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The Surprising Lessons This Personal Trainer Learned (Part II – The 7 Reasons You Need to Stretch)

October 28, 2014

stretchingAre you committed to stretching, to re-examining how great your potential may be?

Sure you can help the near-fit find fitness.  Sure you can knock some inches of the new mom’s waistline.  Of course you can help the athletic firefighter hopeful train to pass his or her physical.  That’s fulfilling.

You have learned, not only about exercise, new modalities of change, postural assessment and functional improvement but also about nutrition.  You talk to your clients about proteins, carbs, fiber, and anti-oxidants.

In this moment, you may be very well equipped to grow . . . slowly.  If you really do seek career excellence, there are some important considerations.  Everything I just described can be said of an ordinary personal trainer.  That doesn’t suggest you’re ordinary, but our field has evolved quite a bit from the days of counting reps.  While there are still a great many calling themselves trainers without any true competence, the ordinary trainer today is competent.

You don’t want to be ordinary.  You want to be extraordinary.  Yes, of course you already are, but are you reaping extraordinary rewards?  If not, you simply need to stretch.

Here are 7 reasons stretching is vital to your future

  1. The world has changed. Technology has overrun human productivity.  People spend more time staring blindly at their electronics than interacting with each other.  Physical challenge is no longer inherent in the workplace.  Not only is “daily physical energy output” becoming a dinosaur, but worse yet, the postures required to sit at computer stations have crippling effects upon health (far beyond postural shifts).  Moving forward, for you to stand out in the field, you have to be able to steer clients toward correcting lifestyle issues that limit your ability to help them.  You also have to learn how to grab people’s attention when they are offered pedometer apps, dietary apps, and exercise prescription apps.  The number of messages people receive in a day is astounding and most people make most of their decisions based on advertising.  No longer do we live in a world where those seeking betterment make the resolution to join the gym. They’re seeking solutions in “new scientific advances,” “proprietary formulas,” and recommendations from the doctors they watch on television blindly believing these doctors care about them.    Learn how to intervene.  Learn how to market without selling.  Learn how the quiet promotion can overshadow the scream.  Don’t stop yourself from stretching in this regard because you hate to sell, you’re not a marketer, or because you’re locked into the tired old thought, “if people want to train with me they will.”  The world has changed and people are in greater need of rescue than ever . . . and in all honesty . . . the changes in the medical field, the pharmaceutical field, and the abuses of science have them more confused than they were even a year ago.  Information overwhelm is as much an enemy as hypnotic power used to harm.  You have to stretch to better serve those living in the changing world without clear direction.
  1. Food has changed. To summarize this is a task, as I do 12-hour courses focused only on the shifts in our food.  In short, GMO’s are a mainstay, which quite simply means the foods most people buy in the produce sections of their grocery store are not of this earth.  They’re creations of mankind and as the science unfolds, the damage they bring to human health may make them the most extreme plight to face our population.  Beef is no longer beef, milk is no longer milk and wheat is no longer wheat.  The massive growth of agricultural industrialization has snowballed without any concern for human health.  Hormones, antibiotics, and waste products are found not only in the beef and dairy cows, but in the products they produce, the water they drink, the soil that they stand upon.   It isn’t enough to coach people in the language of nutrient percentages.  We have to teach them to restore health at the cellular level by recognizing the gradual and very real degradation 21st century food brings to the human condition.  The blind belief that gluten free foods are better, the failure to recognize why gluten and similar compounds have become toxic, and the confusion that leads people to trade stevia for agave are leading people away from health.  If you are to rescue people, you have to stretch in your willingness to challenge nutritional mainstays and offer steps toward truly better choices.
  1. The human being has changed. I mention gluten intolerance as a new epidemic, but it runs deeper than the changes in wheat.  In reaction to consumption of alien compounds, in response to the absence of therapeutic physical practices, and in response to the ever-growing stresses and the illusion of “fixing them with Pharma” the human being is different.  Genetic expression is different.  Weight loss resistance is a burrowing phenomenon affecting near 65% of our population.  Chronic disease is consider “normal” in aging populations.  Inflammatory disease is now more the rule than the exception in “average” populations.  If you’re honest enough to admit, you’ve had those clients who just didn’t seem to see a payoff, despite their best efforts, you’ll open up to the reality, they’re not the same as the clients of years ago.  They need counsel to undo the damage they’ve unintentionally brought to the themelseves, and you need to stretch in order to provide that counsel.
  1. The science has evolved. The Human Genome Project changed the frontier of medicine . . . but . . . the medical field hasn’t responded.  Stuck in system of “diagnose and medicate” conventional medicine is completely inept at curing or reversing the chronic disease that afflicts near 65% of our adult population.  We now know that genes are NOT the predominant factor determining whether or not people wind up with diabetes, hypertension, or even obesity.  The study of epi-genetic (above the gene) reveals that environmental factors determine whether or not genes get switched on or off . . . in other words . . . it isn’t the gene that’s the direct cause of compromise or disease, it’s the way the gene is expressed.  Amazingly, we have far greater control over genetic expression than we even imagined.  Science has also revealed the intricacies of the “gut mind,” the thinking system that lives within our digestive tracts, and how directly related the gut environment is with cellular health.  Most of all, science has revealed that lifestyles shifts aimed at facilitating genetic and cellular optimization, including strategic exercise protocols, can restore health in many who were told their commitment to meds is forever.
  1. The opportunities have shifted. In a time before the internet, I found vast opportunities in radio, in seminars, in public appearances, and in writing for major magazines.  Today it’s all been leveraged by the web.  A blogger, in days, can get more exposure than a veteran writer, a new site more traffic than that posted by a 100-year old company.  Opportunity came from corporate relationships, health club affiliations, and media.  Today a YouTube video can go viral in hours.  The idea of selling products has always appealed to personal trainers, purely from their desire to earn more, but few were able to comfortable take on inventory, sales, and fulfillment.  The demand for nutritional products has grown, the hunger for health solutions as grown, and the greatest opportunity for a revenue stream today comes from direct marketing.  In order to be a “fit,” the product has to be in line with your beliefs and the needs of your customers, but with that “fit,” the beauty of a company that ships, handles customer service, provides massive support, and pays you weekly is unmatched.  I know the apprehensions we hold related to direct marketing based on flawed products being sold via hype.  It’s precisely those apprehensions that can hold us back with the right “fit” comes along.  It’s time to stretch.  Consider “the fit.”
  1. Others will pass you. Excellence is a moving target.  In the Lifecyle of Business, created by Dr. Adizes, the “Stability” phase is followed by “Aristocracy” which is, in essence, the beginning of the end.  Early on you’re driven by passion, hunger, drive, and chaotic missteps that need to be fixed.  As a business matures, it often loses that go-go frenzy that created the growth, and when financial “Stability” overshadows the driving hunger, energy subtly starts to evaporate.  In the Aristocracy phase, the business is perceived as successful only through the virtue of past performance, so the illusion of “being on top” is easily crushed by the hungry competitor seeking a greater market share.  In plain English, that means unless you continue to grow, to move with the changing landscape, it’s inevitable that others will surpass you.  Stretch and stay in front.  Challenge yourself to outpace the industry.
  1. Your dreams are living and you’re capable of more, The dreams that you held early on rarely go away. The simply morph, and change, and as they drive you forward you are further fueled by desire.  Desire is the fuel of life.  It’s what makes us want to help others, to find betterment, to improve as people.   We seek fulfillment, but as we grow we learn that it’s sort of the carrot on the proverbial stick.  We may feel fulfilled in a moment, for a period of time, for a season, but was we connect with our desire, we realize there’s more.  Fulfillment, true fulfillment, requires pursuit.  You’re capable of more than you have, more than you do, more than you are.  Stretch and test your own potential.

