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The Surprising Lessons This Personal Trainer Learned – Part III (The Dream of Passive Income)

October 29, 2014

ASPIRE-3DwhitemanwithmoneyWe’re smart enough to see through much of the “make a million dollars without lifting a finger” nonsense that lures in the un-indoctrinated.  Then we have to admit, there are those who have fooled us, who have led us to an emotional leap of faith believing that somehow prosperity would come without effort.

I conduct entire courses on the topic of Effortless Prosperity, but know that it has nothing to do with  the absence of effort.  Effort is necessary.  How, then, can it be effortless?  Because effort is a perception.  When it feels hard it’s feels as if we’re immensely challenged.  Consider the aspiring NFL quarterback learning plays, practicing throws, developing awareness in the pocket,  and practicing moving, thinking, scanning, and acting against an aggressive defense.  IT’s hard.  It’s really hard.  There’s a great deal of thought and a great deal of momentary failure.  Those who make it to the pros still exert effort in the games . . . but . . . their bodies know how to move.  They develop an instinct that only comes from practice.  They no longer separate dodging defense from finding an open receiver and drilling a spiral before the linebacker gets his hands in there.  It’s all “flow,” it’s all part of what they’ve learned to do.

When you started studying to pass your exams, it was effort.  When you started seeking out your first clients, it was effort.  When you struggled to keep the first few motivated and paying effort was required, but then . . . you got in a groove.  You love what you do, you’re compensated, and while it clearly takes physical and mental exertion, it just doesn’t feel like effort.

With that line of thought, “Effortless Prosperity” is an achievement.  It’s the progression through the early stages of energy output that lead to revenue generation feeling effortless.  The challenge with the career of a personal trainer is, the effort is required ongoing to continue to generate revenues unless there is the creation of a new revenue stream, a revenue stream that comes in and flows even when there is little or no direct energy output.  We’ve heard that referred to as “Passive Income.”

There’s nothing passive about income.  It’s almost always the result of effort, but when you have an opportunity that allows front end effort, up-front effort, to reap lasting residual rewards, you have the dream of Passive Income.

Isagenix offers you that dream.

For years I’ve seen the industry seek out and capitalize on revenue streams, and those who stayed focused were able to create residual dollars.

Online Training is a recurring “want” I hear from fitness professionals looking for growth.  The idea of sitting at home, in front of a computer, using your developed skill set, and collecting money through PayPal is intriguing, and while few have capitalized in a very big way with entire libraries of videos, with back-end programming, and with membership offers, the truth is, few ever turn this into a revenue stream. At best, some trainers manage to supplement their “in-person” sessions with Skype-based sessions or email exchanges for fee.  While it can contribute to profitability, it still requires a direct link between revenues and time.

Group Exercise or Small Group Training takes the one-on-one idea to replication, allowing each client to pay fewer dollars per session and the trainer to reap a greater per-session fee.  It’s a good strategy for increasing revenues, but not without its obstacles.  Adherence is reduced, drop offs directly affect hourly revenues, and . . . the umbilical cord between time and money remains unbroken.

Supplement Sales – when we think of supplements as “the extra,” we may isolate a handful of supplements we feel would serve our clients.  We can negotiate arrangements with retailers, suppliers, or in some cases manufacturers, where we buy at an adjusted wholesale price and sell at retail.  I was the first personal trainer to sell Creatine Monohydrate when it was released.  It was a huge boost to revenues, but . . . it was the first and only supplement that brought a discernible strength and size result and . . . at the time it was brand new.  Today, every compound is created, packaged, or private labeled by hundreds of sellers and it’s difficult to find a unique edge.  I wound up creating my own nutritional supplement company which created a very strong revenue stream for the better part of 20 years.  The industry changed, the materials changed, and I went through an ethical struggle trying to decide how to readjust.  The answer?  I connected with Isagenix.  It’s more than supplement sales.  It’s the integrated nutritional piece to the lifestyle we recommend for our clients.  It’s creating a trust relationship between the client who relies upon Omega 3’s and the company that sells a quality solution.  It’s creating a comfortable dependence between the client who wants the highest quality undenatured whey protein from grass-fed cows and the company that delivers.  It’s allowing you to serve as a doorway your clients can walk through giving them access to fat loss aids, cellular health products, and compounds evidenced to play a role in producing biologically younger cells . . . in humans!

Direct Marketing.  This is it.  I wouldn’t have always said that.  I say it now.  I’ve benefited from all of the above, and gone through 30 years of growth, challenge, and adaptation all as a Personal Fitness Trainer.  The idea of “learning enough” is a flawed idea.  Just as soon as it all starts to fall into place, something shifts.  The landscape never stays the same.  As our world evolved, so too are we asked to be evolutionary beings.  Today, the opportunity to provide a solution for your clients with the promise of client satisfaction and residual pay is just too powerful to ignore.

The Surprising Lessons This Personal Trainer Learned (Part II – The 7 Reasons You Need to Stretch)

October 28, 2014

stretchingAre you committed to stretching, to re-examining how great your potential may be?

