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The Surprising Lessons This Personal Trainer Learned – Part III (The Dream of Passive Income)

October 29, 2014

ASPIRE-3DwhitemanwithmoneyWe’re smart enough to see through much of the “make a million dollars without lifting a finger” nonsense that lures in the un-indoctrinated.  Then we have to admit, there are those who have fooled us, who have led us to an emotional leap of faith believing that somehow prosperity would come without effort.

I conduct entire courses on the topic of Effortless Prosperity, but know that it has nothing to do with  the absence of effort.  Effort is necessary.  How, then, can it be effortless?  Because effort is a perception.  When it feels hard it’s feels as if we’re immensely challenged.  Consider the aspiring NFL quarterback learning plays, practicing throws, developing awareness in the pocket,  and practicing moving, thinking, scanning, and acting against an aggressive defense.  IT’s hard.  It’s really hard.  There’s a great deal of thought and a great deal of momentary failure.  Those who make it to the pros still exert effort in the games . . . but . . . their bodies know how to move.  They develop an instinct that only comes from practice.  They no longer separate dodging defense from finding an open receiver and drilling a spiral before the linebacker gets his hands in there.  It’s all “flow,” it’s all part of what they’ve learned to do.

When you started studying to pass your exams, it was effort.  When you started seeking out your first clients, it was effort.  When you struggled to keep the first few motivated and paying effort was required, but then . . . you got in a groove.  You love what you do, you’re compensated, and while it clearly takes physical and mental exertion, it just doesn’t feel like effort.

With that line of thought, “Effortless Prosperity” is an achievement.  It’s the progression through the early stages of energy output that lead to revenue generation feeling effortless.  The challenge with the career of a personal trainer is, the effort is required ongoing to continue to generate revenues unless there is the creation of a new revenue stream, a revenue stream that comes in and flows even when there is little or no direct energy output.  We’ve heard that referred to as “Passive Income.”

There’s nothing passive about income.  It’s almost always the result of effort, but when you have an opportunity that allows front end effort, up-front effort, to reap lasting residual rewards, you have the dream of Passive Income.

Isagenix offers you that dream.

For years I’ve seen the industry seek out and capitalize on revenue streams, and those who stayed focused were able to create residual dollars.

Online Training is a recurring “want” I hear from fitness professionals looking for growth.  The idea of sitting at home, in front of a computer, using your developed skill set, and collecting money through PayPal is intriguing, and while few have capitalized in a very big way with entire libraries of videos, with back-end programming, and with membership offers, the truth is, few ever turn this into a revenue stream. At best, some trainers manage to supplement their “in-person” sessions with Skype-based sessions or email exchanges for fee.  While it can contribute to profitability, it still requires a direct link between revenues and time.

Group Exercise or Small Group Training takes the one-on-one idea to replication, allowing each client to pay fewer dollars per session and the trainer to reap a greater per-session fee.  It’s a good strategy for increasing revenues, but not without its obstacles.  Adherence is reduced, drop offs directly affect hourly revenues, and . . . the umbilical cord between time and money remains unbroken.

Supplement Sales – when we think of supplements as “the extra,” we may isolate a handful of supplements we feel would serve our clients.  We can negotiate arrangements with retailers, suppliers, or in some cases manufacturers, where we buy at an adjusted wholesale price and sell at retail.  I was the first personal trainer to sell Creatine Monohydrate when it was released.  It was a huge boost to revenues, but . . . it was the first and only supplement that brought a discernible strength and size result and . . . at the time it was brand new.  Today, every compound is created, packaged, or private labeled by hundreds of sellers and it’s difficult to find a unique edge.  I wound up creating my own nutritional supplement company which created a very strong revenue stream for the better part of 20 years.  The industry changed, the materials changed, and I went through an ethical struggle trying to decide how to readjust.  The answer?  I connected with Isagenix.  It’s more than supplement sales.  It’s the integrated nutritional piece to the lifestyle we recommend for our clients.  It’s creating a trust relationship between the client who relies upon Omega 3’s and the company that sells a quality solution.  It’s creating a comfortable dependence between the client who wants the highest quality undenatured whey protein from grass-fed cows and the company that delivers.  It’s allowing you to serve as a doorway your clients can walk through giving them access to fat loss aids, cellular health products, and compounds evidenced to play a role in producing biologically younger cells . . . in humans!

Direct Marketing.  This is it.  I wouldn’t have always said that.  I say it now.  I’ve benefited from all of the above, and gone through 30 years of growth, challenge, and adaptation all as a Personal Fitness Trainer.  The idea of “learning enough” is a flawed idea.  Just as soon as it all starts to fall into place, something shifts.  The landscape never stays the same.  As our world evolved, so too are we asked to be evolutionary beings.  Today, the opportunity to provide a solution for your clients with the promise of client satisfaction and residual pay is just too powerful to ignore.

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