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When I first spoke to Phil on the phone about joining the Be Better program I had two apprehensions.  The cost was the first one and the other was my own ego.  I was angry with myself for not being able to figure out how to turn my strengths into a profitable career on my own.

I went on to tell him about all my ventures related to nutrition and fitness. I do personal training, I write, I give seminars, I do radio, I do TV, I do orientations, I do this, I do that, and on and on the list went.  Phil replied “I only do 3 things”.  I was stumped, puzzled and amusingly intrigued.  Then Phil asked me a very simple question.  He asked me “where do you want to be six months from now?”.  I was once again at a loss for words.  I had no idea what to tell him.  I mean, we fitness professionals all want to have prosperous careers and ultimately help people live healthier lives, but I couldn’t define what it was that I wanted.

Today I can tell you exactly what I want and what really needs to be on my to-do list as a result of the principles I have learned in the Be Better and Beyond Better curriculum.  These principles are not just applicable to fitness but in all areas of life.

We all have doubt, we all worry about money, and we all go through highs and lows in our lives and careers.  What I have learned however is how to respond, how to structure my business, how to balance work and my four children, and most importantly how to overcome my own fears and barriers in order to succeed.

Is it worth it?  Abso-friggen-lutely!  But I must warn you – get ready to stretch your mind, to think outside the box, and to raise your knowledge-base to a whole new level.  It is an exciting journey and one that should not be missed – regardless of where you live.

Bernadette Abraham from Dubai, UAE


When I first joined the Be Better Project, I was already a veteran Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience.  I had recently opened a training studio and contracted a small team of personal trainers.  While things were moving in a (mostly) positive direction, I had this nagging feeling that there was something that I was missing.  Our industry was so new at the time, that there was no real template or blueprint to follow for success.

What Phil Kaplan offers in Be Better is an opportunity for trainers to elevate themselves to become peers with lawyers, Doctors, therapists and other true professionals.  This applies both to earning potential and in terms of commanding professional respect.
From mindset training and psychology to goal setting, business growth, management and development, the Be Better Project really is a monumental shift for everyday personal trainers when they get involved.  Phil’s systematic approach to all things takes complex ideas and concepts and makes them easy to understand and to apply.

For any personal trainer that has ever had the thought “Is this all there is?”…. I would encourage them, without delay, to reach out to Phil Kaplan and do whatever it takes to get involved and join the Be Better Project.  It will change your life.


For 3+ decades Phil Kaplan has been a visionary with trends in fitness, wellness and medicine.  With genius IQ, hard work and a heart to be a difference maker in health and prosperity, Phil is a master of mindset, effective solutions, coaching and world changing outcomes.  Phil has been a pioneer in the personal training industry and now is showing the medical community a way to truly make people well AND have the strategies to enjoy a lifestyle free from being a slave to the system.  Phil inspires me, has had a massive impact on my career and the quality of my work and life is better because of him!  If you are interested in betterment in your life, health or business, Phil is the best guy to have in your corner!

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