Sure you can help the near-fit find fitness.  Sure you can knock some inches of the new mom’s waistline.  Of course you can help the athletic firefighter hopeful train to pass his or her physical.  That’s fulfilling.

You have learned, not only about exercise, new modalities of change, postural assessment and functional improvement but also about nutrition.  You talk to your clients about proteins, carbs, fiber, and anti-oxidants.

In this moment, you may be very well equipped to grow . . . slowly.  If you really do seek career excellence, there are some important considerations.  Everything I just described can be said of an ordinary personal trainer.  That doesn’t suggest you’re ordinary, but our field has evolved quite a bit from the days of counting reps.  While there are still a great many calling themselves trainers without any true competence, the ordinary trainer today is competent.

You don’t want to be ordinary.  You want to be extraordinary.  Yes, of course you already are, but are you reaping extraordinary rewards?  If not, you simply need to stretch.

Here are 7 reasons stretching is vital to your future

  1. The world has changed. Technology has overrun human productivity.  People spend more time staring blindly at their electronics than interacting with each other.  Physical challenge is no longer inherent in the workplace.  Not only is “daily physical energy output” becoming a dinosaur, but worse yet, the postures required to sit at computer stations have crippling effects upon health (far beyond postural shifts).  Moving forward, for you to stand out in the field, you have to be able to steer clients toward correcting lifestyle issues that limit your ability to help them.  You also have to learn how to grab people’s attention when they are offered pedometer apps, dietary apps, and exercise prescription apps.  The number of messages people receive in a day is astounding and most people make most of their decisions based on advertising.  No longer do we live in a world where those seeking betterment make the resolution to join the gym. They’re seeking solutions in “new scientific advances,” “proprietary formulas,” and recommendations from the doctors they watch on television blindly believing these doctors care about them.    Learn how to intervene.  Learn how to market without selling.  Learn how the quiet promotion can overshadow the scream.  Don’t stop yourself from stretching in this regard because you hate to sell, you’re not a marketer, or because you’re locked into the tired old thought, “if people want to train with me they will.”  The world has changed and people are in greater need of rescue than ever . . . and in all honesty . . . the changes in the medical field, the pharmaceutical field, and the abuses of science have them more confused than they were even a year ago.  Information overwhelm is as much an enemy as hypnotic power used to harm.  You have to stretch to better serve those living in the changing world without clear direction.
  1. Food has changed. To summarize this is a task, as I do 12-hour courses focused only on the shifts in our food.  In short, GMO’s are a mainstay, which quite simply means the foods most people buy in the produce sections of their grocery store are not of this earth.  They’re creations of mankind and as the science unfolds, the damage they bring to human health may make them the most extreme plight to face our population.  Beef is no longer beef, milk is no longer milk and wheat is no longer wheat.  The massive growth of agricultural industrialization has snowballed without any concern for human health.  Hormones, antibiotics, and waste products are found not only in the beef and dairy cows, but in the products they produce, the water they drink, the soil that they stand upon.   It isn’t enough to coach people in the language of nutrient percentages.  We have to teach them to restore health at the cellular level by recognizing the gradual and very real degradation 21st century food brings to the human condition.  The blind belief that gluten free foods are better, the failure to recognize why gluten and similar compounds have become toxic, and the confusion that leads people to trade stevia for agave are leading people away from health.  If you are to rescue people, you have to stretch in your willingness to challenge nutritional mainstays and offer steps toward truly better choices.
  1. The human being has changed. I mention gluten intolerance as a new epidemic, but it runs deeper than the changes in wheat.  In reaction to consumption of alien compounds, in response to the absence of therapeutic physical practices, and in response to the ever-growing stresses and the illusion of “fixing them with Pharma” the human being is different.  Genetic expression is different.  Weight loss resistance is a burrowing phenomenon affecting near 65% of our population.  Chronic disease is consider “normal” in aging populations.  Inflammatory disease is now more the rule than the exception in “average” populations.  If you’re honest enough to admit, you’ve had those clients who just didn’t seem to see a payoff, despite their best efforts, you’ll open up to the reality, they’re not the same as the clients of years ago.  They need counsel to undo the damage they’ve unintentionally brought to the themelseves, and you need to stretch in order to provide that counsel.
  1. The science has evolved. The Human Genome Project changed the frontier of medicine . . . but . . . the medical field hasn’t responded.  Stuck in system of “diagnose and medicate” conventional medicine is completely inept at curing or reversing the chronic disease that afflicts near 65% of our adult population.  We now know that genes are NOT the predominant factor determining whether or not people wind up with diabetes, hypertension, or even obesity.  The study of epi-genetic (above the gene) reveals that environmental factors determine whether or not genes get switched on or off . . . in other words . . . it isn’t the gene that’s the direct cause of compromise or disease, it’s the way the gene is expressed.  Amazingly, we have far greater control over genetic expression than we even imagined.  Science has also revealed the intricacies of the “gut mind,” the thinking system that lives within our digestive tracts, and how directly related the gut environment is with cellular health.  Most of all, science has revealed that lifestyles shifts aimed at facilitating genetic and cellular optimization, including strategic exercise protocols, can restore health in many who were told their commitment to meds is forever.
  1. The opportunities have shifted. In a time before the internet, I found vast opportunities in radio, in seminars, in public appearances, and in writing for major magazines.  Today it’s all been leveraged by the web.  A blogger, in days, can get more exposure than a veteran writer, a new site more traffic than that posted by a 100-year old company.  Opportunity came from corporate relationships, health club affiliations, and media.  Today a YouTube video can go viral in hours.  The idea of selling products has always appealed to personal trainers, purely from their desire to earn more, but few were able to comfortable take on inventory, sales, and fulfillment.  The demand for nutritional products has grown, the hunger for health solutions as grown, and the greatest opportunity for a revenue stream today comes from direct marketing.  In order to be a “fit,” the product has to be in line with your beliefs and the needs of your customers, but with that “fit,” the beauty of a company that ships, handles customer service, provides massive support, and pays you weekly is unmatched.  I know the apprehensions we hold related to direct marketing based on flawed products being sold via hype.  It’s precisely those apprehensions that can hold us back with the right “fit” comes along.  It’s time to stretch.  Consider “the fit.”
  1. Others will pass you. Excellence is a moving target.  In the Lifecyle of Business, created by Dr. Adizes, the “Stability” phase is followed by “Aristocracy” which is, in essence, the beginning of the end.  Early on you’re driven by passion, hunger, drive, and chaotic missteps that need to be fixed.  As a business matures, it often loses that go-go frenzy that created the growth, and when financial “Stability” overshadows the driving hunger, energy subtly starts to evaporate.  In the Aristocracy phase, the business is perceived as successful only through the virtue of past performance, so the illusion of “being on top” is easily crushed by the hungry competitor seeking a greater market share.  In plain English, that means unless you continue to grow, to move with the changing landscape, it’s inevitable that others will surpass you.  Stretch and stay in front.  Challenge yourself to outpace the industry.
  1. Your dreams are living and you’re capable of more, The dreams that you held early on rarely go away. The simply morph, and change, and as they drive you forward you are further fueled by desire.  Desire is the fuel of life.  It’s what makes us want to help others, to find betterment, to improve as people.   We seek fulfillment, but as we grow we learn that it’s sort of the carrot on the proverbial stick.  We may feel fulfilled in a moment, for a period of time, for a season, but was we connect with our desire, we realize there’s more.  Fulfillment, true fulfillment, requires pursuit.  You’re capable of more than you have, more than you do, more than you are.  Stretch and test your own potential.

