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7 Points That Can Propel You Forward . . . now!

September 29, 2014

Do you want your career to take on a new life bringing new power to your fitness studies and exercise training?  READ THIS!

Consider, quickly, these seven points and decide if you’re ready to make a change.

This represents a chance for unprecedented reward.  With that mindset, read the Seven Points:

  1. I have developed a course that teaches fitness professionals to ethically and confidently capture the largest market in need of physical change, a market with clear need, disposable income, and few real resources for the betterment you can deliver.
  2. The medical field is falling abysmally short in curing chronic disease and the missing piece of the “fix” is a piece fitness professionals with specialty training can excel in providing.
  3. Medicine, at its roots, had two complementary components, the application of potions, surgical interventions, and herbal remedies (Panacea) and a nature-based intervention correcting ills through access to good food, air, water, and movement (Hygeia). One component is lacking in the 21st  You can bring it back.
  4. Within our scope of practice, we can employ eating strategies, recovery strategies, and a host of unconventional science-based exercise modalities to alter not only body composition and systemic change, but also to alter biochemistry.
  5. Whenever a paradigm shift creates new opportunity for an industry, it requires open minded pioneers to test the waters and be the first to prosper.
  6. The information I’ve gathered over the past 7 years can obliterate the income ceiling, the respect limitations, and the positioning challenges that most personal trainers face throughout their careers.
  7. I am conducting a course valued at thousands of dollars, created with the assistance of medical practitioners, psychometricians, psychologists, and behaviorists, that shares an entirely new perspective, that delivers an enhanced skill set, and that is so far in the front of the field it cannot be acquired anywhere else. This is a course that will be offered internationally in conjunction with a handful of prestigious organizations at significant cost.  If you are a personal trainer with ambition and passion, there’s no better action you can take than to register for the 21st Century Health Catalyst course, offered at only $215, delivered interactively live online, in a 12-hour mind-blowing course.

If you’re willing to consider that the modalities of change we employ for the fit and near-fit market have limitations for those with altered biochemistry, weight loss resistance, and chronic metabolic disease (abdominal adiposity, obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc), and if you’re willing to recognize that we’re talking about 65% of our adult population, you should have relentless interest in discovering a new approach to “cure.”  Learn the science.  Learn the strategies.  Become a catalyst for human betterment.

REGISTER FOR the 21st Century Health Catalyst Course now! (you can register using a simple payment plan of only $79 per month over the course of 90 days)

The course is delivered in live interactive webinars/teleconferences Mondays and Tuesdays from 3 – 4:30 PM for four weeks beginning November 11, 2014.  All presentations are recorded and all participants will receive access to each recording.  This is an extreme value.

Read the Course Outline


Questions?  Email directly.

Don’t let this pass you by.  REGISTER NOW!

The Gap

September 22, 2014

There’s a gap.  I see it.  I feel it.  I understand it.  I want to narrow it.

The gap isn’t the space between fitness and medicine.  That’s a gaping pit that offers massive opportunity.  The gap I’m referring to is the space that lies between what I’ll call conventional fitness training and the new realm of health professional.  I call the newly evolved personal fitness trainer the Health Catalyst.

Here’s the reality.  Exercise and nutritional strategies, not commonly applied, have therapeutic value that runs far beyond making people look better.  I have built an entire platform of success upon the ideal that personal trainers can restore health to the largest segment of our adult population, demonstrating not only changes in body composition and the markers of fitness, but radically improving hormonal balance and the biomarkers of health.

The reality I just shared sits on one side of the canyon.  The personal trainers working under a ceiling, limited by historical paradigms and the tenets of old school exercise science, sit way on the other side.  Between those who will experience the paradigm shift now and those who are proverbially stuck  is the gap.

The gap frustrates me.  I want to light a torch for trainers to see their true value, throw a rope for fitness professionals to command their just rewards.  The problem is, on the far side of the canyon there’s reluctance.  What I have to share is too new.  Too different.  It’s intimidating.  It’s novel.  It’s, for some, scary.  It appears, at first glance, to be outside the scope of practice of a personal trainer, but I assure you, it’s all in bounds.


My experience has shown me, this is the pattern when a new paradigm is set in motion.  The masses are reluctant.  They don’t get it yet.  Only the bold pioneers willing to test the waters, to revisit their true potential, and to put new ideas to the test bridge the gap.  With time, and recognition of the impact new strategies and ideals have upon a population, the masses begin to follow.

I’m inviting you to be bold enough to be a pioneer.  Monday, October 6, I’m launching a second release of my 21st Century Health Catalyst course.  A handful of pioneers are already midway through the course, but I want to open the way for a few more.

The Health Catalyst course will be packaged into a distance learning program with 8 full-length pre-recorded audio programs.  It will be priced at $349.   Live 3-4 day workshops for health professionals will be $1600 in select cities in 2015.  The course will be recorded live, interactively, with a small group of personal trainers, and it isn’t too late for you to be one of them.

If you want to put this to the test, explore the notion of personal trainers curing disease, find a path into the largest segment of our adult population, and command dollars far exceeding the abysmal averages our industry dictates, you will never again have an opportunity like this.  You can get the entire course, delivered over four weeks, not for $1600, not for $349, but for near $200 total!

The only thing I ask, if you opt to join this group, is that you provide permission (after registration) for your voice to be used in the recordings, allowing for open dialogues and the recorded program to feature genuine interactions.

I won’t promote this again.  It starts iin the afternoon of Monday October 6.  If you want to be a part of it, click here, take a brief read through, and register.  If you’re interested but apprehensive and you have a question or two, send them quickly to

This is an arm of the personal training industry that will carve a path into the future of our field.  Understand your true power.  Realize your true potential.  REGISTER NOW!

Shouldn’t We Be On The List?

September 14, 2014

Watch any movie with a fitness scene from the 1970’s and you’ll see people in tights and leotards with headbands and leg warmers doing aerobic kicks, steps, and dance moves.  It looks so silly today. Look at old bodybuilder photos from Venice Beach’s Gold’s Gym in its heyday.  You see massive men flexing in mirrors, sitting on each others’ backs to add weight for calf raises, and they’re mostly shirtless.

Today you find large 25,000 square foot clubs all around the country, in every city, all built upon a similar multi-purpose footprint.  It’s clear to see, the industry changes.  Back in the 1970’s the population started becoming aware of obesity, and aware of exercise’s potential to reduce risk of heart attack, and that led to a running shoe explosion, Jane Fonda’s video launches, and people sweating in all contorted positions to Olivia Newton John’s Let’s Get Physical.  Years earlier, bodybuilding was a subculture, and those who entered found joy in dungeon-style training with a camaraderie and brotherhood for the indoctrinated.  It’s very different today.  This is an example of an evolution of an industry.

It’s important, as a fitness professional, to recognize trends, to see where we’re headed, but more importantly, to identify needs that drive a population to change in its pursuits and desires.  In 2014, while you’ll find your modern day aerobics folks on spinning bikes and in boot camp classes, and you’ll find an outgrowth of that early bodybuilding subculture, the bulk of our population is in a condition I’ve termed “unwell.”  This massive market doesn’t yet connect with the personal trainer.  They are typically driven to a medical checkup to address common symptoms such as fatigue, mood shifts, and unwanted changes in body composition.  They are typically greeted with a diagnosis and a prescription.  Pay careful attention to this next line.

There aren’t any medications that cure or reverse chronic disease.

I’ve had the debates, in fact I embrace them, but to date, based on a preponderance of the evidence I’ve seen and examined, commonly prescribed meds change biomarkers or manage existing conditions.  They DO NOT move the patient toward cure.

The result?  A lifetime relationship with meds, and a gradual progression forward along the disease continuum.

In that lies the most significant need in the American population.  The largest segment of our public NEEDS to learn how to BE BETTER, how to change their body chemistry, their actions, their thoughts, and their lifestyles in a way that moves them back toward perfect health . . . and with few exceptions, nobody is offering that much needed service.

Fat men and his personal trainer with a megaphone isolated on aYou can, but I want you to understand something that most trainers will initially reject.  The standards of exercise and nutrition, the practices we use for a fit and near-fit market, fall horribly short in most cases of working with the unwell.  The reason is three-fold.

