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7 Points That Can Propel You Forward . . . now!

September 29, 2014

Do you want your career to take on a new life bringing new power to your fitness studies and exercise training?  READ THIS!

Consider, quickly, these seven points and decide if you’re ready to make a change.

This represents a chance for unprecedented reward.  With that mindset, read the Seven Points:

  1. I have developed a course that teaches fitness professionals to ethically and confidently capture the largest market in need of physical change, a market with clear need, disposable income, and few real resources for the betterment you can deliver.
  2. The medical field is falling abysmally short in curing chronic disease and the missing piece of the “fix” is a piece fitness professionals with specialty training can excel in providing.
  3. Medicine, at its roots, had two complementary components, the application of potions, surgical interventions, and herbal remedies (Panacea) and a nature-based intervention correcting ills through access to good food, air, water, and movement (Hygeia). One component is lacking in the 21st  You can bring it back.
  4. Within our scope of practice, we can employ eating strategies, recovery strategies, and a host of unconventional science-based exercise modalities to alter not only body composition and systemic change, but also to alter biochemistry.
  5. Whenever a paradigm shift creates new opportunity for an industry, it requires open minded pioneers to test the waters and be the first to prosper.
  6. The information I’ve gathered over the past 7 years can obliterate the income ceiling, the respect limitations, and the positioning challenges that most personal trainers face throughout their careers.
  7. I am conducting a course valued at thousands of dollars, created with the assistance of medical practitioners, psychometricians, psychologists, and behaviorists, that shares an entirely new perspective, that delivers an enhanced skill set, and that is so far in the front of the field it cannot be acquired anywhere else. This is a course that will be offered internationally in conjunction with a handful of prestigious organizations at significant cost.  If you are a personal trainer with ambition and passion, there’s no better action you can take than to register for the 21st Century Health Catalyst course, offered at only $215, delivered interactively live online, in a 12-hour mind-blowing course.

If you’re willing to consider that the modalities of change we employ for the fit and near-fit market have limitations for those with altered biochemistry, weight loss resistance, and chronic metabolic disease (abdominal adiposity, obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc), and if you’re willing to recognize that we’re talking about 65% of our adult population, you should have relentless interest in discovering a new approach to “cure.”  Learn the science.  Learn the strategies.  Become a catalyst for human betterment.

REGISTER FOR the 21st Century Health Catalyst Course now! (you can register using a simple payment plan of only $79 per month over the course of 90 days)

The course is delivered in live interactive webinars/teleconferences Mondays and Tuesdays from 3 – 4:30 PM for four weeks beginning November 11, 2014.  All presentations are recorded and all participants will receive access to each recording.  This is an extreme value.

Read the Course Outline


Questions?  Email directly.

Don’t let this pass you by.  REGISTER NOW!

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