All of this leads me to present the Isagenix opportunity.  It isn’t a single product. It’s a massive company with immense success and that success is shared by the distributors.  It’s a business capable of generating hundreds of thousands of dollars that requires a $250 start up investment.   The company is transparent, the distributors are accessible, the products are exceptional, and believe me when I say . . . I am the most discerning force any company can face.  After years as a consumer advocate, I’ve learned to ask the questions, hammer home the concerns, look under the right rocks, and squeeze out the real story.

I’ve spoken at length to the company founders, to the formulators, to the scientists.  I’ve examined the studies, some of which are mind-blowing in their outcomes.  I’ve tested the waters, made the mistakes, and ultimately found the sweet spot, the true opportunity to do what I do, to share with others, to help people, and to prosper, not unlike a Super Hero.

Isagenix “gets it.”  The product line, the scientists, and the driving force that moves the company forward are united in a multi-pronged approach to restoring health.  Their formulators are fueled purely by real-world science in a real-world environment.  They realize toxicity is the beast that must be battled.  They realize that a re-commitment to food the way nature intended it is a must.  Getting clients to use Isagenix preoducts, integrated into the nutritional protocols you live by can only assist you in stretching and assist them in improving.  The product lines expand into the most in-demand areas of desire ranging from youthful aging to athletic performance.  It’s the real deal.  It’s the right opportunity for any fitness professional seeking growth . . . but . . . and here’s a real but . . . . but you have to put any preconceived notions of direct marketing behind you.  This is different.  I know.  I live it.  You should too.  It legitimately offers you fulfillment of the dream of “Passive” Income, or what for years in my  Be Better project I’ve called “Effortless Prosperity.”

Read “The Dream of Passive Income” (to be posted on October 30, 2014)

The Surprising Lessons This Personal Trainer Learned (Part 1 – Heroism)

October 27, 2014

Boy Superhero ConceptAs a child I wanted to fly.  Today I am a Director for Isagenix.  No, it isn’t quite the same as flying, but if you ever had dreams of achieving, of being more, of getting out of the “sensible reality” your adult advisors steered you toward when you were a child, Isagenix can bring you all the reward you, the Personal Trainer, would receive as a Super Hero!