  1. Unwell conditions evolve through a process of inflammation, and without addressing the inflammatory factors, the maladapted habits of the immune system continue to cause the body distress, even with exercise.
  2. The second reason is, the endocrine system also maladapts interrupting normal metabolic anabolism and catabolism and this leads to a condition we call weight loss resistance.
  3. The third reason is, without a direct focus on the balance between overall stress load and the individual’s ability to recover, the most sensible strategies lead to greater oxidative stress.

I insist, at this point in time, with an enhanced skill set and an understanding of some revealing science, you can restore unwell people to health far better than any medication.  The key phrase here is “with an enhanced skill set and an understanding . . . “

I can give you that skill set and understanding, but only if you’re willing to let your guard down, to accept that the present shifts in our population require new approaches not commonly practiced by certified personal trainers.  The science is amazing, the outcomes are thrilling, and the potential for profit is unmatched when you recognize this unprecedented opportunity.

Consider this.  In 2012 the Organization of International Chief Health Professions Officers (ICHPO) provided a definition of an Allied Health Professional.  Read it carefully.

Distinct health professionals who apply expertise to prevent disease transmission, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate people of all ages and all specialities. Together with a range of technical and support staff they may deliver direct patient care, rehabilitation, treatment, diagnostics and health improvement interventions to restore and maintain optimal physical, sensory, psychological, cognitive and social functions.”

Now let’s take a look at an abbreviated glance at who they include under that umbrella.

  • Anesthesia technician
  • Laboratory clinician
  • Autotransfusionist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Neurophysiologist
  • Dietitian

The Personal Trainer is NOT on the list.  The player with perhaps the greatest potential to empower people to restore health isn’t considered, respected, or presented as a member of the Allied Health Care team.

I see this as a massive opportunity.  I’m leading a small charge for personal trainers to step up and represent.  I’m asking you to see the light behind the closed door, to recognize that the need is immense and to burst the door open and find your rightful place at the top of the field.  Let’s dismiss the old perceptions of the personal trainer and replace them with the recognition of a new breed.  Go beyond the constant want for new clients, the financial struggle, and the noble but limited rewards the conventional personal trainer lays claim to.  Be something different.  Be something better.

If you go back and read the statement I just shared related to the Allied Health Care Team, I’d ask you to revisit this excerpt:

“Health improvement interventions to restore and maintain optimal physical, sensory, psychological, cognitive and social functions.”

Isn’t that precisely what we’re capable of doing?  Shouldn’t we be right at the top of that list?

I’ve cut out a new path, made significant inroads, and want to share the keys to the New Paradigm with those who are devoted, ambitious, and progressive.  If that includes you, I urge you to join us for my 21st Century Health Catalyst course.  It’s all delivered online via live interactive webinars and teleconferences and includes 12 intensive mind-blowing hours of empowerment over the course of four weeks.  The first session sold out.  I’ve just added a second.

Affordability will not be a factor.  This 12 hour course will be offered in live workshops for upwards of $700, but for those who join me for this first-of-its kind remote offering, it’s absurdly affordable.  You can pay over 90 days, in three installments of only $79, or there’s a slight discount if you pay it in full.

Don’t let this one pass.  I can promise you, I will not offer it at this price again.

Check it out, REGISTER, and prepare for the most powerful 12 hours of education you’ve ever experienced and the most profound change in your potential to prosper.


The Personal Trainer Who Wished For More

August 27, 2014

Once upon a time there was a personal fitness trainer.  He knew it was his calling.  He had an immense passion for fitness and loved helping others, and so . . . he lunged out along the Road of Fitness Careers.  He obtained his nationally recognized certification, studied and trained, and became an extraordinary practitioner with expertise in exercise prescription, sports nutrition, and motivation.  He worked for a health club, built a clientele, and worked hard to practice with integrity and for the betterment of his clients.  In his best year he earned $62,000.  Not bad, but . . .

He knew doctors who helped far fewer people than he did, and they earned 5 times as much.

He worked 40 – 50 hours a week in his best years and had little time or resource for vacations, benefits, and the joys that should accompany immense effort aimed at the betterment of others

He was subjected to the usual comments and perceptions many hold related to personal trainers and found he had to justify his decisions and explain why he chose what many thought was a frivolous pursuit.

While he could hold his head high, proud of his profession and achievements, he knew he deserved more.  He watched friends, colleagues, and childhood buddies build businesses they could sell, build tangible offerings that brought them security and comfort, and while he never second-guessed his career choice, the truth is, he knew he deserved more. 

To me, that’s criminal.  To you, it may ring a little too close to home.

Sometimes the right thing shows up at the right time.  Some times in that moment that there’s a thought of opportunity, the path becomes clear.  This is one of those times.

A New Paradigm Emerges – Don’t Be Left Behind!

I won’t go on and on about the virtues of the offering.  I’ll simply tell you the medical field, the state of our nation’s health, the political discussions of health care, and the state of the pharmaceutical field have aligned to allow a new breed of Fitness Professional to step up as a pivotal player on the Allied Health Care Team.

I won’t ask you to forget everything you know, as there’s massive merit in all the knowledge you’ve acquired.  I’ll simply invite you to learn more, to master an enhanced skill set, a specialized language, and an intimate understanding of our true power to improve, renew, and heal the human machine.

These are not random thoughts.  For the last six years, I’ve been treading in new territory, in the space between conventional fitness and the conventions of medicine, a space where I’ve demonstrated how a little-recognized but a solid and extensive foundation of science allows us to restore people to health, to go beyond the physical and aesthetic and into the biochemical.  In essence, today’s new breed of trainer can step into the realm of healers of old, of “the other part of medicine,” of a mastery of the laws of nature that allow for hormonal balance, reversal of disease, reduction in inflammation, and restoration of perfect health.  

Ok, all this talk sounds nice . . . but What Does it Mean For Me?

It means your entrepreneurial powers to steer your career take on a new electricity.  Whether you work under the umbrella of another business or you venture on your own to build your future, in this field you must be an entrepreneur.  It’s the only way you really establish security, and by moving into this space, by becoming something that separates you from the rest of the field, you have a massive edge.

If you want plain simple English, with the skills of the new breed of personal trainer, the professional I refer to as a health catalyst, you retain every single thing you’ve built . . . but you’re more.  Much more.  And with that comes more money.  Much more.

I know it’s not “about” money.  It can be about passion, about changing lives, about making people better, but those noble undertakings should be met with deserved reward.

With this enhanced skill set, you change your paradigm, you change the platform you stand upon, and you develop new empowering associations.  You’ll build a solid referral network incorporating physicians and medical groups.  You’ll command respect previously reserved for medical professionals.  You’ll find heightened ability to find speaking appearances, workshop offerings, and corporate programs. 

With the knowledge you’ll amass in the 12 hours I’m going to invite you to spend with me, I can promise you this.  Your world will change for the better.  You’ll have a new confidence, a new launching pad, and a far greater sense of your own potential.

I’m going to teach you, in 12 hours, how to become, not a luxury, but a “need” among the largest segment of our population (65% of adults over the age of 45 need you).  While the newest authors and speakers reveal the perils of 21st century diseases, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and inflammatory concerns, you’ll be in the position of offering solutions.  Real solutions.  Proven solutions.  You’ll teach people to improve from the inside out, literally, changing body chemistry, hormonal state, and biomarkers of health. 

When I say it’s a new paradigm, I mean it’s an ENTIRELY NEW PARADIGM!!!!

This 12-hour course will be offered in workshops around the country.  I’ll be sharing much of the science at the NSCA conference in October, but here’s a chance to really get a head start, to master the skills now, and best of all, to do it from home, over the course of 4 weeks, for less than a client would pay you in a single week.,

I invite you to be one of the pilot trainers.  I want to connect with a handful of fitness professionals from all parts of the U.S. ready to step into this new realm, ready to serve at some level as true pioneers.   I invite you to be a part of the launch, not for $750, but for less than you’d collect from a single client in a given week.  In fact, I’ll show you how with a single new client you can earn 5 times your investment . . . instantly.

Register for the 12-hour “New Paradigm” course, delivered online via eight (8) 90-minute webinars, for only $207, or 3 installments of only $75 each.  It begins September 15 from 1:00 – 2:30 PM Eastern Time (webinars are Mondays and Thursdays, each session running 90 minutes).  If for any reason you can’t attend a live webinar, the recording will be available within 4 hours of the webinar completion.

You can wait until the live workshop comes to a city near you for $750, or you can get a massive edge right now for only $207.  This will sell out.  Don’t wish for more.  Get more.  Have more.  Do more. 

