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The New Health Professional

March 20, 2014

Serious thoughtful male doctor standing against white backgroundAfter completing my “5 Adjustments” webinar, I received a slew of emails and messages from attendees, and while I covered a variety of strategies for growth, the one they most embraced was the recognition of our potential.  I drew some fire related to my comment, “Doctors Do Not Respect Personal Trainers,” but as egos quiet and reality rises to the surface, it becomes clear that our industry has a long way to go in terms of professional respect.

Fitness coachAs Personal Trainers following a slowly evolving fitness paradigm, we can be effective, but within limits.  When we start to embrace our potential to serve as members of the Allied Health Care Team, when we start to appreciate the power we have to reverse the insidious and abysmal disease trending our nation is witnessing, and when we realize we may be the missing piece of 21st century medicine, we re-think our value, and that’s a very good thing.  I hope you’re re-thinking your value now!

If you missed the webinar, you can invest an hour of your time in accessing the complete recording:

As always, I invite feedback, thoughts, and comments.

Be Better.

Note: The next Be Better program for fitness professionals begins April 17, 2014.  Interested?  Apply.

And another note: I posted my recommended reading list for Personal Trainers.  It will surprise you as it has little to do with fitness and everything to do with bettering people’s lives.  Check it out.

Announcing: A New Day Dawning

March 11, 2014
Personal Fitness Trainers, when I say a New Day Dawns, please don’t take that lightly.  I want you to circle or highlight or mark a date on your calendar.  Do it now.  Highlight April 17, 2015.  That’s the date I want you to look back and remember I told you a New Day was about to emerge elevating progressive and caring personal trainers to new heights of professionalism and prosperity. 
Personal Trainers are some of the most noble, caring, helpful people on the planet, and in that, if income was based on that which people deserve for their efforts, they should all be financially secure.  If you are in a position where your income allows you to live the life you choose, your debt is fully manageable, and your assets exceed your liabilities, I congratulate you.  You represent that which is possible for anyone in our field willing to strategically apply sound business principles with fitness expertise.  If you’re not yet there . . . let’s get you there! 
You give me a commitment of 12 months and I’ll guarantee your world will change for the better.  In fact, I’ll promise you that over the course of the 12 months beginning April, 17, 2014, you’ll grow so dramatically you’ll have trouble believing how far you’ve traveled. 
I’m not only speaking of income. I’m also speaking of pride.  Of power.  Of presence.  Of recognition.
Don’t mistake those elements as ego-driven.  I want you to come to appreciate the Pride that comes from earning significantly knowing every cent is an indication of the value of a life you changed for the better.
I want you to come to understand the Power you have to change lives around you, to help rescue people from the onset of disease, and to restore vitality to lives where it lie dormant and buried.
When I speak of Presence, I’m speaking of the emanation of being a caring professional with gifts to share with those who seek change.  I’ll teach you to condition yourself so that radiance becomes a sort of glow attracting people to you as a magnet attracts metal.
Finally, when I speak of Recognition, I’m not speaking of celebrity (although if you desire and seek it you’ll find it).  I’m speaking of the professional recognition of your mastery.  Corporate players, medical professionals, and members of the Allied Health Care Team will recognize you as a true health professional with an extreme value to share.
My Be Better program has elevated over 100 fitness professionals over the course of 7 years to find financial security, ongoing growth, and the fulfillment of dreams.  Two-and-a-half years ago I conducted my last Be Better group . . . until NOW!  I have so much information to share, the formerly 8-month program is now a full 12 months.  I’ll be your coach, your guide, your advisor, and your mentor for the entire year.  I’ll not only get to know you, I’ll work with you to discover your potential, and I can promise even now, before we speak, that it’s far greater than you imagine.
The Be Better curriculum is delivered in group teleconferences with the support of a 24/7 discussion group online.  Each teleconference runs 90 minutes and shares powerful strategies specifically intended to help personal trainers reach new heights of achievement.  Not only will we discuss business growth in a manner that fully aligns with your moral compass and your personal strengths, but we’ll also serve as a support group to coach each other forward through obstacles, stagnation, and the missteps that every successful professional in every field has come to treasure.The group becomes tight.  Very tight.  We agree at the onset to maintain confidence.  Every fitness professional who becomes a part of the Be Better family develops a comfort level with everyone else in the group.  I have very strict guidelines that prevent competitors from coming together in the same Be Better group.  Each group is closed out when we hit 20 registered and approved participants, and once you’re registered, you’ll be locked in for your geographic area.  Former Be Better groups were international inviting trainers from all corners of the globe from Bermuda to the Cayman Islands, from Alaska to Dubai as the success principles and strategies are universal.  It’s your time to join the new achievers.  Right now, the doors are wide open.

This is the official announcement of the launch of Be Better Reignited, subtitled ETC (Exploding the Ceiling).  From the very first session you’ll realize that any limitations you felt were present are simply illusion.  You can serve far more clients than you believe with some very simple and fail-proof strategies.  You can design and live your ideal calendar and develop precise control over your business income and personal take-away.  You can have the time with your friends and family that you long for without feeling as if you’re missing money-making hours.

Before I go further, let me make this point.  It won’t be easy.  It will be fun.  It will at times be shocking in terms of both what I invite you to do and what you actually achieve.  It will demonstrate ongoing and consistent growth in business, balance, and your own personal reward.  It will be many things, but it won’t be easy.  I promise not ease, but legitimacy and quantifiable growth.  I promise nothing I will share is anything but proven.  Be Better does not feature wild ideas, but rather ingenious and systematic tools that change the way you think, change the way you perform, and change the way you operate, all for the better.

  • You’ll be awed by the control you develop over mindset.
  • You’ll learn techniques of summoning up motivation beyond anything you’ve ever seen . . . in seconds.
  • You’ll learn how to deliver thrilling results with each and every client.

Read that last one again. Each and every client.  This isn’t idle boast.  This is precisely what you’re going to learn.

  • You’ll come to understand how things have changed over the last 5 years and why the greatest opportunities are emerging now . . . under the radar.
  • You’ll learn how to persuade masterfully without ever feeling as if you’re selling.
  • You’ll learn how to connect with health professionals on a peer-to-peer level and create the most powerful network in your life
  • You’ll learn to emerge as a leader, to predict monthly revenues with certainty, and to follow a path of growth that never leaves you feeling overwhelmed.
  • You’ll learn to earn in line with the value you deliver, and with that, you’ll learn to deliver far more value than anyone expects.

I’ve added so much material in this go around I had to add four months to the course.  A huge part of the added material features cutting edge science about changing biochemistry, reversing disease, and tapping into the largest market our industry has ever seen.