Far fetched?  Of course, but sincere.  Anything outside the box of our conventional thinking seems far fetched.  It’s only when you test the waters beyond your present island that you find new possibility, and wow, do I have some possibility for you.

I’ll deliver this article in six parts, the last of which will share Seven Powerful Lessons I’ve Learned that allowed me to see and experience the true Isagenix opportunity.  Even if you haven’t the least bit of interest in finding what I’ll refer to later as “effortless prosperity” (a term I’ll address and clarity at some length), if you earn your living by helping others find physical betterment, you’ll find immense value in the information I’ll share.

There’s only one thing I’ll ask if you’re going to hang out with me for the duration of this article and the segments that follow.  Put your present reality to the side and just consider accessing what psychologists like to call “an open mind.”  Regardless of your personal desire you’ll benefit by entertaining both the novelty and the excitement of finding Super Hero Reward with Isagenix.

Before I go into my Super Hero metaphor, let me put two points on the table that align Isagenix with my personal growth (points I couldn’t make about competitive companies or products):

  1. The Isagenix product line integrates perfectly into my personal training career (only after the lessons I’ve learned which I’ll share with you shortly). As it complements my energies, I can promise you it offers the ideal complement to the programs you design, whether you train athletes, people seeking fat loss, or plain old average folks seeking betterment.  Coming from me, that’s a massive statement.  With the exception of the products I personally manufactured, I’ve never endorsed or believed in any nutritional supplement line with the passion and fervor I hold for Isagenix.
  1. The Isagenix opportunity really does offer personal trainers the elusive “passive income.” With the right preliminary steps, it becomes a legitimate profit center with income potential far exceeding the annual training revenues of the personal training elite.  Does it work by itself?  No, and of course those who expect magic out of the gate will fall short and strengthen their own limiting beliefs.  Does it require effort?  Of course, as does everything that generates reward, and the beauty of the compensation plan is, the front end effort creates residual income . . . I daresay for years and years and years and years, and then some.

Stop.  Take a moment.  Move any old aversions toward supplements or “opportunities” out of your line of thought.  I don’t ask for blind faith, I simply ask for an open mind.  When the mind is open, read on . . .

When I was four I wanted to be a superhero.  Really I did and the idea carried forward for years.  I devoured Superman, Justice League, Fantastic Four, and Incredible Hulk comic books looking forward to the day when I’d be able to hang out with Thor on Mount Olympus or soar over New York City while my childhood crush, Randi Hyman, would look up and wish she’d paid a little more attention to me in first grade.

I decided the power I would start with was flight.  I had a strategy.  I would jump as far upward and forward as I could, timing my trajectory.  I even recruited my friends Larry and Richie to coach me with a stopwatch.  The idea was, if every week I could stay suspended in the air a little longer, by the time I hit puberty I’d be leaping from rooftop to rooftop rescuing people from evil villains.

In fourth grade my teacher, Mrs. Entin, squashed my dream, or at least put a major dent in it.  She taught me about Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation.

“An object in the Earth’s gravitational field experiences a force pulling it towards the centre of the Earth.”

That sucked.  It seemed Superman had some ability to defy gravity.  I didn’t.  So much for flight.  I’d opt for strength, and so it led me to a point in time where my Uncle Marty bought me my first weight set.  I was hooked.  Interestingly, I discovered something inside that went beyond building muscle.  The dream of being somehow superhuman existed in me but not without an important archetypal quality.  Deep down, I felt a burning desire to help people.  As I learned, I wanted to teach.  As I gained I wanted to share.

I know this speaks to you.  Whether or not you ever read about epic battles between Spiderman and The Green Goblin, you have that same deep lying desire.  You want to excel, but not for your own selfish benefit.  You want to excel so you’re recognized for your ability to help others, and you want to help others in a very big way.

When we take childhood dreams forward to adulthood, with enough introspection we can identify innate traits that formed and strengthened from those early fantasies.  Here’s what I recognize about myself:

I love to be rewarded for helping others.

That may be the most honest and crystallizing statement I could possibly make about my drive, my passion, and my heart.

I love to be rewarded for helping others.

As a Superhero I’d rescue the beautiful woman from the clutches of the deranged evil-doers.  As a personal trainer, not only would I rescue women and men alike from poor lifestyle choices, misinformation, and the villains who push drugs, surgeries, and absurdities as solutions, but I would find immense gratitude coming right back at me.

This begs a new question.  How does a Superhero get paid?

At first, as most personal trainers, I hated the idea of asking for money.  I operated under the flawed paradigm of, “if people want to train with me, they’ll pay me.”  It took lots of early financial struggles to realize, there’s a value to what I do, and until I find a belief and confidence in that value, nobody else will ever see it.

Every business strategy I ever developed stemmed from two foundational ideas:

  1. I will only prosper if every dollar I make comes from bettering the life of another
  2. It is my responsibility to establish extreme value and deliver more value than people expect

After seasons of financial struggle, that paradigm shift gave me power.  I started to earn, to grow, to prosper, and I never lost a night’s sleep.  I watched less scrupulous people make money at the expense of others and I took great pride in my moral compass and developed ability to find just reward.

