, you become part of a family of coaches, people who are like-minded, all with their own string of successes and obstacles.  Through a vey strategic curriculum, you begin to understand what elements of career, life, and balance e must come together for you to feel fulfilled, and over the course of 12 months, you find your way to prosperity, significance, and pride.

It’s an interactive experience where we “meet” live via teleconference (sometimes webinar) twice per month for 12 months.  The group moves and evolves both together and independently.  Everyone comes to understand and embrace proven strategies, empowering principles, and supportive beliefs and you apply those principles and strategies toward your own desired outcomes.


YES!  If you follow the directives, which are not time consuming in the least with the exception of one that asks you to invest 90 minutes, you will see not only progress, but a new world of opportunity opening before you.  This phenomenon has been evidenced hundreds of times over by Personal Trainers who felt a gap between where they were and where they wanted to be.  Be Better helps them close that gap.

It’s proven.  Repeatedly.

It allows fitness professionals to embrace lofty dreams, to convert those dreams into outcomes, and to begin a process of achievement that takes on an exponential growth power.

It isn’t about money, although most Be Better alumni who started the program with financial want have at the very least doubled their prior year’s income.  Money is sort of the side effect.  It’s about linking together your passion with some unconventional principles, principles that haven’t found their way into the personal training field, principles that give you a new sense of your own potential.


No!  It isn’t easy.  It requires work.  Not laborious work, but energy output, forcing yourself to think differently, facing some emotional blocks that might be limiting you, and putting yourself on the line where you feel an obligation to follow through.  I’ve never seen “quick, easy, magic” work for either physique or career.  If you want quick and easy, this isn’t it, but as we move through the program you’ll come to understand the concept of effortless prosperity.  The output is great, but it feels effortless.  You’ll learn to make value, success, excellence, and rewarding servitude part of a new programming that runs both your conscious and subconscious career pursuits.  It becomes simple.  Really simple.

The stories include trainers who went from giving up to renewal of passion, from debt to abundance, from frustration to freedom, from struggle to joy.  In the program you work together to create profit centers, and many of those profit centers have turned into full-blown revenue-generating businesses, some with national scope.


If we tried to put a value on the Be Better curriculum by assessing the increases in revenues it leads to over the course of 5-10 years, it would have to be valued in the hundreds of thousands or above, but since its inception in 2005, it came with an affordable price tag of $2600.  Career Conquest takes the once 8-month curriculum and extends it out over the course of a year, running from Summer 2012 – Summer 2013, enough time to demonstrate radical change, and because this is the last time I’m conducting this program interactively, I want everyone who can benefit to have the opportunity without obstacles (and with the new Fast Track program, it isn’t too late to enroll).  You can be a part of this group, a member of Be Better, Career Conquest, for only $127.50 per month over the course of the program (with a nominal deposit which comes with additional options / opportunities).


You can explore lots of articles (including some blog posts) to understand my philosophies and the principles I’ve come to establish as foundational, but I have never created marketing materials for Be Better.  It has evolved through word of mouth and my personal communications with audiences of trainers I’ve met through the 30 years I’ve been in this field.

This isn’t a “jump on the bandwagon” program, nor is it an overhyped promise of overnight riches.  It is an adult, grown up, proven, legitimate, business and evidence-based strategy that will change the lives of forward thinking trainers willing to step away from convention and examine their own true potential, so while it goes against what the gurus of copywriting swear by, I do not have stacks of materials selling the virtues.  I don’t want them.  I want this to come from true connection with trainers for whom the message resonats, trainers who are driven by passion but limited by environment, circumstance, or the crippling conventions of our field.

Be Better is real.  It’s proven.  I put myself on the line throughout the year, as we interact live, and to top it off, the money back guarantee ensures that nobody willing to give it their all has any risk other than new success.


If you are a personal trainer and opt to enroll in Be Better, Career Conquest to run from Summer 2012 – Summer 2013, and if you agree to follow the directives, rely upon the group support options, and participate on the discussions as asked, and if you are current in your monthly payments throughout the 12 months, you can request a full refund plus $100 at the conclusion of the program.  No refunds will be issued to anyone who has not completed the financial or participation requirements.

OK, it’s affordable, it’s proven, I’m putting myself out there fully transparent with a commitment to deliver, and now it’s up to you.  REGISTER NOW and join us for the most exciting career adventure of your life.


How to separate yourself from the negative perception other personal trainers create.

How to connect with medical professionals on a peer-to-peer level and create new respect for the service and value you deliver.

How you can offer unprecedented help to the largest segment of our population and be rewarded handsomely.

How to find and maintain balance between career, personal life, family, and fun.

How to guarantee “days you love” without ever stopping the exponential growth of your business.

How to create career security while living whatever you deem to be “your ideal schedule.”

How to own your time rather than feel burdened by the idea of managing it.

How to take your business from chaos to organization and from organization to excellence.

How to build a team which may or may not include employees or strategic allies.

How to maximize the financial reward you deserve for presentations capable of changing people’s lives for the better.

How “one new client per month” can result in an $80,000 annual increase in revenues without increasing your workload, and how this strategy can be repeated again and again for limitless growth.

How to ensure your values are aligned with your earnings so the money in your bank account serves as clear evidence of the great benefit you’ve brought to others.

How to leverage yourself so the newest changes in the fitness, health club, and exercise landscape become assets that drive your career.

How to get noticed on a daily basis and escalate your message to reach audiences of thousands.

And that’s not even the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  Suffice it to say, you’ll conquer your career with a vengeance and thrill that fuel your future!


(the first live teleconference began on July 17, 2012 at 3 PM Eastern but it isn’t too late to join us.  With the Fast Track program you’ll receive full access to all of the audio and print materials you missed with a 14-day plan to feel entirely “caught up.”)


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