Here’s the process.  You complete an application.  I’ll review each application personally.  We’ll then schedule a 15-minute one-on-one phone conversation.  In the course you’ll learn about “The GO Moment,” an evidence procedure that allows us to determine what clients are ready to adhere and which ones we simply shouldn’t take on yet.  I’ll be applying that same screening process with you.  Some of you will be full-on ready to play, to stretch, to experience, and to grow.  Others may like the idea, but need a bit more fuel or life experience, and we’ll determine that together.

The first 10 fitness professionals who are invited to participate commit to $187 per month over the course of 12 months (that’s a significant savings over the regular $325 monthly fee).  Upon acceptance there is a $125 enrollment fee.  The entire course, which I promise will prove to be worth tens of thousands of dollars, runs $125 in advance plus 12 monthly installments of $187 each (or $325 if you wait).  I’m hoping you find those numbers absurdly reasonable for the information I’m committing to share.

If even the $187 number seem high, you have a simple choice to make right now.  Is it worth investing a fraction of what you’ll earn in the year ahead to change your circumstance?  I will deliver, in the very first sessions, two methods of increasing income almost instantly to more than cover the investment.  No tricks.  No illusions.

Just remember what I said.  It’s going to take work.  Growth always does.  Not back-breaking work, but stretching, raising your own bar, stepping out from behind the limitations and proving to yourself that you’re worth far more than someone being paid for training sessions.  You’re going to impact people’s lives at the highest level possible.

Please don’t fill out the application unless you honestly want to change for the better.  Please don’t fill out the application if career growth scares you right now.  Please don’t fill out the application if you’re just testing the waters.  This is a hard-core serious program and you’ll get my full engagement.  We become kindred spirits.  I give my heart, I share my experience, and I work to ensure that everyone present is guided to their own level, coached forward to milestone after milestone.  This isn’t for time-wasters of part-time trainers. This is for people devoted to fitness and seeking to achieve new levels of professionalism and profit.

If you’re still here, and reading, and salivating because you know there’s more out there, complete the application now and we’ll set up a time for our personal chat.  I look forward to welcoming the next group of health professionals (yes, health professionals) into the Be Better Project.  You’ll be connected to an elite club of Be Better alumni who experience success with gratitude and humility.  The lessons are powerful. The experience is unmatched.  Whether you’re a seasoned fitness professional who feels there’s more, or you’re only in the field for a couple of years but you have the deep hunger to grow, if you believe you’ve got what it takes, apply now.

Announcement Ahead

March 10, 2014

manonglobe100x100Note: This is lengthy, but important.  It’s a pre-announcement of an opportunity for personal trainers to bolster their careers with new passion, new profitability, and a new sense of potential. This may in fact be the most career-altering opportunity ever presented for fitness professionals committed to Growth with Integrity. Read on . . .

My 9-year old daughter likes to draw me into spontaneous rounds of “Would You Rather?”

“Dad, would you rather have to eat a live frog or stay in a room with no phone, no people, and no internet for 24 hours?”

“Dad, would you rather fart uncontrollably every time you’re near a dog or have to eat a full bowl of your own hair?”

I must admit, it isn’t one of my favorite games, but . . . being that I’m speaking to an audience of like-minded people, personal trainers seeking to better the lives of others . . . . let’s play!

Would you rather (A) commit your career to an ongoing sense of needing new clients or (B) train selective people, consistently, based on your ideal calendar, without ever feeling fear of shortage?

Would you rather (A) see clients all week long, knowing many will never get the results they really seek but being paid adequately, or (B) work harder to learn more so you can deliver results that astound clients . . . every time?

If you opted for A in both cases, you can go read through your emails, grab a fitness magazine, or watch TV for awhile.  This won’t interest you.  If you answered “B,” let’s talk.

I’ve been a personal trainer for 30 years.  I’ve struggled, I’ve conquered, I’ve grown, and through it all I’ve learned.  Having been a health club owner, studio owner, writer, media personality, author, consultant, and speaker in every corner of the world, I know what it means to leverage.  Nothing was handed to me.  I had a trait I found invaluable, and that trait is precisely what I learned to leverage through every step of career growth.  If you’re a personal trainer with a desire to make other people’s lives better, you have that very same trait.

I’m reigniting my Be Better Program for Progressive Personal Trainers in Quest of Excellence and the doors are open for 20 personal trainers seeking elevation to new levels of success.  I’ll teach you to ethically exploit the edge you already have, to leverage the trait you should be proudest of, that genuine desire to improve the lives of those you touch.  It’s an invaluable trait that’s rarely recognized, unless you learn to capitalize on it.  The Be Better Project teaches you precisely that . . . driving the journey forward with the passion and desire within.

Be Better has built a small army of a different breed of professional, every alumni greeting new successes with expectation and humility.  It’s an in-depth course, only for those with the heart of a personal trainer, delivering more usable information, more powerful information, and more hard-hitting “get it done” insight than any other course of its kind.  It’s real.  It’s proven.  It’s yours for the taking . . . if you’re ready.

If somebody could teach you just three things, mastery of growth, mastery of your time, and mastery over your earnings, that somebody would be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you.  I’m that somebody, but those three things are simply a speck among the hundreds of ideas and strategies I’m happy to share with you.

Wanna leap into another game of Would You Rather?

Would you rather (A) be like most personal trainers who earn in the vicinity of $25,000 – $48,000 per year and have credit card debt that exceeds their equity, or (B) learn to generate between $75,000 and $150,000 using your personal training skills and then leverage those skills for exponential financial growth?

Would you rather (A) listen to the voice in your head that’s prevented you from pursuing opportunities in the past, or (B) commit to a plan and be coached by someone with an unmatched track record in helping personal trainers escalate into business leaders?

B’s?  Then read on.  Here’s a tiny piece of what the Be Better Reignited program promises you’ll learn:

  • Why a focus on client acquisition is a trap and how to become a literal client magnet without employing structured or costly marketing strategies
  • How you can influence people to commit to you without ever feeling as if you’re selling
  • Seven Avenues of Contact and the handbook of response
  • How to structure your business into three interdependent activities that ensure your growth
  • Why you NEVER need to advertise
  • How business successes plan, ponder, and produce and how that formula can work for you
  • Why most health clubs LOSE MONEY in their personal training businesses and how you can guarantee profitability in ANY environment, club, studio, corporation, or mobile operation
  • How to eliminate no-shows and cancellations completely and forever
  • How to predict your income with accuracy and streamline your future
  • Why goal setting can be a hindrance and how the identification of four inner strengths obliterates barriers to your greatest career desires
  • Why studio size doesn’t matter and smaller may be far more profitable
  • How to remove yourself from the competitive landscape
  • How you can optimize the value of your time attracting $1200 per hour for only one working hour per week
  • How to form cement bonds with medical professionals offering you the strongest support and referral network you’ve ever experienced
  • How to connect with media as an ongoing resource allowing you to appear per your desire
  • How to find speaking engagements without need for an agent or connections
  • How to design and live your ideal schedule
  • How to balance who you are with what you do
  • How to find life mastery allowing for enjoyment of family, fun, fitness, and what we mistakenly call “work.”
  • How to shift mindset in minutes, both in yourself and in others
  • An entirely new perspective on what it takes to change a human body for the better

Yes, that’s a tiny piece.  Tomorrow I’ll post the official announcement of Be Better Reignited beginning in April 2014.  There are only 20 openings so if you have even the slightest bit of interest, be sure to check in tomorrow!