So let’s isolate two key points I’ve laid out thus far, following with the assumption that in these few regards, you’re a lot like me.

  1. We want to excel . . . but only feel fulfilled if we legitimately help others
  1. We must establish our own value and find comfort in demanding as we deserve

Here’s where it gets tricky.  As we find fulfillment, as we begin to earn as we feel we deserve, and as we establish a position whereby our value is attached to our time, we face an inherent ceiling.  It’s human nature to seek growth, it’s noble to want to earn sufficient to raise a family, and it’s important to prepare for the future knowing that your ultimate financial status is reliant upon what you build.

What happens if you build nothing but a clientele reliant upon your time?  In the immediacy of the present day, you feel fulfilled, but where’s the safety, the security, the promise of a strong foundation for the next decade, and the decade beyond?

Most personal trainers live in that reality.  They are reliant upon their time for their income.

If you haven’t hit the sense of impending burnout yet, you will.  It’s the conflict between a desire for growth and the limitations of your time and energy.

Out of this comes the desire for residual income, for a long-term payoff, for our efforts to deliver extreme value and for that reward to flow our way with ever-growing power.

Isagenix offers that dream.  The question becomes, “can you help people, find reward, and feel fulfilled?”  and that answer is simple.  Yes.  “Will you do what it takes?” is another question completely.  Here’s my promise.  With the lessons I’ll share, with a commitment to value and growth, and with a modest effort that promises to build extreme momentum, you can find the future you deserve, no trickery, no cold calling, no pressure selling, just you being you . . .  feeding your own deep desires.

I’ll address the concerns, I’ll shed as much light as I can on the true opportunity, and then it’s up to you.  I’ll make myself available to speak to anyone interested and if I sense a true desire, I’ll invite you to come on board as a part of my team.  (feel free to email me to arrange a telephone appointment,  On my “team,” we do things ethically, caringly, and with the clients’ best interest in mind, and in that we seek ongoing betterment.

Knowing there are 5 segments to follow, I’ll wrap this up with an important point.

If you want to grow you need to stretch. 

That’s it.  That’s the point.  For decades I’ve been helping trainers stretch, closing in on their dreams, opening their own studios, or trading employment for freedom.  This is simply a continuation of that process.

Interested?  Email me, or go forward and read the next segment, “7 Reasons You Need to Stretch.”  This has nothing to do with lengthening hamstrings or alleviating psoas tightness.  This type of stretching has everything to do with mindset.

Read, “The 7 Reasons You Need to Stretch” (to be posted October 28, 2014)

7 Points That Can Propel You Forward . . . now!

September 29, 2014

Do you want your career to take on a new life bringing new power to your fitness studies and exercise training?  READ THIS!

Consider, quickly, these seven points and decide if you’re ready to make a change.

This represents a chance for unprecedented reward.  With that mindset, read the Seven Points:

  1. I have developed a course that teaches fitness professionals to ethically and confidently capture the largest market in need of physical change, a market with clear need, disposable income, and few real resources for the betterment you can deliver.
  2. The medical field is falling abysmally short in curing chronic disease and the missing piece of the “fix” is a piece fitness professionals with specialty training can excel in providing.
  3. Medicine, at its roots, had two complementary components, the application of potions, surgical interventions, and herbal remedies (Panacea) and a nature-based intervention correcting ills through access to good food, air, water, and movement (Hygeia). One component is lacking in the 21st  You can bring it back.
  4. Within our scope of practice, we can employ eating strategies, recovery strategies, and a host of unconventional science-based exercise modalities to alter not only body composition and systemic change, but also to alter biochemistry.
  5. Whenever a paradigm shift creates new opportunity for an industry, it requires open minded pioneers to test the waters and be the first to prosper.
  6. The information I’ve gathered over the past 7 years can obliterate the income ceiling, the respect limitations, and the positioning challenges that most personal trainers face throughout their careers.
  7. I am conducting a course valued at thousands of dollars, created with the assistance of medical practitioners, psychometricians, psychologists, and behaviorists, that shares an entirely new perspective, that delivers an enhanced skill set, and that is so far in the front of the field it cannot be acquired anywhere else. This is a course that will be offered internationally in conjunction with a handful of prestigious organizations at significant cost.  If you are a personal trainer with ambition and passion, there’s no better action you can take than to register for the 21st Century Health Catalyst course, offered at only $215, delivered interactively live online, in a 12-hour mind-blowing course.

If you’re willing to consider that the modalities of change we employ for the fit and near-fit market have limitations for those with altered biochemistry, weight loss resistance, and chronic metabolic disease (abdominal adiposity, obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc), and if you’re willing to recognize that we’re talking about 65% of our adult population, you should have relentless interest in discovering a new approach to “cure.”  Learn the science.  Learn the strategies.  Become a catalyst for human betterment.

