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Unfair Advantage

I identified 16 Secrets that separate the big earners in the personal training field from the rest.  By “big earners” I’m referring to the top 1%, the personal trainers who independently earn over $150,000 a year and the fitness professionals who grew to create million dollar businesses by expanding upon one-on-one training.

The Secrets are available for free, but the real secret lies in implementation.  I’ve created the (Almost) Unfair Advantage System to introduce application of the 16 Secrets over a 30 day period.  This is powerful.  It is fail-proof as long as you’re wiling to follow the simple steps.  Each day comes with a simple directive tied to one of the 16 Secrets and over the course of a week you find significant change.  Each day stacks upon previous achievements to ensure two things:

1. Radical change in annual income projection in 30 days

2. Brand new perspective on potential and a clear path for growth

bigstock-Several-red-arrow-with-the-wor-29429963My (Almost) Unfair Advantage program will take you through a 30-day period teaching you, not only “secrets” that lead to maximization of income and optimization of passion (that means you make more and you love every minute of it), but also precisely how to implement them, step-by-step, so that you see your way clear to writing your own career future.

What is this program worth?  If you’re somewhere in the area of “most” or “the average” personal trainer you’re earning $30,000 – $40,000.  If this can teach you to double that number, or triple it, what’s it worth?  If the strategies outlined allow you the freedom to earn as you deserve, what’s “the advantage” worth?

Whatever number you came up with, it had to be higher than $5,000, right?  If I were to produce the information in slick packaging, and run ads in the trades, and hire a PR firm, and hire a graphic artist, and deliver a fancy package with lots of CD’s and booklets that could all be packed into a big box with lots of frills and “extras,” I could command $5,000, and it would be worth it, as you’d earn that back and more before you even complete the program.

I know most personal trainers who will benefit from the (Almost) Unfair Advantage don’t have 5 G’s ready to risk . . . even on something promising to pay for itself hundreds of times over.  That’s why you’re going to love this.  As of Christmas Day, 2012, I have 72 copies of the prototype of my (Almost) Unfair Advantage System sitting on a shelf (the other 178 went out to trainers who purchased my new Be Better Program).  They aren’t fancy.  They’re not about packaging.  They’re about information that delivers.  Two booklets, two audio CD’s, comprehensively put together to give you a 30-day path to changing your business outlook so your personal training operation becomes the source of your prosperity, whether or not you opt to own a studio, hire a staff, or connect with any other fitness entities.

Order it now, while those remaining prototypes are still in my possession, before I fancy it up with graphics and packaging, you can get the program for $87.  Yup.  Really. $87.  This is the kind of offer that goes the way of the dinosaur.  Dinosaurs were real.  They just wound up extinct.  Unicorns, different story.

Whether you want to earn a million or just find a greater sense of financial freedom, get the (Almost) Unfair Advantage Program with the 16 Secrets for $87.  ORDER NOW

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