For those who are anxious, and don’t want to wait until tomorrow . . . The Be Better Project is an educational experience connecting proven ideas and strategies with your own innate abilities and desires.  It empowers you, via two teleconferences per month (each lasting 90 minutes conducted at 3 PM Eastern Time on Thursdays).  Between the lessons you’re given directives, each one designed to demonstrate increases in scope, profit, revenue, and reach.  This time through, the previously 8-month course has been expanded to 12 full months . . . one year of dramatic career change for a tiny fraction of what you’ll earn in the year ahead, a spark that ensures financial and personal growth in the years to follow.

The teleconferences are interactive, supported by a website accessible only to people in the group, and backed up by a vast library of materials and resources.  Everyone in the group connects fully and while the group dynamic is powerful, I’ll get to know each person in the Be Better Project optimally and steer them to work within the parameters of their own aspirations.

This is not a Mastermind group.  It’s far more powerful.  It’s science based, proven 11 times over (literally), and developed over the course of a 30-year career.   This is the real deal.

You know what?  I’m supposed to officially announce it tomorrow . . . but . . . it seems I’ve already given you more than we bargained for . . . so with momentum, here’s an overview of the first 16 teleconferences (the remaining 8 can’t be published here as the information is proprietary and will only be shared once developmental steps are completed):

  • Session 1 – making more money easily, quickly and without ever stepping away from your passion
  • Session 2 – the three fail-proof automatic marketing strategies that have eternal life
  • Session 3 – the Seven Avenues of Contact and how you walk each one without fear
  • Session 4 – The Lifecyle of Business, The Three Phases, and Exponential Growth
  • Session 5 – Knowing What They Think and Pushing the Right Buttons
  • Session 6 – The Anti-Business Plan
  • Session 7 – Elevation and Ascension (A Higher Prime)
  • Session 8 – Implied Replication – more $$
  • Session 9 – Piggy back profit centers (priming the pumps)
  • Session 10 – Rethinking your profession, and becoming a revered health professional with the credential and track record to back it up
  • Session 11 – Reaching and attracting the largest market in the Universe
  • Session 12 – Reversing Disease . . . moving the unwell toward perfect health in quantifiable measurable ways that wow the medical profession
  • Session 13 – Eliminating the Enemy (The Four Monsters) so Goals Become Certain Outcomes
  • Session 14 – The Dream (Creating the Ultimate Outcome for You)
  • Session 15 – Entropy, the Down Escalator, and Milestones of Certainty – How an understanding of some natural laws allows you to keep moving your business and reputation to a new “Best.”
  • Session 16 – Getting All That You Want By Helping Others at the Highest Level Possible and The Art and Science of Becoming a Humble Leader.

Session 17 – 24 will be mind-blowing.  They’ll change you in ways you never thought possible.  Here’s where it really does move you up to an entirely new level.

Want to be a part of it?  There are two things I should mention:

  1. The Be Better Project has always come with a justifiable price tag of $325 per month, but with Be Better Reignited, if you are one of the first 10 to apply, find acceptance, and register, your investment is only $187 per month (after a $125 deposit).  I guarantee, promise, and assure you . . . you will not find this type of value in the realm of career building education and hand-holding anywhere in the world.  Over the course of the 12 months, we’re looking at more than a $1500 savings for the first 10 on board.
  2. This program isn’t for everyone.  You must have at least 2 years of experience in the field, a credible certification, and have to be pursuing personal training as a full time primary career.  This is not for those who are just getting their feet wet.  You also have to be able to articulate what you’d like to see change for you in the future.  In order to ensure that everyone in the group is suited for the program, and in order to ensure that everyone in the group benefits from the presence of each other individual, there’s a simple screening process.  You fill out an application, I review it, then if all looks good, we schedule a 15-minute telephone conversation and together determine whether the Be Better Project is a fit for you.

Tomorrow . . . the official announcement arrives . . . but . . . if you feel as if this is precisely what you need to feel great about your future in this noble and rewarding field, complete the application immediately.  They’ll be reviewed in the order they come in.

Any specific questions?  Put them in the comments box on the application or email me directly at

Personally, I’ve never been this excited about the launch of a new program for fitness professionals.  This is far and away the most powerful curriculum I’ve ever offered.  Be a part of it.  APPLY NOW.

Seven Avenues of Contact

February 28, 2014

Boiling WaterIf you put water in a pot, place the pot on the burner, and turn the burner control on high, will the water boil?  YES!  Why?  Because that’s what heat does to water.  We know it.  We accept it.  It’s a fact.  It’s science.  It’s formulaic.

Water + sea level + 212 degrees Fahrenheit = boiling water (steam)

Over the years I’ve collected and implemented well over 250 marketing campaigns, and the successful ones were easily predicted, as easily as predicting water heated to boiling point will change its form.  As in nature, and the natural laws of the planet and the universe, there are elements of marketing that are formulaic.  I’m not talking about expecting a 1% response from an email blast, or handing out 1000 flyers to attract 5 people.  I’m talking about magic.  Alchemy.  Making something out of nothing, and in doing that, you have to be aware of two magic numbers.  5 and 7.

Money From Nowhere. MagicFive is the magic number indicating the number of people that you have to talk to every day about what you do for a living.  If you do this only 20 days per month, at the end of a year, you’re compelling a good portion of over 1000 people.  Yes, talking to 5 people a day gets you communicating with 1000 prospects in a 12-month period, and there isn’t any marketing campaign, advertising, postcard offer, or social media blast that rivals that level of personal contact.  Best of all, the cost of implementing the marketing strategy I’m suggesting is . . . . zero!  Zero cost, 1000+ prospects.  Yup, that’s magic alright.

I know the knee-jerk reaction that comes from new trainers when I talk about “5-a-day.”  It’s “what should I say?,” or “how do I approach?” or “what if they reject me?” or “do I have to sell?”  Here’s my promise.  If you follow this simple formula of 5 a day as I’ve used it, as I teach it, as I live it, you’ll know what to say, you’ll know how to approach, nobody will reject you, and you’ll never have to sell.  Am I sure?  Yes.  This is alchemy, not guesswork.