Register now!

(The online course is sold with a money-back guarantee of satisfaction).

If you want to know more, I’ll be happy to answer personal emails limited to a single question or concern.  Email me at with the Subject: New Paradigm, or better yet, trust that this will be the most powerful program I’ve ever offered, that the value:cost ratio is absurdly in favor of value, and register with the knowledge that the money back guarantee ensures your extreme satisfaction.

They Call it a Miracle

August 6, 2014

As a personal trainer, you’ve been on the receiving end of that emotional hug.  The client’s eyes water, the body contact communicates a pure expression of gratitude, and the client says something like, “thank you.  It’s a miracle.”

The “miracle” is usually the promised weight loss, the reduction in size, or the “you look great” compliments at the client’s cousin’s wedding.  You don’t see it as a miracle.  You see it as the reality of what happens when a client follows your direction.

Imagine, the expressions of gratitude you’d receive if clients given lifetime labels and forever prescriptions were “cured” . . . miraculously.

I think miracles happen every day, but the greatest miracles are those granted us by the wonders of nature.  Our bodies’ abilities to grow, heal, and restructure are in fact miraculous, moreso than the purported cures cranked out by pharmaceutical companies.

Think about it.  From Phen-Fen to Redux, from Meridia to Orlistat, every “weight loss miracle drug” fell flat.  While they might have been money makers during their limited lifespans, they certainly weren’t miracles.

I suggest, with the right skill set, a new perspective, and identification of the boundaries of our scope of practice, we can perform . . . . well . . . miracles.  I further suggest that when we look at 21st century medicine and its approach toward chronic disease, miracles are disturbingly absent.

I believe its time to question the approaches and scrutinize the outcomes, and if we dare step into that arena, the findings aren’t pretty.

  • A reduction in salt is NOT a fix for high blood pressure.*
  • Natural hormone replacement is NOT a fix for hypothyroidism.
  • Type 2 diabetes is NOT fixed or cured by blood-sugar control medications.

If we discuss the concept of healing, we have to understand, we’re discussing a return to health, not the management of a condition.

By that token, the conventions of medicine do NOT heal people from the burdens of chronic disease.

I’ve received my fair share of verbal darts for making bold statements, but I stand firm and am willing to speak before any medical or professional group specifically on the topic of “cure.”

If the conventions of medicine do NOT heal, if drugs and standard therapies do NOT cure chronic disease, what does?

Well, before we answer that question we’d have to know chronic disease is curable?  Is it?


How do I know?

I see evidence of healing of chronic conditions, prevalent in the U.S. in 2014, as far back as 1930, without pharmacology.  I see evidence of healing of chronic conditions through extreme but natural measures documented in research in the 1970’s and 80’s up through today.  Names like William Kempner and Dean Ornish are recognizable to functional medicine practitioners seeking natural approaches to healing. From Pritikin’s approach to the latest Harvard Studies, a cornerstone in “natural cure” is restriction, and in that lies the challenge.  We see clients, not in laboratory or hospital settings, but in their real lives, and we all know that restriction and deprivation are short term, abandoned as soon as mandate, supervision and fear subside.

This raises a new question.  Can healing of chronic disease take place naturally without deprivation, with enforceable and lasting intervention and change?  Here again, a resounding yes.

I see evidence of healing of chronic conditions every single day . . . in the here and now, and it’s being done without pharmacology, but also without any extremes.  The key?  Strategic exercise and nutritional shifts.

If you’re a trainer, you’ll nod your head, full agreeing that exercise and nutrition are keys to cure, but I’ll take it a step further and tell you conventional approaches to exercise and healthy eating fall short.

Only when we can reduce inflammation, reverse not only symptoms of disease but reliable biomarkers, only when we can document hormonal shifts and restoration of balance, and only when the changes stick for a year or more without exogenous intervention (drugs) can we entertain the idea that the disease is truly gone.

In our fitness world, where our common successes are achieved with the fit and near-fit populations, there may be isolated anecdotal examples of “cure,” but statistically, 45 minutes of resistance exercise, 30 minutes of THZ training, and consumption of adequate protein and generous servings of fruits and vegetables may “improve” conditions, but without specific strategies employed, “healing” through exercise is rare.

We can change that.  In fact, I’m offering you the ability to, especially if you live in South Florida.


healing-handsSure there are true healers.  Many are viewed as odd, offbeat, or “alternative,” others are humble and quietly work their scientific alchemy.  It isn’t the modality that’s all-effective, it’s the access.  In other words, while the acupuncture meridian map offers inroads to true healing, so too do chakras and energy centers, and while there are many charlatans and hucksters exploiting the fascination with Eastern wisdom, ultimately, when healing takes place, it is a simple realignment of six key points.

Ayurvedic healers have demonstrated genetic shifts eliminating evidence of chronic ailments through subtle lifestyle shifts in East meets West collaborations.  Scientists such as David R. Hawkins have explained the placebo effect as an effect of the relationship between emotion and the physical manifestation (the body) and have demonstrated “cure” with thought changing.

These may be viewed as miraculous, but at their core, they all come down to the same recognition, a recognition that can not only fire up your career with new life and vitality, but can literally change the course of your own life.  You’ll continue to help people change their body composition, continue to improve performance, but you’ll take it further.  You’ll bring about what I call Biochemicanical Change.  OK, so I took some liberty with word inventing, but the shifts that take place are not only physical, as measured by out standard testing procedures, but also biochemical and mechanical.  We are changing the entirety of the body inside and out, hormonally and energetically, and in that we move people away from disease and back toward health.  The six points restored to alignment is the underlying thread that runs through all true healing.

sixpointsecret265x179Yes, it all comes down to six points.  I can show you how to tap into those six points, how to create alignment, and how to move people away from disease and back toward health with a simple but highly effective strategy in a 20-hour course aimed at empowering fitness professionals to become Health Catalysts.  It isn’t weird, it isn’t offbeat, it’s just powerful . . . and different than the stuff you learned in your certification prep classes.  It doesn’t contradict what you know (although it may get you to question some of the age-old tenets of exercise science), but for the most part, it complements it, giving it a far greater power.

If you are willing to admit, as a health or fitness professional, that your knowledge is limited, that there are vast unknowns that might well serve you if you were to tap into their power, or if you’re willing to move ego out of the way and acknowledge that as good as you are, you can be better, I’m urging you to step up and grow.  Be Better.  Challenge yourself to meet the greatest health demands our nation has ever seen.  Recognize that your foundation as a personal trainer serves you well if you seek to ascend, to develop a greater power to help others, and with that a greater power to prosper.

I’ve written about “The New Blue Ocean,” revealing the unwell market as the most opportune and untapped market.  This is a vast sea of possibility for fitness professionals with an enhanced skill set stepping into the realm of the Health Catalyst.

The Health Catalyst curriculum combines shocking revelations of the newest science (neuroplasticity, epigenetics, and changing genetic expression) with old and buried wisdom of the ages dating back to ancient Greece at the very roots of medicine.  Nothing in the course is conjecture.  It’s all validated.  You’ll be exposed to science, to conclusions, and you’ll be free to form your own, but you won’t dispute for a moment that the power to heal is a power we can access.   In every case?  Of course not, but in the arena of unintentionally self-inflicted chronic disease, the bulk of the unwell market, you’ll be blown away by the things you can change.  More importantly, you’ll be blown away by the positive impact you can have upon the lives of the masses.


I know you didn’t seek “healing” as a career pursuit.  You sought “fitness,” and I don’t want you to believe you’ll have to let that go in any way, shape, or form.  I just want you to recognize that the world has changed.  The food supply has changed. The air has changed.  The media and misinformation machine has changed.  Health insurance has changed.  Doctors’ attitudes, incomes, and perspectives have changed.  Even the health club industry has changed.  There’s never been as great a need for professionals with innate passion for helping others . . . . and there’s never been a greater time to use your exercise knowledge and communication talents to have massive impact.

If you live in South Florida, join me in September, live, Tuesday and Thursday evenings in Boca Raton, for the most explosive and career-shifting education you’ll ever experience.

Examine the course outline, and then register (limited to 24 students).  This will be a new stepping stone in your fitness career.

NOTE: If you do not live in South Florida or a city where the Catalyst course is being offered, register for a distance learning course available anywhere.

Be Better.  Always Better.


