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The Gap

September 22, 2014

There’s a gap.  I see it.  I feel it.  I understand it.  I want to narrow it.

The gap isn’t the space between fitness and medicine.  That’s a gaping pit that offers massive opportunity.  The gap I’m referring to is the space that lies between what I’ll call conventional fitness training and the new realm of health professional.  I call the newly evolved personal fitness trainer the Health Catalyst.

Here’s the reality.  Exercise and nutritional strategies, not commonly applied, have therapeutic value that runs far beyond making people look better.  I have built an entire platform of success upon the ideal that personal trainers can restore health to the largest segment of our adult population, demonstrating not only changes in body composition and the markers of fitness, but radically improving hormonal balance and the biomarkers of health.

The reality I just shared sits on one side of the canyon.  The personal trainers working under a ceiling, limited by historical paradigms and the tenets of old school exercise science, sit way on the other side.  Between those who will experience the paradigm shift now and those who are proverbially stuck  is the gap.

The gap frustrates me.  I want to light a torch for trainers to see their true value, throw a rope for fitness professionals to command their just rewards.  The problem is, on the far side of the canyon there’s reluctance.  What I have to share is too new.  Too different.  It’s intimidating.  It’s novel.  It’s, for some, scary.  It appears, at first glance, to be outside the scope of practice of a personal trainer, but I assure you, it’s all in bounds.


My experience has shown me, this is the pattern when a new paradigm is set in motion.  The masses are reluctant.  They don’t get it yet.  Only the bold pioneers willing to test the waters, to revisit their true potential, and to put new ideas to the test bridge the gap.  With time, and recognition of the impact new strategies and ideals have upon a population, the masses begin to follow.

I’m inviting you to be bold enough to be a pioneer.  Monday, October 6, I’m launching a second release of my 21st Century Health Catalyst course.  A handful of pioneers are already midway through the course, but I want to open the way for a few more.

The Health Catalyst course will be packaged into a distance learning program with 8 full-length pre-recorded audio programs.  It will be priced at $349.   Live 3-4 day workshops for health professionals will be $1600 in select cities in 2015.  The course will be recorded live, interactively, with a small group of personal trainers, and it isn’t too late for you to be one of them.

If you want to put this to the test, explore the notion of personal trainers curing disease, find a path into the largest segment of our adult population, and command dollars far exceeding the abysmal averages our industry dictates, you will never again have an opportunity like this.  You can get the entire course, delivered over four weeks, not for $1600, not for $349, but for near $200 total!

The only thing I ask, if you opt to join this group, is that you provide permission (after registration) for your voice to be used in the recordings, allowing for open dialogues and the recorded program to feature genuine interactions.

I won’t promote this again.  It starts iin the afternoon of Monday October 6.  If you want to be a part of it, click here, take a brief read through, and register.  If you’re interested but apprehensive and you have a question or two, send them quickly to

This is an arm of the personal training industry that will carve a path into the future of our field.  Understand your true power.  Realize your true potential.  REGISTER NOW!

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