In a week or so I’ll announce my upcoming Be Better program for Progressive Personal Trainers Seeking the Highest Levels of Excellence, and I’ll invite you to understand, in-depth, how fun, how fail-proof, and how simple this outreach marketing can be.  Five a day.

Wait a minute.  I said there were two magic numbers.  Why do we need another magic number if 5 works so well?  Because what the 5-a-day brings you are prospects.  People with interest but . . . steps away from conviction.

3D Human Character Holding Green Number SevenThe number 7 allows you mastery of compelling your prospect base, dozens at a time, continually.  I’ve never shared this publicly before, although I’ve used this with virtually every major health club or fitness project I’ve been involved in.

There are 7 Avenues of Contact that will turn the highest number of prospects into clients, customers, and fans.  This isn’t a random thought.  This is formulaic.  It works, and there’s a great deal of psychology behind it.

Without delving into the science of human influence, here’s a generalization of how the process of directing your marketing down parallel but different avenues awakens action.

  1. With the first contact, the prospect barely pays attention
  2. With the second, the prospect commits to 10 seconds and takes momentary note of your name (not your business name, your name)
  3. With #3, the prospect can’t remember what else they received from you, but they know they’ve heard of you
  4. On the fourth contact, the prospect is certain to pay attention as long as you hit a pain, problem, or challenge he or she presently harbors
  5. On Contact #5, those with a growing intrigue and curiosity  consider acting.  Even if they don’t act, they consider it, and that means they’re a step or two away.
  6. Reach out down Avenue #6 and the prospect knows you and believes you can help
  7. With the Seventh Avenue of Contact, all of the hot ones, warm ones, and interested ones respond to your offer, make a modest financial commitment, and open the door for long term connection

You realize, at this point, that this is information I’ll share with my now-developing Be Better group, so haven’t I given you enough here?  Perhaps, but I’m on a roll, so I am driven to answer the unanswered question, “What, exactly, do I send them?”

  1. A 1-page graphic article, something that can be distributed by hand, downloaded, printed, or passed along on an 8 ½ x 11 page with professional design.  The article should be brief, but should share at least two a-ha’s that speak to your desired audience.  This could be a simple “how to” (i.e. how to read food labels) or a “5 Rules.”  It should appeal to a general audience, but have some hard hitting factoids that jump out at your potential clients.  Realize, most people won’t fully read it, but the brain takes note.  At this point in the marketing campaign, we’re speaking more to the subconscious than the conscious mind.
  2. A three-minute digital video on a specific topic (an exercise to improve posture, a quick way to cook a healthy omelet, a demonstration of a quick “anywhere” routine).  Keep in mind, most people won’t watch the whole thing, but if your list gives you 10 seconds of attention, you’re winning the battle of the mind.
  3. An email warning – this can’t be hokey.  It has to be a real warning.  Tell them about gluten and its effect on health, tell them about common drugs with dastardly side-effects, tell them about Gym scams, hidden ingredients in fat burning supplements, or mistruths that may be dangerous.   The “danger” factor pulls them a little further toward investing conscious attention and while they aren’t likely to run to a phone and call you, they’re getting a sense you’re an expert.
  4. A story of someone you’ve helped.  Make it emotional.  Use photos.  Not too many photos and don’t go to town with before and afters, but allow the “feel, felt, found” phenomenon to associate the prospect with the happy client.  No sales pitch.  No offer.  This is a human interest story with you as the backdrop, not the feature.  If you choose the right story, a story that resonates with pain and a solution, you’re grabbing attention more than you know.
  5. Four Testimonials and an Offer – This piece shares only two sentences about you.  No mention of certifications.  No mention of features.  You describe ONLY what you do for people and why this thrills you, and then you back it up with evidence from four people.  Four happy people who’ve gained from coming to know you.  Include happy faces.  If there is one that merits a body shot to demonstrate an outcome, here’s where you can include it.  Don’t go too far.  Your prospects shouldn’t perceive this as advertising, even though this is the first time you actually put out an offer and a call to action.
  6. An interactive event, call, session, or chat – this gives you a chance for a two-way dialogue with you steering.  It’s not only a credibility builder, but it demonstrates personal interest.  You’re more than a bio on a page, more than a 3-minute video, you’re an expert they can connect with, and that’s powerful.
  7. Some will have already connected with you at this point.  The entire campaign should be complete in 4 weeks.  I know there are many who swear by an email every day. Just remember, if you do what everyone is doing, you appear to be just like everyone else.  That leads you to your seventh avenue – a pure outlining of benefits with timelines and guarantees and limited availability.

There you have it.  You want to download it?  Print it?  Here:

The Seven Avenues of Marketing

This is a tiny tiny piece of the information I’ll be sharing in my April Be Better Program, the first one I’ve run in two years.  It’s better than it’s ever been.  It’s guaranteed to increase your income incrementally.  It’s unlike any other program out there for fitness or health professionals seeking excellence.  If you’re interested in applying (there are some criteria), send me an email expressing your interest with the SUBJECT: Be Better Reignited.  Send it to

Let me know how this strategy works for you. I can promise, if you do the work with a commitment to excellence, the magic follows!  Always.

3 Ways

February 23, 2014

The words Growing Wealth on a ball made of dollar signs or curreI’m going to make this brief.  It’s relatively easy for someone with a strong background in fitness at a professional level to become a millionaire today.  I know the word millionaire has a wide range of implications so allow me to clarify just a bit.  Let’s not think Lamborghinis and 35,000 square foot mansions, but let’s understand the 21st century millionaire, someone who earns enough to not only cover expenses, but to accumulate savings as his business prospers.  Let’s think of having seven figures worth of equity when totaling up home equity, assets, and money in the bank.  Let’s think of savings accumulating interest and security being preserved for the future.  Let’s consider someone with healthy personal income, ownership of a business or series of revenue streams, and a continued or growing passion for whatever it is that he or she does for a living.  Let’s think of the 21st century millionaire we want to respect and follow as someone who conducts business with a strong moral compass and an undying desire to better the lives of others.  In that context, I’ll repeat, it’s relatively easy for a quality and committed personal trainer to become a millionaire today.

Hand Drawing of Businessman Pulling A Bag of MoneyEase of earning wasn’t the case when I started in the field, but today, not only have I learned to generate significant revenues, ethically, by helping people, and without ever losing a night’s sleep, but more importantly, I personally know over 25 personal training millionaires.  Few of them were “quick overnight successes.”   They put in effort.  Not backbreaking effort.  Just enough effort to prosper, and because they love what they do, the effort is nothing more than a metaphor for the workout that leads to the result.  The trainers I speak of are people I trust, connect with, and respect, and if you’re not yet in that group, it’s time.