P.S.  If you want to read a bit about the misinformation and reality of the high blood pressure condition, I’d appreciate feedback on an article I’ve just completed.

Eat Brownies, Lose Weight

June 30, 2014

Chocolate BrowniesThe word marketing took on such a complex and overwhelming mystique the concept alone sends personal trainers plummeting into a land of confusion where they waste money, time, and worry trying to figure out how to make the web responsible for dropping clients from heaven.  I know a thing or two about this.  First and foremost, I know the web had nothing to do with helping me build my business, and while today it can certainly serve as a vehicle, marketing comes down to reaching other humans.  None of them will drop from heaven to become your clients.

Thankfully, when I started out with a cloudy vision and a lofty dream, I quickly understood there were three things I had to do after becoming credentialed as a personal fitness trainer, three things that would allow me to turn my passion into a career.

  1. Get people’s attention
  2. Compel them
  3. Convince them that I was their best option and a worthwhile investment

Of course there were more obligations and responsibilities that followed, but without the first three, let’s be honest.  There’s no business.

Most of my early promotions involved one-on-one, face-to-face meetings, but with time, I developed a confidence and huger driving me to find small or large audiences, to compel many at the same time.  I’ve run promotions that were so off-the –wall you’ll laugh your sides off if I share the details, but rarely did I invest any more than $100 in any given promotion, and most were cost-free.  There was the VIP picture promotion that turned a wine and cheese party into a twenty thousand dollar evening, the “pre-movie announcement” that turned a parking lot into a personal training studio, the “trainers carry groceries to your car” day at the supermarket, and the spinning at the gas station “may we give you a dollar to take a survey” event.  Those were all fun, all outrageous, and all hugely profitable.  There were some stinkers as well, but I always enjoy the creative magic that turns ideas into action and action into outcomes.

The one promotion I ran that was perhaps the most controversial, albeit profitable, was “Eat Brownies Lose Weight.”  Yes, you read that correctly.  “Eat Brownies, Lose Weight.”

At the time I had a two-year lease on a retail store in Miami Lakes.  From the outside, Phil Kaplan’s Fitness Headquarters appeared to be a supplement store, but my staff was made up of personal trainers who spent weeks on the receiving end of intensive training.  Repeatedly they heard me drone on about our true purpose, “helping people find fitness solutions.”

“Listen gang, people come in because they think they know what they want, but once they’re in, it’s up to you to set them straight.  They don’t want a fat-burner, they want to burn fat,”

As customers poured in to buy bottles of capsules, powders, and liquids, we empowered them, educated them, and sold them programs and personal training.  Did we sell bottles of capsules, powders, and liquids?  Sure, but we only sold products that were efficacious.  Our window display didn’t match our inventory.  We had all the best-sellers in the window to draw people in, and in they came.  Regular customers walked out with quality meal replacements, protein powders, anti-oxidants, and EFA formulas with a thorough understanding of the product value and use.

At the time my best seller was my EAT formula, a meal replacement I had developed, manufactured, and sold, and thankfully, the first purchase was usually a container, the second a case.  Our customers were happy, and they’d come back, and in that lies a huge key to success.

One day I was invited on to a South Florida talk show to sit on a panel discussing diets.  I met Dr. Siegel, the founder of the cookie diet, and while I liked him very much, I was appalled by the idea of eating cookies to lose weight.  Dr. Siegel was a long-time doctor, at that time near 80 years old, and he believed in what he was selling, but the idea of filling your gut with fiber and decreasing appetite to cut back and reduce calories was, in my mind, another trendy ineffective metabolism-slowing “diet.”  We had a frank debate on the show and it left me thinking.

If a personal trainer holds a sign that says “sweat, eat right, and find discipline” and beside him is a doctor with a sign saying “eat cookies, lose weight,” the cookie promise gets the longer line.  In fact, the personal trainer might starve waiting for a single expression of interest.  Human nature and misinformation would drive everyone to the cookies.

After the show I walked into my house upset by the cookie thing and ironically Amy, my -then-wife, was making brownies.  The following day we were going to visit my grandmother who absolutely loved Amy’s baking.

As I watched Amy pour batter into a pan, my chocolate EAT! formula sat on the counter and I had a brainstorm.  “Aim, can you put EAT! in the brownies?”

She did, and they were great!  Was there fat in there?  Sure. She used butter.  Was there sugar?  Of course.  They’re brownies!  I couldn’t call them “healthy,” but I certainly could make a case for them being “better” than regular brownies, if nothing else, because of the added protein.  It started as a bit of a “joke,” selling high protein brownies, but . . . the promotional part of me started getting excited.  There was an opportunity here.

Over the next few weeks, we, Amy and I, refined the brownies.  (“we” really means “she.”  I was just the taster.)  Amy figured out how to reduce the fat and sugar and by increasing the eggs whites and the EAT! protein, she created brownies with 10 grams of protein apiece.

That led to the promotion.  Amy wrote out the recipe and I turned it into a 10-page booklet.  It shared an exercise routine, explained the rules of “Synergy” (The Right Nutrition, Moderate Aerobic Exercise, and a Concern for Muscle) and at the end explained that “If you eat supportively most of the time and work to speed metabolism, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods, and . . . if you learn to prepare your favorite foods so they’re a little ”better,” you can enjoy a weekly cheat day without the guilt.”  The example that followed was, of course, “Better Batter Brownies.”

I had a live radio show every Saturday morning with a well established audience and I knew that the show would be a strong vehicle to launch a promotion that would either blow things out of the water or embarrass me for quite some time.  To up the odds of success, I sent 2500 postcards out to registered listeners of my show saying “Tune in May 25 at 9 AM to hear Phil reveal his new program, “Eat Brownies Lose Weight.”

That morning, on the show, I told people about the brownie recipe and how it evolved, but more importantly, I said there were going to be free brownies at my store, while they lasted, from 10:30 until whenever, and everyone who came to try them received the free booklet, “Eat Brownies, Lose Weight.”

When I got to the store I was blown away.  You would have thought we had the last diamonds on earth if you saw the line outside.  The visitors wolfed down the brownies.  With chocolate crumbs on their lips, they spoke with my trainers, they bought my programs, they purchased containers and cases of EAT! and they signed up for personal training and when the day was over, we had $12,000 over our usual Saturday intake in the drawer with over $40,000 in personal training business promised in the months ahead.

The promotion was huge.  In fact, the management company of the retail development sent “security” to tell us we had to clear the street.  We were blocking traffic, there were no more available parking spots, and we didn’t have a license to hold what they called a street festival.  I had a few friends and employees streamline the crowd and the “overcrowded” moments were testimony to the power of a strong promotion.

The only one who might have been super stressed that day was my poor wife who had to keep baking brownies. She had three of her friends working with her running them from our home in Plantation to the store in Miami Lakes as they came out of the oven.  Amy and I are no longer married (no, not because of the brownies), but we had a very good run and we remain co-parents and eternally connected.  She still loves to cook, teaches my daughter to bake, but I’m sure she’d curl up in the fetal position if anyone ever again said, “hey, why don’t you make some brownies and we’ll give them away in the store.”

When I say this was controversial, I took a great deal of heat.  Following the record sales day, I received letters from unhappy listeners and fitness professionals telling me I “sold out.”

“We always trusted you, and then you come out with a Brownie Weight Loss Program?!!?!?!”

The reality is, it wasn’t a Brownie Weight Loss program.  It was a creative marketing strategy.  Ethical?  I believe so.  We handled it with the utmost integrity.  Nobody was ever told the brownies were a key to weight loss.  The brownies were simply the hook and the magnet that allowed us to hold dialogues with people who were ready to fall for something.

We didn’t let anyone fall.

We fed them, gave them a brownie recipe and taught them about Synergy. To me, that’s a win-win.  It was my way of battling the “too good to be true” messaging that drives people to waste money and energy on flawed programs and guaranteed failure.

If you’re reading this and ready to condemn me, ready to dismiss 30 years of ethical business because you think I might have crossed a line, I stand by my convictions.  Marketing requires creativity and some edginess.  It’s how you conduct yourself and how you treat people that determines whether your moral compass is pointing in the right direction.

My message in sharing this isn’t “sell brownies,” but rather “Be Creative.”

In fact, I think it appropriate to conclude the way I began.  To find growth as a personal trainer, respect the important of marketing, and use your innate creativity and courage to take some chances.  It all boils down to:

  1. Get people’s attention
  2. Compel them
  3. Convince them that you are their best option and a worthwhile investment

It only grows from there!