REGISTER FOR the 21st Century Health Catalyst Course now! (you can register using a simple payment plan of only $79 per month over the course of 90 days)

The course is delivered in live interactive webinars/teleconferences Mondays and Tuesdays from 3 – 4:30 PM for four weeks beginning November 11, 2014.  All presentations are recorded and all participants will receive access to each recording.  This is an extreme value.

Read the Course Outline


Questions?  Email directly.

Don’t let this pass you by.  REGISTER NOW!

The Gap

September 22, 2014

There’s a gap.  I see it.  I feel it.  I understand it.  I want to narrow it.

The gap isn’t the space between fitness and medicine.  That’s a gaping pit that offers massive opportunity.  The gap I’m referring to is the space that lies between what I’ll call conventional fitness training and the new realm of health professional.  I call the newly evolved personal fitness trainer the Health Catalyst.

Here’s the reality.  Exercise and nutritional strategies, not commonly applied, have therapeutic value that runs far beyond making people look better.  I have built an entire platform of success upon the ideal that personal trainers can restore health to the largest segment of our adult population, demonstrating not only changes in body composition and the markers of fitness, but radically improving hormonal balance and the biomarkers of health.

The reality I just shared sits on one side of the canyon.  The personal trainers working under a ceiling, limited by historical paradigms and the tenets of old school exercise science, sit way on the other side.  Between those who will experience the paradigm shift now and those who are proverbially stuck  is the gap.

The gap frustrates me.  I want to light a torch for trainers to see their true value, throw a rope for fitness professionals to command their just rewards.  The problem is, on the far side of the canyon there’s reluctance.  What I have to share is too new.  Too different.  It’s intimidating.  It’s novel.  It’s, for some, scary.  It appears, at first glance, to be outside the scope of practice of a personal trainer, but I assure you, it’s all in bounds.


My experience has shown me, this is the pattern when a new paradigm is set in motion.  The masses are reluctant.  They don’t get it yet.  Only the bold pioneers willing to test the waters, to revisit their true potential, and to put new ideas to the test bridge the gap.  With time, and recognition of the impact new strategies and ideals have upon a population, the masses begin to follow.

I’m inviting you to be bold enough to be a pioneer.  Monday, October 6, I’m launching a second release of my 21st Century Health Catalyst course.  A handful of pioneers are already midway through the course, but I want to open the way for a few more.

The Health Catalyst course will be packaged into a distance learning program with 8 full-length pre-recorded audio programs.  It will be priced at $349.   Live 3-4 day workshops for health professionals will be $1600 in select cities in 2015.  The course will be recorded live, interactively, with a small group of personal trainers, and it isn’t too late for you to be one of them.

If you want to put this to the test, explore the notion of personal trainers curing disease, find a path into the largest segment of our adult population, and command dollars far exceeding the abysmal averages our industry dictates, you will never again have an opportunity like this.  You can get the entire course, delivered over four weeks, not for $1600, not for $349, but for near $200 total!

The only thing I ask, if you opt to join this group, is that you provide permission (after registration) for your voice to be used in the recordings, allowing for open dialogues and the recorded program to feature genuine interactions.

I won’t promote this again.  It starts iin the afternoon of Monday October 6.  If you want to be a part of it, click here, take a brief read through, and register.  If you’re interested but apprehensive and you have a question or two, send them quickly to

This is an arm of the personal training industry that will carve a path into the future of our field.  Understand your true power.  Realize your true potential.  REGISTER NOW!

Shouldn’t We Be On The List?

September 14, 2014

Watch any movie with a fitness scene from the 1970’s and you’ll see people in tights and leotards with headbands and leg warmers doing aerobic kicks, steps, and dance moves.  It looks so silly today. Look at old bodybuilder photos from Venice Beach’s Gold’s Gym in its heyday.  You see massive men flexing in mirrors, sitting on each others’ backs to add weight for calf raises, and they’re mostly shirtless.

Today you find large 25,000 square foot clubs all around the country, in every city, all built upon a similar multi-purpose footprint.  It’s clear to see, the industry changes.  Back in the 1970’s the population started becoming aware of obesity, and aware of exercise’s potential to reduce risk of heart attack, and that led to a running shoe explosion, Jane Fonda’s video launches, and people sweating in all contorted positions to Olivia Newton John’s Let’s Get Physical.  Years earlier, bodybuilding was a subculture, and those who entered found joy in dungeon-style training with a camaraderie and brotherhood for the indoctrinated.  It’s very different today.  This is an example of an evolution of an industry.

It’s important, as a fitness professional, to recognize trends, to see where we’re headed, but more importantly, to identify needs that drive a population to change in its pursuits and desires.  In 2014, while you’ll find your modern day aerobics folks on spinning bikes and in boot camp classes, and you’ll find an outgrowth of that early bodybuilding subculture, the bulk of our population is in a condition I’ve termed “unwell.”  This massive market doesn’t yet connect with the personal trainer.  They are typically driven to a medical checkup to address common symptoms such as fatigue, mood shifts, and unwanted changes in body composition.  They are typically greeted with a diagnosis and a prescription.  Pay careful attention to this next line.