When I say it’s easy, I don’t mean it’s without effort.  Earning financial freedom in our field requires, smarts, knowledge, strategy, and a relentless and focused energy output, but with those in place, it just isn’t that difficult.

Let’s consider that which we all know is achievable.  If a personal trainer charges a conservative $25 per hour, and trains 30 sessions in a week, that’s $36,000 a year.

Now consider this.  Every city has its trainers who charge over $100 per hour.  With the same 30-hour week, that brings annual income up to over $150,000 . . . for working only 30 hours a week!  Nice, right?

It gets better.  Bring it to a 40 hour week, add in a bootcamp or a few group trainings per week, and  a quarter of a million dollars a year becomes doable.

The question becomes, how do you grow from there, or if you’re still in the more conservative ranges, how do you grow from the $36,000 point without having to raise your rates and devote your life to workout after workout after workout?

While wise investments and frugality may turn a $150K earner into a millionaire over the course of a decade, there are really three primary ways to turn the corner from decent earnings to financial freedom.

My friend Kelli Calabrese and I are inviting 25 personal trainers to attend “3 Ways to turn personal training profits into financial freedom,” a private webinar for progressive fitness professionals.   It’s open to the first 25 to register, and the cost is a big fat nothing. There’s no cost, there’s no catch, there’s just 25 fitness professionals taking the initiative to check a box and say “count me in.”  There’s no obligation, there’s nothing else you have to do, but realize, once the 25 slots are filled, it’s closed.  This will NOT be a recurring event.  One time.  One shot.  Door closed.

Do you want to know the three ways?  Here they are.

  1. Build a spillover (implied replication)
  2. Create residual revenues with a consumable product
  3. Create a wider universe with a hierarchy of offerings (easy entry up to premier product)

Within those three categories are limitless possibilities.  Kelli and I will get you to see things differently, to serve as pioneers, to make a few exciting changes in the way you operate, so we can spread the wealth, raise the bar, and gain greater respect for the field that spurred both of our careers.  While others may be telling you personal training revenues are doomed, I find quite the opposite.  With an escalation in awareness, and a slight enhancement in skill set, the sky is the limit.  Really it is.

We’ll share it all in the 55 minute webinar on Monday, March 3, 2014 at 2 PM Eastern Time.

You want to be there.  Don’t wait.

Register for free at:


October 30, 2013

16secrets-treasurechestASPIRE is a program that’s not only changing the careers of personal trainers for the better, not only resulting in new potential to earn an additional $8,000 per month and more, not only creating new career longevity and financial security, but most importantly, it’s moving people toward perfect health . . . . people stuck in a medical system that desperately needs intervention.  As ASPIRE teaches, we, the true fitness professionals, are not medical professionals, but with an enhanced skill set, we become game changers.

If you want to get a look at the formal curriculum delivered over the 16 weeks via live remote webinar, you can click here, but if you want plain language, honest-talk about what the program can do for you, here it is.

You’ll be able to say with absolute confidence, “I know your doctors told you this is a condition you have for life, but he (she) didn’t tell you about the 8-week protocol that restores people like you to health . . . to the complete eradication of the diagnosed dis-ease.”

You’ll hear, not only, “thank you, I feel great and you changed my life,” but emotional outpourings in the vicinity of “thank you for giving my daughters their father back,” and “I never believed I could enjoy my life at the level I’m experiencing today.”  You’ll melt as clients and their loved ones applaud you for stepping forward and challenging convention, that applause often accompanied by tears of joy.

If you think this is exaggeration, you don’t yet understand ASPIRE.

You’ll come to understand why the medical system, a flawed system now viewed as the single resource for treating the 65% of adult Americans diagnosed with chronic disease, is stuck in the limiting thinking of “if they don’t teach it at Cornell Medical School it isn’t true.”

You’ll recognize research that completely shatters the limited thinking that plagues mainstream medicine and its victims.  You’ll be shocked to learn what the most commonly prescribed medications really do and why they haven’t any potential for cure.

Most of all, you’ll come to recognize some amazing principles of exercise that have eluded you, proven evidentiary protocols that do precisely what medications cannot . . . reverse the disease process and restore complete health.

This doesn’t in any way reduce your ability to work with athletes, with young moms, with business people, or with the near-fit seeking new excellence.  It complements it.  It puts you on a new platform where doctors begin to view you, not as “just a trainer,” but as a critical player in Allied Health Care.

This is the real deal.  It’s an education you’ll carry with you forever.  It will help you refine your purpose, allowing you to see the true nobility in the career you’ve chosen.

The hard part is . . . you have to act right this minute.  The ASPIRE course begins at 3 PM Eastern Time on Thursday, October 31st.  While I can easily present the value of the program as well into the tens of thousands, this is a very genuine opportunity for you to gain this knowledge, to enhance your own understanding of health, to expand your skill set, for an absurdly affordable price (recovered with your very first client for which you use the protocol you’ll come to master).

Ready to register?  Do it right now.

Feel you want more information?  Click here or email me directly (quickly)

Reluctant Commentary from the Inside

October 23, 2013

This will be brief.  I just had a back and forth email exchange with someone who sent me some commentary on a recent blog I posted at (read it if you haven’t).  He sent his commentary of his own free will, but reluctantly.  In fact, I believe he wished he could reel it back in when I asked if I could share it with my audience of dedicated fitness professionals.  I knew at least some of you would appreciate some of the references he made.

He was kind enough, after editing (softening) his original correspondence a bit, to allow me to share the following, although I agreed not to include anything that might identify him (for all you know “him” is a “her”).  I have to admit, in going through this back-and-forth, I felt as if I were a journalist getting information from a secret source.  No, it wasn’t really that edgy, and it wasn’t really filled with intrigue, but his willingness to share his opinions despite his gut apprehension is something I wish more people would succumb to.  Not everyone is in a position to step out and openly challenge those issues and concerns that they see as unjust or wrong, but it’s nice to know the message is beginning to penetrate.

Here’s the edited version of his original note:

*   *   *

From A Reluctant Member of the Medical “System” – I’ve been an ardent reader of your articles since I first heard you speak at Shula’s Country Club in Miami Lakes, probably close to 15 years ago.  As someone who has always had a personal interest in fitness, I found your approach not only the most sensible, but the most effective.  It was no-nonsense no-bull material but you have a rare way of delivering the information in a manner that drives people to action.  I read your recent blog, Kudos to the Sociopaths, and although it’s probably in my best interest NOT to respond, I felt I had to.  I am a part of the medical system you so accurately refer to as a system of diagnosis and medication.  This is not to indict my colleagues or throw daggers at the amazing advances we’ve made in medicine, but my practice attracts middle-aged men and women with the precise conditions you address.  I love your categorization of obesity as a chronic metabolic disease, yet another societal evolutionary mistake.