June 6, 2014

I’m looking for six fitness / health professionals who can work together as a team to capitalize upon a direct marketing opportunity that has been proven both in efficacy and in wealth potential. I know the “uuurrggh” feeling in your gut that happens when you hear the term direct marketing. I’ve had “uuurrggh” and “grrrrowl” and “sh******t” and lots of other sounds emit from gut and mind when presented “opportunities,” so I get it and I’m not surprised, but if you know me, you know I live my life by a strong and controlled moral compass, ensuring the motto I’ve held on my desk since 1986 stays near and dear to my heart. On my well-worn desk plaque you’ll find the words, “Growth With Integrity.”

If you’re ready to grow with integrity, celebrate new income and the development of financial security, and feel GREAT about everything you do in delivering the conjoined gifts of health and fitness, read on and prepare to contact me. I really am searching only for six people, and I believe I’ll find them in my database of personal trainers and health professionals.

Read on . . ..

Know three things before you go any further:

1. This is about a product line, a line of the highest quality nutritional supplements, not only ideal, but I daresay almost mandatory in today’s toxic world
2. This is an opportunity for personal trainers to not only find their physical and financial best, but also to attach to a proven business model that has “worked,” not for a handful of people who stand up in front of an audience to pitch their wares, but for hard-working personal trainers, many that I know personally, all committed to the same code of morality as you are.
3. This is (hold tight) . . . . a pyramid!

Are you still here? If you are . . . know that pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing, direct marketing, and direct-to-consumer product sales are all terminologies used to describe a model of distribution designed to create wealth.

For the last 20 years, I swore off all of the products sold through these “pyramid schemes.” There are two primary reasons. The first, is, even though “Diamond Executives” drove Ferraris and wore Rolexes, they weren’t people I knew personally, and I just wasn’t meeting people who were really earning $20,000 or $30,000 a month in these organizations. Secondly, the products, upon close scrutiny, were almost always inferior, sold via carefully structured copy and slick brochures recruiting a small army of false prophets armed with an empty bag of promises and misinformation.

It took some doing and some time to open me up to Isagenix. When I say “some time,” I mean 2 ½ years. First I had to be convinced the products were sound. Suffice it to say, when I came to understand the quality of the products and the devotion to science, I stepped away from my own nutritional supplement company, one I built profitably over the course of two decades, and became a distributor of the Isagenix line. I love the products, I use the products, I understand the products, and I happily sell the products . . . but . . . for awhile I just couldn’t find comfort with the whole “you can make money” thing. I had my biases, biases from prior product lines, that had been reinforced, justifiably, into my brain.

Today my biases haven’t the slightest bit of relevance when considering the Isagenix line and opportunity.

I’m writing this as I sit at a café in Dallas, Texas. I’m here visiting my friend and colleague, Kelli Calabrese. I met Kelli as she was an attendee at a Club Industry conference where I was a guest speaker. The topic was “Personal Training in the Year 2000 and Beyond.” If you ask Kelli, that was the day we were became connected. If you ask me, it was years later when we worked together as the “male” and “female” voices of eFitness. Either way, I’ve known her for years, and while much of what Kelli does amazes me, I’m awed by her recent relationship with Isagenix.

Before I go on, I’ll share this with you. Kelli’s heading toward a number beyond $300,000. That number represents the number of dollars she’ll make through Isagenix this year. That’s above and beyond her personal training revenues, above and beyond her consulting and speaking revenues, above and beyond any other monies she brings in through her hard work grounded in a very strong work ethic.

Kelli has built an income we’d expect from high level realtors, physicians, and financial planners, by connecting with a superior line of products.
Because my intention with this blog is to attract six people who want to capitalize on an opportunity, I don’t want to make this about the product, although I can present for hours about why I, if I had 20 million dollars at my disposal, would have started a nutritional supplement company line like this one. For now, here’s what I’ll ask you to know.

1. I stopped selling my own products, products of the highest quality that I manufactured solely to bring quality to my clients as the food industry changed and I would have had to cut corners (as all commercial U.S. manufacturers do) to maintain cost effective production. I didn’t intend to stop. It was upon seeking out grass-fed whey protein that I found New Zealand suppliers . . . and Isagenix who built their meal replacement and protein formulas upon that precise protein I sought to buy.
2. Dr. Michael Colgan, a friend and personal mentor of mine for over 25 years, has become the lead Research Scientist for Isagenix and has moved his studies of brain health under their umbrella. I won’t go into detail here, but I’d be happy to share my personal conversations with Dr. Colgan and why they won me over and eliminated my apprehensions about connecting with this direct marketing company.
3. I can, in good conscience, integrate 80% of the Isagenix nutritional products into my TRANSFORM! and ALIVE programs as they align 100% with the science I report and rely upon.
4. I can compare their formulas, side by side with any commercially sold product, and without ever feeling a need to resort to hype or exaggeration, explain precisely why I made this choice.

The next two points I want to make are BIGGIES:

· Even with the knowledge I’ve amassed and shared, those ALIVE clients who use the Isagenix product line over their 10-week ALIVE journey lose more fat than those who don’t. The products are not mandatory by any means, but the results share the virtues of making optimal nutrition for exercisers a no-brainer. (ALIVE is a 10-week program I offer in connection with hospitals to reduce fat, improve health, and reverse chronic disease).
· I know more than a few personal trainers who have earned . . . get ready . . . over $1 million representing this product line. For years I’ve heard “Phil, with your popularity and your position as a trainer you’ll make millions with this ________________ (fill in the blank be it with a capsule, a magic mineral formula, an extract of some tree bark, or a berry).” My response became “show me one.” “Show me one personal trainer who’s made millions selling this product and I’ll consider it.” Nobody has showed me one. Isagenix has showed me scores of trainers earning well into hundreds of thousands, and a number of them passing the one-million-dollar mark.

I know your resistance muscle is active. I know you’re finding all the reasons why this won’t work for you, and if you can’t move past those reasons, I won’t ask you to, but if I still have your attention, I ask you to carefully consider everything I’ve said and move forward with an open mind. I’m not trying to convince anyone to do anything. I am simply putting this out there to locate the six fitness professionals ready to operate as a true team, as a family, and heighten the rewards that we deserve to amass through our individual and collective fitness knowledge and commitment.

Let me wrap it up and invite you to contact me if you have interest. I want to leave you with a few words about the Opportunity, a few words about Humility, and an invitation to contact me.


This is not an off-the-shelf-just-another-MLM opportunity. This is the one I traded my Exercise Advantage company for, a company that generated 1.2 million dollars a year. Isagenix, as a company, generates over 20 million dollars a week! Trading 100% ownership of my own business for becoming a distributor with Executive potential in a massive and growing machine was only a difficult decision until I had all the facts in order. Today, without question, I see greater potential in the Isagenix opportunity!

I started my nutritional company with $50,000 and went upside down before I got right side up. I had a 2500 square foot warehouse and full-time employees to handle fulfillment and shipping. I had to ensure deliveries, inventory, quality control, and storage were all handled well . . . always. With Isagenix . . . I don’t worry about any of it. Their quality control is extraordinary, their research is impeccable, and their customer service is through the roof! I’m amazed by how far they bend backwards to satisfy customers, or resolve issues that other companies might bypass or ignore. My costs are absent. Zero. Honestly. Zero.
There’s a question that arises here. Don’t you have to pay to be involved and buy product every month? Yes . . . but you eat it!!!! Literally. I’m not paying $14 an hour to an employee who puts containers in boxes and sticks UPS shipping labels on them. I’m paying for my own supply of nutritional aids! There is absolutely no out of pocket money that you don’t consume.

Where else do you have million dollar potential that comes with investing just over $100 per month in protein powders, or bars, or Omega 3’s, or energy compounds, or metabolic aids, or all of the things you’d encourage your clients to use because you believe in them . . . and if there are a few products you’re not comfortable with, don’t buy them and don’t sell them. Your initial investment can run from $200 to just over $500, but consider, not only that you eat what you buy . . . but also . . . I just told you I had to invest $50,000 to start my own line. You invest nothing that you don’t eat, sell, or generate a return upon.
Also know that once you start to generate revenues, even if you threw the product away or fed it to ducks (you might wind up with some lean, muscular ducks), your cost, relative to your expenditure, isn’t the least bit of a burden. The line is extensive, the profit potential remarkable, the quality exceptional, and . . . the cost zero. This is an amazing business model.