There aren’t any medications that cure or reverse chronic disease.

I’ve had the debates, in fact I embrace them, but to date, based on a preponderance of the evidence I’ve seen and examined, commonly prescribed meds change biomarkers or manage existing conditions.  They DO NOT move the patient toward cure.

The result?  A lifetime relationship with meds, and a gradual progression forward along the disease continuum.

In that lies the most significant need in the American population.  The largest segment of our public NEEDS to learn how to BE BETTER, how to change their body chemistry, their actions, their thoughts, and their lifestyles in a way that moves them back toward perfect health . . . and with few exceptions, nobody is offering that much needed service.

Fat men and his personal trainer with a megaphone isolated on aYou can, but I want you to understand something that most trainers will initially reject.  The standards of exercise and nutrition, the practices we use for a fit and near-fit market, fall horribly short in most cases of working with the unwell.  The reason is three-fold.

  1. Unwell conditions evolve through a process of inflammation, and without addressing the inflammatory factors, the maladapted habits of the immune system continue to cause the body distress, even with exercise.
  2. The second reason is, the endocrine system also maladapts interrupting normal metabolic anabolism and catabolism and this leads to a condition we call weight loss resistance.
  3. The third reason is, without a direct focus on the balance between overall stress load and the individual’s ability to recover, the most sensible strategies lead to greater oxidative stress.

I insist, at this point in time, with an enhanced skill set and an understanding of some revealing science, you can restore unwell people to health far better than any medication.  The key phrase here is “with an enhanced skill set and an understanding . . . “

I can give you that skill set and understanding, but only if you’re willing to let your guard down, to accept that the present shifts in our population require new approaches not commonly practiced by certified personal trainers.  The science is amazing, the outcomes are thrilling, and the potential for profit is unmatched when you recognize this unprecedented opportunity.

Consider this.  In 2012 the Organization of International Chief Health Professions Officers (ICHPO) provided a definition of an Allied Health Professional.  Read it carefully.

Distinct health professionals who apply expertise to prevent disease transmission, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate people of all ages and all specialities. Together with a range of technical and support staff they may deliver direct patient care, rehabilitation, treatment, diagnostics and health improvement interventions to restore and maintain optimal physical, sensory, psychological, cognitive and social functions.”

Now let’s take a look at an abbreviated glance at who they include under that umbrella.

  • Anesthesia technician
  • Laboratory clinician
  • Autotransfusionist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Neurophysiologist
  • Dietitian

The Personal Trainer is NOT on the list.  The player with perhaps the greatest potential to empower people to restore health isn’t considered, respected, or presented as a member of the Allied Health Care team.

I see this as a massive opportunity.  I’m leading a small charge for personal trainers to step up and represent.  I’m asking you to see the light behind the closed door, to recognize that the need is immense and to burst the door open and find your rightful place at the top of the field.  Let’s dismiss the old perceptions of the personal trainer and replace them with the recognition of a new breed.  Go beyond the constant want for new clients, the financial struggle, and the noble but limited rewards the conventional personal trainer lays claim to.  Be something different.  Be something better.

If you go back and read the statement I just shared related to the Allied Health Care Team, I’d ask you to revisit this excerpt:

“Health improvement interventions to restore and maintain optimal physical, sensory, psychological, cognitive and social functions.”

Isn’t that precisely what we’re capable of doing?  Shouldn’t we be right at the top of that list?

I’ve cut out a new path, made significant inroads, and want to share the keys to the New Paradigm with those who are devoted, ambitious, and progressive.  If that includes you, I urge you to join us for my 21st Century Health Catalyst course.  It’s all delivered online via live interactive webinars and teleconferences and includes 12 intensive mind-blowing hours of empowerment over the course of four weeks.  The first session sold out.  I’ve just added a second.

Affordability will not be a factor.  This 12 hour course will be offered in live workshops for upwards of $700, but for those who join me for this first-of-its kind remote offering, it’s absurdly affordable.  You can pay over 90 days, in three installments of only $79, or there’s a slight discount if you pay it in full.

Don’t let this one pass.  I can promise you, I will not offer it at this price again.

Check it out, REGISTER, and prepare for the most powerful 12 hours of education you’ve ever experienced and the most profound change in your potential to prosper.


The Personal Trainer Who Wished For More

August 27, 2014

Once upon a time there was a personal fitness trainer.  He knew it was his calling.  He had an immense passion for fitness and loved helping others, and so . . . he lunged out along the Road of Fitness Careers.  He obtained his nationally recognized certification, studied and trained, and became an extraordinary practitioner with expertise in exercise prescription, sports nutrition, and motivation.  He worked for a health club, built a clientele, and worked hard to practice with integrity and for the betterment of his clients.  In his best year he earned $62,000.  Not bad, but . . .

He knew doctors who helped far fewer people than he did, and they earned 5 times as much.