A few of my physician friends have ventured out of the box and have initiated wellness operations where exploration runs deeper than conventional lab tests, and while some may feel better about what they do, I’ve seen each and every one suffer financially.  Some have run into new legal hardships.  It isn’t always easy to do the right thing.

While I admire those who pursue their conscience, I’m not in a position to make that type of move, and with 27 years of practice behind me, I’ve built a solid foundation upon which to support my family (two kids in college and one more shopping for schools).  I just wanted you to know, I’ve watched you keep your eye on the primary trait of responsibility that is so lacking in our society.  A society that handles problems by waiting for a new app to come out has forgotten that each one of us has an obligation to handle our own set of circumstances.  The patient want for medication only feeds the paradox you describe.  I applaud your message, I applaud your courage, and while I won’t be standing in the front row at your next seminar shouting my approval, from behind my computer I have to say, “bravo.”

*   *   * END of commentary *   *   *

NOTE from Phil: My next ASPIRE group begins next week.  It’s the cutting-edge real-world hard-core course aimed at teaching fitness professionals who to play a vital role in reversing chronic disease.  It opens up the largest marketplace in the world today, serves to radically increase your value as a health professional, and most of all, helps people find improvement (and often cure) after they’ve run through the medical maze that fails to address . . . response-ability.  You can register right now, or send me an email if you have questions and want additional details.  I canpromise you this.  The 16-hour course, delivered over 16 weeks, will be the most powerful education you’ve received this century.  Honestly.  Email or find more info and register at


Ethics . . . and Elevating

October 1, 2013

I posted something on Facebook earlier today about my love for the field of fitness and the arena of personal trainers.  I alluded to the virtues of integrity, morality, and respect when they show up guided by the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of helping others find betterment in their own lives, and the continued desire to do it more often and better.

That came out of yet another story of yet another personal trainer who underhandedly worked to “steal the staff” of the health club owner who employed him as a director.  It isn’t an odd story.  It’s a common one, and it’s always somehow justified by a villianizing of the owner, of the facility, of the management, or of an action or change.  The reality is, the owner supplied a roof, a member base, training, and an opportunity and if growth requires moving on, it need not require “taking.”  Perhaps it’s a lesson people have to learn, or perhaps it’s simply the undeveloped moral core of many who are attracted to our field.  Whatever it is, it doesn’t align with my own moral compass.  I don’t get upset by it.  Instead I accept it, I frown for a moment, and then I smile as I come to realize how greatly I appreciate the rare breed of trustworthy professional who commits to a life as a human catalyst for positive change.  I recognize the strength, virtue, and character of someone who approaches human betterment with ego pushed to the side and a sense of pure purpose as a guiding force.  Perhaps what shows up in place of ego is . . . ethics.

In embarking upon a discussion of ethics, we must consider two words, integrity and morality.   They are not the same.  Integrity is “being whole,” being on the inside what you appear on the surface, acting similarly given a similar set of circumstances.

If I were to suggest that with integrity trust is earned, loyalty grows, and the sense of being reliable evolves, most people would agree, until we better understand the word.

Consider that a thief may be dishonest through and through.  He or she may see the virtue in playing Robin Hood, in stealing from the undeserving rich, in lying, scheming, and manipulating.  In other words, when someone has integrity, that doesn’t’ suggest morality is imminent.  Perhaps it would be better said, integrity doesn’t ensure the alignment of the sense of “what is right.”

I’ve grown numb to the stories of personal trainers who build their business by soliciting clients in someone else’s health club and making the leap attempting to take a stable of clients with them.  I’ve come to recognize, almost expect, that an employee who says “I want to learn from you” as a primary reason for seeking a position is ultimately going to want to amass what you have . . . with little consideration for the gifts or treasures of education and mentoring.  I can’t fault anyone for doing what they think is right, but I can say that when integrity, morality, and respect align, you have a uniquely strong character, and if you equip that character with the pursuit of excellence, an eternally moving target, you have someone who represents a true professional.

I’ve befriended and aligned with those true professionals.  I appreciate the willingness to rise above, to hold onto morality when temptation pulls against it.  I’ve directed my efforts over the last few years to speak, not to the entirety of the field, but to those who have the “stuff” I’m referring to, or at least the potential for it.

My ASPIRE program is structured with that in mind.  It isn’t for every personal trainer. In fact, it’s for the rare few.  It takes effort, it takes an open mind.  It takes the pushing aside of ego.  It requires a willingness to not only think outside the realm of your initial fitness education, but to dismiss many of the ideas and theorems you might have held as truths.

Here’s the beauty of the program.  It elevates.

ASPIRE elevates your power to help others restore lost health.

ASPIRE elevates your ability to connect with the medical field in a peer-to-peer manner.

ASPIRE elevates your earnings.

ASPIRE elevates your reach in your immediate universe.

I’d encourage you to examine the curriculum to see if it aligns with your own compass.  The ASPIRE program isn’t “sexy,” it’s genuine. It isn’t “hype,” it’s power.  If you want to see what you’re truly capable of, if you want to understand the true shortcomings in our medical field and understand how you can step in with real solutions, if you want to understand how far beyond “Abs and Glutes” your true power goes, register for ASPIRE.  It begins this month!  You can attend from anywhere.  It’s affordable, and . . . you’ll be in very good company.

Are you one of the rare few?  Review the Curriculum and . . . REGISTER for the 16 hour course that will forever alter the path of your career . . . from a well traveled course to an extraordinary one.

The Simplicity of Attracting Clients?

September 15, 2013

I told you in my last post I’d explain the value of recognizing the two powers, Influence-Ability and Response-Ability.  Before I delve further into those two vital powers, come back in time a few days and sit with me and my new acquaintances, Holly, Jarrod, and Mitch (weird music now begins, scene gets blurry and wavy, and we go back in time) . . . .

Holly Barnett sat next to me at the dinner event, pretty, wide-eyed, and outgoing.  We had just met, as had everyone sitting at the table.  Holly and I covered quite a bit of territory in our conversation.  We talked about Howard Stern, the tumultuous state of Syria, Miley Cyrus, and the restaurants in La Jolla (Crab Catcher has great oyster shooters and really great seafood).  Then she asked the inevitable, “what do you do?” and I told her.  She readjusted in her seat, swallowed hard, and suddenly assuming what I then surmised to be an uncharacteristically meek posture, whispered, “can you help me?”

The next 15 minutes took me on a verbal tour of her experience with doctors in trying to identify, treat, and hopefully, cure the thyroid condition she had been diagnosed with three years ago.  The meek demeanor went away somewhere around, “and he just wrote me a prescription and walked out of the office.”  She became increasingly animated, clearly holding on to some resentment for the way she was treated as she worked her way through the conventions of mainstream medicine in the arena of chronic disease.