The compensation plan is incredible. I’ll say this. If you’re ambitious, if you’ll trust me and approach with your guard down, and if you’re willing to do a few simple actions, I can show you how to get to $1,000 per month quickly. In income. That’s not an end game by any means. That’s the point where you say, “yes, this is the real deal. I can make money, I love the products, and my clients are seeing results.” We then help you move to a position where you earn bonuses and amplify your earning exponentially . . . doing what you already do! Training clients, talking to people about their health, and receiving nothing but gratitude and testimonials.

I used the word “pyramid” early in this blog post, not because I typically use that word to describe the compensation plan, but because it’s so commonly used as a barrier. Pyramid schemes started as an illegal method of building a “pyramid” of investors. Those lower on the pyramid put money in for the right to recruit their own downlines. Those at the top collected percentages of the dollars invested. The scheme was based on the few at the top making money at the expense of the others.

The concept of direct marketing was built upon the idea that a strong distributor of a product can earn commissions through replication, by teaching others to do what he or she does. In many of these pursuits, those “at the top” made money through the sale of “kits” to hopefuls who never made back the cost of their kits. Many greedy entrepreneurs saw virtue in using this structure to create fragile businesses by creating inexpensive products with fancy labels, full knowing the company had a short life and a quick influx of dollars that would leave consumers disappointed. It’s because of this history that we lock into the negativity of “pyramid schemes.” When I say the Isagenix compensation plan is extraordinary, I continue to find new virtues with every bonus offering, every incentive, and every new distributor who quickly moves into a new level of financial recognition. While the compensation plan has many moving parts, you never get “stuck” at the bottom, and there’s a rollover effect that ensures that you benefit as your recruited distributors benefit. It’s beyond a win-win. It’s more than team building. It’s a genius and proven plan that gives everyone, regardless of when you come onboard, a path, a course, and a certainty of earning if you are willing to devote a bit of time and energy.

I understand the failings of the pyramid scheme. I dually understand the virtues of how Isagenix shares their earnings with their distributors. You get all the benefit of business ownership without the headaches, and all of the profit potential anyone else in the organization has.
You might have questions about the taste, the texture, and the consistency of the bars or shakes if you haven’t tried them yet . . . but if you’re still questioning whether this is an ethical and solid profit opportunity, stop here. You’re not one of the six. This isn’t for you. I’m not getting through. If you read the last few paragraphs with eyes wide open, you see . . . this is an opportunity rarely seen in our field.


Many of the personal trainers I call friends are long-time veterans of the industry. They’ve been through the trenches, they’ve made their mistakes, and they moved to a place of true security in an industry where security is often lacking. What I notice is, they share a trait that eluded us all early in our careers. Humility. They’re humble. They realize, none of us are anything more than vehicles. We share light and power, and in that we might serve as health catalysts (a term that I’ve, as of late, fully embraced.)

With our education and life experience, with our influence ability and passion, we guide people to make better choices, and it isn’t about “us,” it’s about what we can do for them.

Many personal trainers begin their careers with an ego and an arrogance. I know I did. I didn’t realize it then, but I wanted to be recognized. I wanted people to know I was a great trainer. I wanted to impress both clients and peers. In hindsight, those were hindrances more than assets. Humility gives you a greater power to thrill people, to deliver outcomes that make people happy for the long haul, and to find, not short term praise, but long-term fulfillment. When I look at the trainers I see making real money with Isagenix, whether they’re 26 or 56, I see that humility. It takes a confidence and a humbling to move away from the idea of you being “the entirety” of the solution. When you become a willing messenger of truth, you develop a new level of reward.
It may be hard for some trainers to wear the Isagenix banner, as they may consider they’re giving praise to something external of them. If you are ready for the next level of success, move past that.

Remember this. The most successful and fulfilled people I know are also the most humble, and it’s reassuring to know, presenting a product you believe in can bring you revenues for a lifetime, even after the frenetic want to be in the limelight diminishes. This is not a quick hit. This is an offering with extreme promise and solid longevity.


I want to come back to Kelli Calabrese for a moment. As I mentioned, she was a student of mine. She attended a seminar of mine decades ago. Years later she went through my Be Better program, and over the years I’ve watched her grow. Today, the student has become the teacher. I wanted to spend a few days in her home, watching her, seeing how she went from “hating supplement sales” to over $300,000 a year and growing. I wanted to see how hard she really works at it, how pushy she is, and how stressful it may be to watch days pass watching commissions.

Kelli taught me a great deal over the last few days. Isagenix is fully integrated into her life, as my product was to mine. She uses the product. She has display boxes in her studio. Her clients ask her how she stays so fit, and she tells them. When she speaks of Isagenix she speaks in life experience. She tells of clients and their life changes. She remains an incredible (humble) personal trainer, and she never presents Isagenix as anything other than what it really is . . . an aid in getting optimal nutrition for health and fitness in the 21st century, and through that genuine pursuit and sincerity, she’s built a dedicated team.
I’m thankful that long ago Kelli was willing to invest in learning from me . . . and I’ll say, it was an investment that, in the long run, brought immense reward . . . to me! She invested in learning from me, and today, she has served as a success teacher as I rev up to build my team of six . . . six first-level colleagues who aren’t afraid to invest some time and energy into building the outcomes they all know they deserve.


Whether you’re happily earning or seeking financial peace, the future can be brighter. I have never pursued money, but I started earning money when I adopted the filter that says, “as long as every penny I earn comes from making someone else’s life better, I can sleep well as my assets grow.” That filter stays with me and I offer it to you.

I’m looking for like-minded fitness pros and if anything I’ve shared fails to resonate with you, that’s fine. I don’t want a large army. I only want to find six.
If I were to review my career and consider what I’m proudest of, I’d have to include “building teams.” In every forum, whether it was in operating a health club, running a studio, or managing a facility, I grew the business through people, and I grew people through human connection. That’s why, in order to make my Isagenix business the thrilling venture I know it will be, I want to build it with six people who I feel connected with. Even if we don’t know each other yet, when people connect on common ground and feed each other’s success, and when that growth becomes electric, an unparalleled sense of team develops. If you believe you might be a happy and commited member of my newly formed Isagenix team, send an email to with the SUBJECT: One of the Six and share a sentence or two as to why you want to connect. I’ll respond within 48 hours.

For those who will join me, I welcome you. For those who have taken the time to read this, I thank you and commend you for at the very least having the willingness to consider all I had to say before judging.

I look forward, not only to this venture, but to playing a role in welcoming in the next wave of health professionals. Stay tuned. There’s lots in store!

Change the Game, Don’t Look Back

May 6, 2014

A Revealing Perspective for Personal Trainers Seeking Excellence

It comes as no surprise to you that in 2014, fitness is a hot commodity.  While many find the fitness ideal elusive, it’s certainly NOT due to a shortage of options.

There are high end fitness centers, $9 per month big box fitness centers, personal training studios, Pilates studios, yoga studios, CrossFit, and of course 240,000 certified personal fitness trainers swimming in the mix.

If the desire for fitness is oh-so-great, why aren’t all personal trainers writing their own tickets to the Land of Hope and Dreams?

I’ll tell you why.  Because the waters are bloody and the trainers are so deep in it they’re missing the greatest opportunity our industry has ever seen.

The question that begs to be answered by those personal trainers ready for the proverbial leap forward is, “Where is the Blue Ocean?”  I’ll explain the impact of that question and show you precisely where it is . . . if you’re willing to step outside of the current paradigm and open the doors of your mind.

Rays of Light Beam Down on a Blue Ocean Sunset

Years ago I read a fantastic business book called Blue Ocean Strategy (2005 by W. Chan Kim).  Although I highly recommend it, there’s no need to go out and read the book now.  I can share the gist of it very quickly.

The idea is to create your own market space, to render competition irrelevant.

In short, change the game and don’t look back.  I’m in the process of changing the game and I’m inviting you to come along.



When an innovator brings to the market a new business or business concept and it proves to meet the sweet spot between supply and demand, a spot with a need that hasn’t yet been filled, that someone, with the right set of actions, quickly demonstrates profitability and success.  The explosive success of an innovation serves as the trigger for a feeding frenzy.  I’ll explain.