All of this leads me to present the Isagenix opportunity.  It isn’t a single product. It’s a massive company with immense success and that success is shared by the distributors.  It’s a business capable of generating hundreds of thousands of dollars that requires a $250 start up investment.   The company is transparent, the distributors are accessible, the products are exceptional, and believe me when I say . . . I am the most discerning force any company can face.  After years as a consumer advocate, I’ve learned to ask the questions, hammer home the concerns, look under the right rocks, and squeeze out the real story.

I’ve spoken at length to the company founders, to the formulators, to the scientists.  I’ve examined the studies, some of which are mind-blowing in their outcomes.  I’ve tested the waters, made the mistakes, and ultimately found the sweet spot, the true opportunity to do what I do, to share with others, to help people, and to prosper, not unlike a Super Hero.

Isagenix “gets it.”  The product line, the scientists, and the driving force that moves the company forward are united in a multi-pronged approach to restoring health.  Their formulators are fueled purely by real-world science in a real-world environment.  They realize toxicity is the beast that must be battled.  They realize that a re-commitment to food the way nature intended it is a must.  Getting clients to use Isagenix preoducts, integrated into the nutritional protocols you live by can only assist you in stretching and assist them in improving.  The product lines expand into the most in-demand areas of desire ranging from youthful aging to athletic performance.  It’s the real deal.  It’s the right opportunity for any fitness professional seeking growth . . . but . . . and here’s a real but . . . . but you have to put any preconceived notions of direct marketing behind you.  This is different.  I know.  I live it.  You should too.  It legitimately offers you fulfillment of the dream of “Passive” Income, or what for years in my  Be Better project I’ve called “Effortless Prosperity.”

Read “The Dream of Passive Income” (to be posted on October 30, 2014)

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