We switched gears.  I asked her a few questions about her lifestyle, her stress levels, and her nutritional and exercise history and clues began to unfold.  She told me of her extreme diet 6 years earlier, of her short-lived extreme exercise routines, and of her current challenges that prevent her from exercising at all.

I took a breath and shared a few perspectives.  We spoke about the interplay between the adrenals and the HPT (hypothalamus, Pituitary, Thyroid) axis that is a key player in metabolism and how excessive stress without adequate recovery can throw off the endocrine balance between the adrenals and thyroid function.  She asked very good, very relevant, and very insightful questions and the conversation took on a life of its own.

I gave her the link to and invited her to sign up for ALIVE Across America.  She “wrote” it in her phone, smiled, and realized she was hungry and had barely eaten.

Holly returned her attention to her plate, put some salmon on her fork, and lifted it into her mouth.  That’s when Jarrod, sitting on my left, tapped my arm and said, “I couldn’t help eavesdropping.  My doctor just put me on meformin.”

We launched into a conversation about blood sugar, diabetes, insulin resistance, and . . . exercise and nutrition’s power in restoring people to health.  Across the table Mitch tried to be discreet, but he was clearly tuned in.

Mitch was a big man.  Once he joined the conversation he told me he’d been an athlete until he got married and started a new career.  He now is on five medications and is a textbook snapshot of Metabolic Syndrome.

90 minutes after I sat down to eat dinner, I took one spoonful of the mango sherbet stuffed into a frozen mango (it was wonderful but a bit high in sugar for me to finish) and excused myself.

When I got back to my hotel room I checked my email.  Holly’s registration was in my Inbox.  By the following day all three had registered.

Why am I sharing this with you?  Because I want you to appreciate the simplicity of attracting clients.  Understand, this was “dinner time.”  This wasn’t extra time I had to find to dedicate to marketing.  This wasn’t a presentation that required a visual presentation and preparation.  This was very simply me, living my life, and honoring the influence-ability I’ve developed and the response-ability I embrace.

OK, your turn.  What do you think?

Anything you come up with now that somehow makes this type of experience unrealistic for you is an excuse.  Yes, anything!

I know if you’re ready to close this window because I’ve offended you, you have beliefs that are driving you to reject my assertions.  I know, if you possess them, you believe the circulating thoughts that say, “but I’m too busy to create those types of opportunities,” “but I don’t go to big dinners like that,” or the one that says, “but I can’t speak about the HPT axis or the endocrine system with any confidence.” I know these thoughts are convincing, and I promise you, they are limiting thoughts that can be restated as excuses, excuses you’ll best do to obliterate.

Want proof?  OK,  let me start with a metaphor you’ll recognize.

You’ve met the inquiring prospect who needed your services, the ones who said, “I really need to get in shape but . . . , “ and you knew, in many of those cases, you could absolutely help, but excuses limited the prospect from becoming a client.  At least momentarily, those conversations left you frustrated.  Why?  Because you knew that even though the prospect was hosting cyclical thoughts of “can’t” and “but,” because the client bought into “I don’t have time,” or “I can’t afford it right now,” or “exercise doesn’t work for me,” the reality you remained well aware of throughout was, the client could, should, and most of all, MUST . . . if her or she is ever going to find the outcome that will lead to elation.

So, if you know that the individual with a briefcase full of excuses believes the excuses until those beliefs can be changed, please accept that if you’re not experiencing the “magic” in your professional life that draws an endless stream of clients to you, your beliefs include at least a few excuses, thoughts that recur and repeat that need to be dismissed in order for you to reach your true potential.

In October I’m taking a new group of ambitious fitness professionals ready to test the limits of their career potential through the 16-week ASPIRE program, and I can promise, it offers an education that will propel you forward into a realm where you communicate with a new confidence, where you accept and display a greater level of expertise, where you command greater respect, where you significantly escalate your income and career security, and most of all, where you tap into an area of medicine that fits fully within your scope of practice.  You’ll wind up with a new power, one that draws the largest segment of our adult population to you . . . if you’re willing to grow your influence-ability and response-ability.

In ASPIRE you’ll learn how all chronic disease is linked at its core, and how the “fix” for the cure must involve the parasympathetic nervous system, the recovery system that can bring the endocrine system, the adrenal system, and the thyroid mechanism back into balance.

You’ll learn why our population is growing around the waistline and why it has less to do with overeating than most people are led to believe.  It involves the liver, a biochemical marker called C-Reactive Protein, and the body’s unique ability to create new adipose cells to crank out inflammatory warriors.

I can promise after you complete the 16 weeks of ASPIRE, you’ll realize you have the ability to rescue hundreds, maybe thousands of people who have started moving along the dis-ease continuum, “managed” by medicine.  You’ll come to understand the difference between “disease management” and “dis-ease cure,” and you’ll gain a true mastery in moving people toward “cure.”

In ASPIRE you’ll also experience eye-opening strategies that power up your abilities, including those that ask you to influence and respond with mastery.

I know at least a few of you are reading this guarded, thinking, “its just another pitch.”  I know, in the mags, on the web, and in social media, there are hundreds of entrepreneurs offering “personal training millions” and the truth is, the outbreak of “opportunity hawkers” drove me away from the mainstream of this field, into working with more elite groups in select projects such as my Be Better Project.

Right now, simply consider whether you can grow.  Consider whether the example I provided of “marketing within your real life” as I enjoyed a dinner with wonderful people is something you’d like to find accidentally happening in your life more often, and if the answer is yes, and some of what I shared resonated with you, open your mind to being a part of my next ASPIRE group taking us from October right into the New Year.  If your guard is raised, you think I might be “hawking and pitching,” relax.  I have far more to share whether or not you opt to explore ASPIRE.

I’ll address a bit more about “the pitchers” and “the hawkers” and “the promisers” and “the mentors” in my next blog, allowing you to relax your guard knowing when and where caution and protection are most necessary.

Until then . . . Be Better!  Always Better!

Reignite it!

September 13, 2013

Power.  It’s a word we relish but a word we sometimes fear.  We fear it might mean new responsibility, an unwanted obligation, or worse yet, we connect it with the idea of Napoleonic greed, an abuse of advantage that is driven solely by a want for supremacy.  Oh, how desperately we need some belief shifting.

bigstock-An-arrow-makes-a-direct-hit-in-28851890Power is wonderful, power can be a gift, and power is yours for the taking.  In fact, there are two vital powers I can ignite within you almost instantly.  I’ll tell you about them momentarily . . . but before we get to your embracing of these powers, let’s think about all the things you have to do . . . we don’t want you to be too busy to take on the powers that can set you free!

What’s on your to-do list?  Personal Trainers often have the sense of having “a lot to do.”