As an innovation thrives, the watchers are watching.  The watchers aren’t necessarily innovative, but they are hungry, and they each keep an eye on the doers and offerings that are commanding attention.  When someone steps into a new market space and with that step comes evidence of profit, and when that profit begins to show early signs of being a windfall, watchers stop watching and en-masse start imitating.

The watchers-turned-imitators become hungry, wanting to grab their share, and before long there’s a chaotic frenzy as competitors battle over a finite market.

SharkThe Blue Ocean is a metaphor, and the metaphor of hungry sharks feeding in the busy waters is perfect.  The sharks fight over the same food supply, and the waters turn bloody red.  A seemingly endless stream of sharks come flooding into the red waters ignoring the blue ocean that hasn’t yet been exploited, and the innovative shark who swims to that Blue Ocean becomes the new market leader.

The fitness industry is no longer in its adolescence, although the personal training field is still young and wanting.  Following the parade into the blood red waters assures, at best, a chance at capturing a fragile clientele and the need for your radar to be constantly set at “client acquisition.”  That doesn’t mean you can’t be successful in the established marketplace.  You can.  It simply means you’re limited by the ceilings imposed by a highly competitive landscape.

The opportunity is in the waters that haven’t yet been exploited, but it isn’t enough to find blue waters.  The rules of supply and demand still hold true.  It isn’t only finding the ripe market that’s important, it’s meeting the right market’s needs with the right offering.  The food supply has to be there for the innovative shark to find conquest.

The fitness industry today is missing the blue ocean, and for that, in this moment, I’m thankful.


Statistics allow for some insight, but they can be studied, analyzed, and explored to realize that polls and surveys aren’t always fair measures of reality, nor are they always predictor gauges for success.  As an example, the health club industry reports near a 20% penetration rate (it’s a bit less as the actual number appropriates 58.5 million, but we’ll use the 20% number for the sake of discussion).

20% penetration suggests that 20 percent of the American population (discounting children under 6) has or has had a health club membership in the past year.

As soon as we look at that number we can extrapolate that 80% of the population doesn’t have a health club membership, but that’s barely a glimpse of whether the business is in the business of meeting the true demand.

Of the 58.5 million health club members what percentage of them would you guess show up more than 40 times in a year?  We can easily (and conservatively) shave off half.  With less than 40 visits a year, the odds of “results” are radically diminished.  Let’s dig further.

What percentage of those that remain exercise with the proper intensity, frequency, and recovery to elicit positive change?

What percentage of those still left with the possibility of thrilling results modify their food intake sufficient to bring about the changes they seek?

We’re getting to a much smaller number.

As we whittle away and get to the question, “what percentage of those 58.5 million people have found true value in their membership by achieving what they set out to achieve?” the outcome is low in the single digits.



There are roughly 320 million people living in the U.S.  Assuming the “20% penetration” is near reliable, 20% of those in the measured demographic went to health clubs, and a tiny tiny percentage of those people found the value they sought.

  • That 20% is the fought-over market.
  • That 20% includes the wanderers who move from diet to trainer, from membership to program, from studio to bootcamp.
  • The entire fitness marketplace battles to feed off of that 20%.



For the moment, let’s get a glimpse at another market, one that’s made up of 166 million people, over half of the U.S. population.  I’ve learned to call them the unwell. 

The unwell aren’t necessarily sick and in need of hospitalization, but they have been diagnosed with at least one chronic condition (disease).  In 2014, chronic disease is so prevalent the moment of diagnosis barely sounds an alarm. The purported solution is delivered with a pen and a prescription pad.

The paradigm isn’t fueled by the thought “rush to the health club.”

The paradigm says, “get to the doctor and get some medicine.”

If the prescribed meds were curative, this would be an ideal scenario for the chronically afflicted consumer, but . . . think about this carefully . . . if the prescribed meds were curative we wouldn’t have 166 million unwell people.

Most of the medications prescribed to treat chronic disease do one of three things:

  1. They reduce the prevalence of symptoms (the disease still exists but for the time being is less visible)
  1. They alter the biomarker (the disease still exists but the measure is altered to provide the illusion of betterment)
  1. They slow movement along the dis-ease continuum (the disease still exists, and progresses, but at a reduced rate)

While these may all have their virtue, they are not fixes, and in that, reliance upon them leads to a continuous and unending reliance upon solutions that are anything but true fixes.



The health club industry, the personal training field, Crossfit, sports exercise offerings, mainstream specialty group programming, martial arts studios, and bootcamp operations target two primary markets, the “fit” market and the “near-fit” market.  They all clamor over the same “20%” of which the great majority will fail to experience fair exchange of value.

Restated, in most cases the consumer experiences financial output, energy output, and failure to obtain the desired result.

Sharks fight over the 20%, satisfying few, thrilling even fewer.

The unwell remain out there, growing in number as baby boomers continue to age, seeking solutions in a medical arena that leaves them reliant and wanting.

Personal Trainers, let’s grab a clear perspective.

Half of our population is being ignored by those who have steered their careers toward fitness!  No, not intentionally, and yes, I’m sure you’ve attracted some individuals with hypertension or pre-diabetes, but that’s a tiny scratch on the surface of a market that remains wholly untapped.

I’m suggesting when you redirect the focus, when you speak directly to the marketplace in need in a language they respond to, you change the game.



The unwell market is the Blue Ocean.  The unwell are wildly exploited, but not by our field.  The medical field has them tight in their web and the pharmaceutical industry locks them in so they stay connected.  Big Pharma has learned to monetize the problem, and fixing it would be detrimental to their mega-business model.  If the problem (chronic disease) goes away, so too does the bulk of the pharmaceutical revenue.

Imagine, just imagine, you had the ability to cure chronic disease, to help people find their way off of the medications that they believed were life sentences.

Let’s take that further.  Suppose you had the power to rescue all of those health club members who failed to see the payoff they’d hoped for.  Suppose you could attract the fit and near fit markets, but you became a magnet for the unwell (remember, that’s 1 out of every 2 people and if we look at the rate of escalation, unless something is done we’ll be looking at 1 out of 1 over the age of 50!).

Consider the “what if.”  Consider it carefully.  The time to enter the Blue Ocean is now.  The prosperity factor is immense.  The opportunity to thrill a hungry near-desperate market is staggering.  Few personal trainers will heed the call, but many will wish they had.

Would you like to learn to capitalize on the Blue Ocean?  Join the handful of fitness professionals finding new insight and perspective in my Be Better Reignited program.  It’s already underway but I’m holding two spots open.  It will impart an entirely new thought process, an enhanced skill set, and insight into how to capture the market I’ve identified as the blue ocean.

Want details?  Send me a simple email with the Subject: Blue Ocean and share a paragraph about your career and your career desires.  I’ll reply.

For the right two people, I’ll invite you to sit in, live, on select portions of our next two teleconferences, one specific to the Blue Ocean, the other introducing a vital concept that allows us a far greater power to dramatically improve the health of anyone who has started movement along the disease continuum.

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I wish you well . . . and wish you the foresight to see the “well” paradigm that lies ahead.

Practice, Practice, Practice, Pray

April 9, 2014

One of the greatest privileges I’ve ever had in my life was being contracted to write The Mental Conditioning Bible for Weider.  The project allowed me access to some of the greatest minds in a variety of competitive arenas.  One of the people I interviewed was a renowned NFL Coach.  He told me his motto, as the team understood it, was Practice, Practice, Practice, Pray.

I got the practice part, but that all seemed physical.  I was seeking out mental conditioning strategies so I inquired further, he paused, and he smiled.  “I’m telling you precisely what my Mental Conditioning strategy is.  Practice, practice, practice, pray.”

OK, I heard him the first time, but I still wasn’t getting it.  Practice, to me, meant running drills, throwing passes, mastering defensive plays.  Where’s the mental part?

He was patient with me.  “The practice isn’t only physical.  Every team practices.  The practice involves mental rehearsal as well.  I want every player to play the game, in his head, at least a dozen times before the game takes place.  Nothing that happens on the field should be new or unexpected.  We practice on the field as skilled individuals seeking mastery, we practice as a team seeking intuitive team play, and we practice in our imaginations which may be the most important practice of all.  I am not a PhD and I can’t provide detailed research studies, but I am certain that the formula is a key to our success.”

OK, I get it, but what about the pray part?

“We pray after our practice sessions, we pray before the game, and we express gratitude afterwards, whether we win or lose.”