He worked 40 – 50 hours a week in his best years and had little time or resource for vacations, benefits, and the joys that should accompany immense effort aimed at the betterment of others

He was subjected to the usual comments and perceptions many hold related to personal trainers and found he had to justify his decisions and explain why he chose what many thought was a frivolous pursuit.

While he could hold his head high, proud of his profession and achievements, he knew he deserved more.  He watched friends, colleagues, and childhood buddies build businesses they could sell, build tangible offerings that brought them security and comfort, and while he never second-guessed his career choice, the truth is, he knew he deserved more. 

To me, that’s criminal.  To you, it may ring a little too close to home.

Sometimes the right thing shows up at the right time.  Some times in that moment that there’s a thought of opportunity, the path becomes clear.  This is one of those times.

A New Paradigm Emerges – Don’t Be Left Behind!

I won’t go on and on about the virtues of the offering.  I’ll simply tell you the medical field, the state of our nation’s health, the political discussions of health care, and the state of the pharmaceutical field have aligned to allow a new breed of Fitness Professional to step up as a pivotal player on the Allied Health Care Team.

I won’t ask you to forget everything you know, as there’s massive merit in all the knowledge you’ve acquired.  I’ll simply invite you to learn more, to master an enhanced skill set, a specialized language, and an intimate understanding of our true power to improve, renew, and heal the human machine.

These are not random thoughts.  For the last six years, I’ve been treading in new territory, in the space between conventional fitness and the conventions of medicine, a space where I’ve demonstrated how a little-recognized but a solid and extensive foundation of science allows us to restore people to health, to go beyond the physical and aesthetic and into the biochemical.  In essence, today’s new breed of trainer can step into the realm of healers of old, of “the other part of medicine,” of a mastery of the laws of nature that allow for hormonal balance, reversal of disease, reduction in inflammation, and restoration of perfect health.  

Ok, all this talk sounds nice . . . but What Does it Mean For Me?

It means your entrepreneurial powers to steer your career take on a new electricity.  Whether you work under the umbrella of another business or you venture on your own to build your future, in this field you must be an entrepreneur.  It’s the only way you really establish security, and by moving into this space, by becoming something that separates you from the rest of the field, you have a massive edge.

If you want plain simple English, with the skills of the new breed of personal trainer, the professional I refer to as a health catalyst, you retain every single thing you’ve built . . . but you’re more.  Much more.  And with that comes more money.  Much more.

I know it’s not “about” money.  It can be about passion, about changing lives, about making people better, but those noble undertakings should be met with deserved reward.

With this enhanced skill set, you change your paradigm, you change the platform you stand upon, and you develop new empowering associations.  You’ll build a solid referral network incorporating physicians and medical groups.  You’ll command respect previously reserved for medical professionals.  You’ll find heightened ability to find speaking appearances, workshop offerings, and corporate programs. 

With the knowledge you’ll amass in the 12 hours I’m going to invite you to spend with me, I can promise you this.  Your world will change for the better.  You’ll have a new confidence, a new launching pad, and a far greater sense of your own potential.

I’m going to teach you, in 12 hours, how to become, not a luxury, but a “need” among the largest segment of our population (65% of adults over the age of 45 need you).  While the newest authors and speakers reveal the perils of 21st century diseases, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and inflammatory concerns, you’ll be in the position of offering solutions.  Real solutions.  Proven solutions.  You’ll teach people to improve from the inside out, literally, changing body chemistry, hormonal state, and biomarkers of health. 

When I say it’s a new paradigm, I mean it’s an ENTIRELY NEW PARADIGM!!!!

This 12-hour course will be offered in workshops around the country.  I’ll be sharing much of the science at the NSCA conference in October, but here’s a chance to really get a head start, to master the skills now, and best of all, to do it from home, over the course of 4 weeks, for less than a client would pay you in a single week.,

I invite you to be one of the pilot trainers.  I want to connect with a handful of fitness professionals from all parts of the U.S. ready to step into this new realm, ready to serve at some level as true pioneers.   I invite you to be a part of the launch, not for $750, but for less than you’d collect from a single client in a given week.  In fact, I’ll show you how with a single new client you can earn 5 times your investment . . . instantly.

Register for the 12-hour “New Paradigm” course, delivered online via eight (8) 90-minute webinars, for only $207, or 3 installments of only $75 each.  It begins September 15 from 1:00 – 2:30 PM Eastern Time (webinars are Mondays and Thursdays, each session running 90 minutes).  If for any reason you can’t attend a live webinar, the recording will be available within 4 hours of the webinar completion.

You can wait until the live workshop comes to a city near you for $750, or you can get a massive edge right now for only $207.  This will sell out.  Don’t wish for more.  Get more.  Have more.  Do more. 

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(The online course is sold with a money-back guarantee of satisfaction).

If you want to know more, I’ll be happy to answer personal emails limited to a single question or concern.  Email me at with the Subject: New Paradigm, or better yet, trust that this will be the most powerful program I’ve ever offered, that the value:cost ratio is absurdly in favor of value, and register with the knowledge that the money back guarantee ensures your extreme satisfaction.