  • Work out
  • Prepare meals for tomorrow
  • Confirm clients for tomorrow
  • Follow up with Chip Palmer about his knee injury
  • Call Maribel to see if she’s ready to start up again
  • Contact Ana Broadstone about the lunch & learn
  • Find time for outreach marketing
  • Drop  cards and flyers off at Nutrition Depot
  • Create some new drills for the morning group
  • Balance business checking account
  • Collect owed money from three clients

The list above is only a beginning.  Get a busy personal trainer started and he (or she) can rattle off scores of bullet points featuring client session preparation, client follow-up, training, marketing, presenting, and writing.  Add in the perceived need to respond to emails and texts and it’s no wonder the word “busy” becomes a pest that never seems to leave.  Of course, there are also the real world tasks we all have to deal with ranging from hitting the grocery store and going to the dry cleaner to making flight reservations for Thanksgiving, from dropping kids at school to registering for some CEU courses to keep certifications current.

Here comes an important statement, one I’ve shared with fitness professionals for years.  Consider it carefully.  It can change the way you think about your career, your life, and your obligations.  I know it changed the way I do.

Personal Trainers can divide everything they “have to do” into two categories, Influence-Ability and Response-Ability.

That single statement may not immediately reduce the sense of pressure stemming from a burdensome to-do list, but it should help you gain perspective on how simple “task achievement” becomes when you fully realize your powers to influence and respond.

Everything you have to do fits into:

  • Influence-Ability
  • Response-Ability

These are not only drawers in which you can file your to-do’s, but they’re powers.  If you are a personal trainer, I can promise, these are innate powers, but they’ve been shut down, limited, and they beg to be reignited.

Consider this.  If you are to help each and every client find ongoing betterment, then each client session must influence the exerciser to come back again.  If you are to help all of the people who reach out to you for assistance, then each interaction must include elements of influence that shut down their own limitations, fears, and false beliefs and propel them to pursue a course you’ll together create.  Influence is a key element, not only in your career success, but also in the outcomes you deliver.

I know the knee-jerk reaction I’ve prompted in many of you.  It’s a defensive, “I already do that.”  It’s an immediate unwillingness to accept that there may be potential you haven’t yet tapped into, but that’s a part of your “Response-Ability.”

Question that defensive voice.  Consider what it might take for you to be better.

Consider all of the times you wanted to reach out to someone, but didn’t.  Consider all of the times you knew you could help someone . . . but didn’t manifest the opportunity.  Consider all of the lost clients, all of the short-term clients, and all of the tentative consultations and explore the possibilities that might have been missed.  If ego steps aside, these considerations will open you up to the realization that influence is a skill, and it needs to be not only reignited, but developed, honed, and cultivated.  As good as you already are, as strong as you may already be, this process of cultivation only makes you better.

Consider how much more you could accomplish if you were full willing to embrace what I’m calling the second of the two powers, your responsibility (response-ability).

Walk around a shopping mall, notice the people.  Visit a hospital, notice the people.  Stand in the largest corporate building in your community at 9 AM and again at 5 PM.  Notice the people.

Stand at the doorway of a fast food restaurant.  Spend 20 minutes in a pharmacy.  Notice the people.

Consider this.  All of the people you see who have growing abdominal adiposity (bellies that hang over their belts), forward head (excessive kyphotic curvature in the thoracic spine), altered gait (imbalances that compromise the perfection of the kinetic chain), and extremities void of visible muscle and consider the help they need.  Sure, we can blame them for being lazy, unmotivated, or deserving, but that again would be ego.  Get to know a few of them and you’ll find they’re good people who’ve been misled, who need redirection to find the joy that comes from health and well-being.

Imagine now that each one of the people you noticed has a t-shirt that says “help me.”  Wouldn’t you feel a responsibility to help them?  Don’t you have the ability to move them back toward the postural, kinetic, and palpable changes they set as ideals?  That ability is your ability to respond to their needs, your “response-ability.”

Am I insinuating you’ve done something wrong?  Of course not!  After all, they aren’t wearing special shirts or flying flags, and you have helped a whole lot of people improve, but let’s go back and again consider that all of the people you notice who wished for change would fly “help” flags . . . if they knew the right help would arrive.  They don’t know you, a talented skilled professional standing in their midst, have the power to deliver the change they seek.

Consider your power, consider their needs, and then consider, while you haven’t done anything wrong, you might be falling short on your ability to respond.

I’m not asking you to strike up a conversation with every stranger, or intervene in the life of everyone who is in larger sized clothing than they’d like, but I am providing an opportunity for new perspective, a perspective which wraps marketing, thrilling, presenting, and consulting into a big ball that can be easily controlled, a ball with two distinctive sides, the side of Influence-Ability and the attached but separate side of Response-Ability.

When you gain control of that ball, you start rolling it effortlessly forward touching the lives of more people than you ever imagined possible.

I’ve asked you to consider quite a bit.  Belief shifting starts with contemplation.  While I’m laying out a few things that might warrant your consideration, I want to touch on one more point.

Rolling the ball is an ability you were born with.  Your power to influence, one of the two vital powers I’m encouraging you to ignite, came to you effortlessly.

As an infant you learned to influence mom and dad and grandma and grandpa to get you what you need.  As you developed some new neural wiring, you began to realize your power to influence those around you to get you not only what you need, but also what you desire.  By two or three years old, you learned that “no” means, “try harder,” so you begged for toys, whined for ice cream, turned on the sad eyes and allowed a tear or two to fall when you just had to have that ridiculously sweet candy that your parents were opposed to you putting in your mouth.  You knew you could overcome their reluctance by pushing hard enough and then allowing them to see the amazing joy it brought you in the moment it touched your tongue.

If you took that power to your adulthood, allowing it to be refined, and if you combined it with a responsibility to help other people find betterment, you would have risen to your potential sooner, but you were shut down.

You were given rules in school.  You were bound by “acceptable behavior,” and if you developed a strong moral compass (which you did), you started to malaptively associate desire with greed, to associate influence with sales, and you developed some new models for “selling” including the pushy car salesman, the annoying person in the store who talks you into buying things you really have no need for, and the evil monster who puts on the smile and charm before trying to trade you your hard-earned money for a time-share, an investment, or a vacation.

You may want the vacation, but you don’t want to be sold.  Even more strikingly, you don’t ever want to be like that evil nasty greedy salesperson, and with that your innate power is stifled.  I’ll show you how to reconnect with the true virtues of that power.  If you’re willing to come along, I’ll then show you how to release it, strategically, ethically, morally, and to the betterment of every life you have the good fortune to touch.

I’ll share more about these powers and share some experiences that can illuminate true opportunities you might not have recognized in the days ahead.  I’ll pave the way for you to allow your potential to unfold and reveal a career future that not only thrills you but becomes you.

Be Better . . . and stay tuned!