“And is that also a key component of the formula?”

“Of course.”

My naivete showed itself as I continued to explore with my well-intentioned questions.

“Doesn’t the other team pray also?  Someone has to lose.  Do you really believe that God makes the decision as to which team is going to win on any given Sunday?”

“No, I don’t believe God hedges his bets, but we don’t pray for a win.”

“Then what do you pray for?”

“The top of our game.  Doing things right.  Staying healthy.  Playing at our fullest potential.  Being the absolute best that we’re capable of being.  We ask God to allow us to give it our all utilizing our God-given gifts and talents and to come out knowing we did our best.”

I nodded.  This, in the moment, seemed profound.  He wasn’t suggesting prayer ensures the win as much as suggesting that a full connection to the idea of excellence in performance provides the winning edge.

I didn’t think much about that interview for awhile.  I just had to do a System Restore on an old computer and recovered all my old files.  I found my interview notes from years ago, and for some reason, this idea of Practice, Practice, Practice, Pray resonated with me more today than when I originally pursued it with the agenda of completing a contracted book.

I’m speaking now to Personal Trainers, so let’s translate the message to our world.

If you want to be an exceptional fitness professional, you have to practice honing your skills.  I’m sure by now you’ve been exposed to Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours of practice theories.  Honing your talents as an individual is a vital piece of achieving excellence.

You also have to practice as a team, in a real world environment.  If you work as part of a training team, this is simple, often fun, and motivational, but if you’re operating professionally as an individual (sole proprietor), realize that you still have a team.  Practice your networking with other business owners, practice your contagiastic pitch when you meet someone who has a fitness interest, practice negotiating for space, equipment, advertising deals, and marketing opportunities.  Rally up your testimonials.  Get your clients referring.  It all takes practice, and practice in this regard can only help you exceed your previous bests.

Finally, you have to practice mentally.  See the outcome before it happens.  Think of the achievement you most hunger for as an inevitable outcome that simply hasn’t happened yet, one that you can visit in your mind before it manifests for all to see.

This is the strategy upon which my Be Better program is built.  Develop your skill set so you separate yourself from those who may consider themselves your competition.  Develop the strength of your reach by building a living entity made up of resources, referrers, and testimonials.  Then get good at going into your imagination, relying upon mind-power, to create multi-sensory outcomes that thrill you.

Is this far fetched?  Nope.  Not at all.  It’s the formula that works.  As participants go through Be Better, they start to tap into new potential, begin to recognize opportunities that were present but elusive, and stretch the boundaries of their confidence and abilities.  Practice, Practice, Practice.  So where does the pray come in?

Whether you consider the decades-long success of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, you consider classics such as As A Man Thinketh, or you’re a student of quantum physics and are coming to understand that “thoughts are things,” the link between mindset and outcome is indisputable.  You understand that we are all ultimately connected and that each of us is an operating part of a massive and mind-blowing whole.  Prayer creates expectancy.  Prayer creates belief.  Prayer marries with faith.  Prayer connects that mental rehearsal to a sense that something greater than you is at play here, and with a committed focus on praying for “your best” (rather than the win), you show up with a greater knowledge of the power behind your visions, your mission, your desires, and your actions.

See ya soon.  Be Better.  Always Better.




EMBRACING THE HEART WITHIN and Getting What You Deserve

March 30, 2014

safeI’m going to teach you how to be a wealthy, fulfilled, abundantly powerful personal trainer with a heart so genuine it becomes your greatest asset and infectiously touches everyone you meet.

Exactly one week ago I had a heart-to-heart conversation with a man ten years my senior who has earned millions in real estate.

Tate owns nursing homes, but doesn’t know the names of any of the employees.  He’s evicted tenants from homes he initially helped them to hold onto when they couldn’t meet their mortgage demands.  He’s raised rents at lease term to drive existing tenants out and make way for bigger players.  He’s bought land for far less than it was worth from people in dire straits needing immediate money. Businessman

I may surprise you by telling you, Tate is a very nice guy.  He’s not the dastardly landlord who twirls his moustache as he robs people blind. He’s a business man.  In fact, whenever he’s confronted with the “how could you” question that seeks to tap into heart and conscience he counters with two words.    “That’s business.”

It’s almost as if he splits himself down the middle.  There’s the nice guy who cares for his family and friends with love and generosity, somehow intrinsically linked with the cutthroat money maker with very little conscience.

We may think of the dichotomy as a battle between “Good” and “Evil,” but his perspective is far simpler than that.  It’s nothing more than a flicking of the switch between “personal life” and business.”  Far be it from me to judge anyone else’s moral compass, but I’ll admit, as you, I don’t have that switch.  I have boundaries, I have guidelines, but I don’t have a different set of rules for how I treat clients and how I treat loved ones.  There’s a great deal of overlap.

The heart-to-heart was a debate about whether or not “caring about people you don’t know” makes you weak.  Tate insists it does. I insist, it is far and away my greatest strength.

I’m writing this for personal trainers, so I know which side you’ll land on.  You care about people.  Deeply.  You want to help people at the highest levels, and if we’re going to strip away the mask, you’ll have to admit, at times that has hurt you.

At times you worked for far less than you deserved.

You gave far more than you received.

You let dreams escape or die so as not to violate what you perceived to be your ethical code.

You’ve even watched others prosper with far less sweat, commitment, and determination than you’ve given to your chosen path.

There have been times you’ve questioned your heart and tried to get your brain to pull you out of the mud and into a realm where prosperity abounds.

I get that.  I so get that.  But I also get this.  While my heart is the heart of a personal trainer, I have to eat.  I need a home.  I want a nice home.  I have a family.  I enjoy taking my daughter to New York every summer, on an adventure every winter, and surprising her with gifts or trips.  I date.  I entertain.  I play.  So . . . if I am to care about people . . . and still find fulfillment, I have to find a harmonious blend between giving and receiving, between helping and finding just reward, and it is that precise recognition that helped me to build a career that serves me with pride, appreciation, and all the juice life has to offer.

Tate and I agreed . . . we are of different breeds.  His “way” is not right for me, “mine” would be crippling to him.  If we are each to find success, we have to carve out the path that suits us as individuals.   Is there a way to do what he does and still care deeply about people?  My belief system says yes, but it’s outside the realm of what I choose to pursue.  Can you care deeply about people and benefit as you deserve finding true fulfillment and career longevity.  That one I can answer with authority.  Yes.

A matrix showing choices for ethical and profitable decisions, wPersonal trainers often make decisions based on morals, ethics, and comfort level, and they often harbor a belief that there’s something inherently wrong with doing something “for the money.”  They usually land in a quadrant of high ethics but low profit, failing to realize, there’s another quadrant where passion, morals, integrity, and profit all come together harmoniously, and with that new realization, business takes on an entirely new meaning.

You deserve to prosper.

Can I teach you how?  Yes.

Will I teach you how?  Yes, if you’re ready to stretch, to grow, to challenge yourself, and to strip away ego so you’re left with that impassioned heart as your greatest strength as you establish the strategies and boundaries that ensure you receive exactly as you deserve.

I will teach 20 personal trainers to find abundance, prosperity, and fulfillment without ever stepping away from their passion and in April of 2015, these trainers will emerge as a new breed.  As living examples of what is possible for those with the heart we all share. They’ll have learned to command an income in line with the most respected medical professionals, to find a joyous balance between personal life and the thrill that comes from linking passion with reward.

bigstock--D-Globe-Concept-Atlas-On-Top--1252123When I started the Be Better Project, I sought out imagery that represented victory, power, and a sense of being “on top of the world.”  Near 200 members of the Be Better family associate the image at right with the betterment they’ve experienced.  If you’re ready to step up, to challenge yourself to grow, and to find those emotions and traits that evidence you’re fulfilling your purpose and finding joy and reward, become one of the next 20 to experience Be Better.

These elite fitness professionals will be recognized as health professionals in their own right and have a far greater impact upon the health, fitness, and well-being of everyone they professionally touch.  These 20 elite trainers will be graduates of the Be Better Project in a special offering beginning April 17, 2014 and running a full 12 months titled “Be Better Reignited.”

If you feel you have “the right stuff,” are fully committed to helping others improve their lives, and are willing to test your own potential and acquire all that you really deserve, read more and find details on this life-altering career-rocketing program devote 100% to you, the Personal Trainer with a Heart.

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