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Million Dollar Trainers

December 26, 2012

bigstock-Falling-Money--669127Just before Christmas I sent an email out to my personal trainer database with the heading, “If you made a million dollars in personal training last year, delete this email.” It announced the release of my (Almost) Unfair Advantage System and addressed the realities of “earning” a million dollars a year in our field.

Considering the headline, “if you made a million . . . DELETE . . ,” I’m assuming there are some personal trainers who just hit “DELETE” because they’ve actually nailed seven-figure annual incomes in 2012. What separated them from the rest? Are they luckier? More talented? Blessed?

Interestingly I never met one. I never met a personal trainer who commanded $1,000,000 in any year from personal training alone (although I intimately know fitness professionals who grew million dollar businesses that started as independent personal trainer operations).

What, then, makes me suspect that “million dollar trainers” exist? I see ads that promise to teach you “how to make a million” in this field. In that I can only assume there are some; some who bought the webinars or programs or courses, followed the prescriptions, and collected a cool mil.

Just because I’ve never seen a unicorn doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, right? OK, you’re sensing my sarcasm (my skepticism rings through). I believe the million dollar trainer exists in the real world trenches in 2012 . . . every bit as much as the unicorn!

Let’s put aside those few who achieved television fame for connecting with a reality show or who landed lucrative infomercial deals and gather up a bit of rational thought. Let’s think about the personal trainers who train people, one-on-one, in one-hour sessions for a living. If a personal trainer were to do 40 sessions a week (a heavy load) for 50 weeks of a year, and earn $1,000,000, that trainer would have to command $500 per hour for each one of those 40 hours.

40 sessions per week x $500 per session x 50 weeks = $1 MILLION

Possible? Ummm. I guess. And it’s also possible for someone to be bitten by a spider and develop the ability to swing from buildings (oops, it rose to the surface again).


A large segment of today’s personal training workforce has found benefit in conducting bootcamps, which quite possibly increases the potential to earn, but . . . the numbers still exceed the threshold of an optimistic reality. Suppose someone conducts a bootcamp with 100 participants, five days a week. That could in fact lead to a million dollars a year if each participant pays $10,000 a year.

100 bootcampers x $10,000 each = $1 MILLION

Possible? Yes. Feasible? No less feasible than a fat guy in a red suit getting to every chimney in the world in a single evening.

Let’s get to what I do know. I know personal trainers who earn upwards of $150,000 a year. Many of them train fewer than 30 hours a week. It’s not a million, at least not in a year, but it is a reality I’ve witnessed, not once but many times.

30 sessions per week x $100 per session x 50 weeks = $150,000

25 sessions per week x $120 per session x 50 weeks = $150,000

Realistic? Yes. Absolutely. 100%. Is it your reality? If not, put aside all the reasons you might come up with as to why, and consider this . . . although it amounts to less than 1% of certified personal trainers, there are many personal trainers commanding $150,000 a year and growing. If we could identify the differences between their realities and yours, we could bridge the gap, and you’ll be happy to know . . . we can.

I also want you to realize, $150,000 is a reasonable high for a personal trainer limited to conducting one-on-one training sessions, but with simple tools for growth, it becomes a baseline upon which the business can grow. I said I never met the trainer who earned $1,000,000 with one-on-one training sessions, but I know plenty of personal trainers who have grown their businesses to generate over $1,000,000 annually. Just understand that all did it through a growth plan that incorporated revenue streams that stacked upon one-on-one training to grow revenues exponentially.

(Almost) Unfair AdvantageIf we throw a net around the real earners, those who earn upwards of $150,000 a year doing what they love, and those who grew to develop million-dollar businesses by connecting with other revenue streams, we’d find amazing similarity in their operations. If a personal trainer were to understand the keys to maximizing personal income and optimizing growth in this field he’d begin with an almost unfair advantage, and that’s what I deliver in my (Almost) Unfair Advantage System built around the 16 Secrets. I did make a special offer. Interested? Get yours.

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