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The Only Thing We Can Count On . . . ASPIRE!

January 9, 2015

bigstock_Riding_Blue_Arrow_Of_Success_7207812The only thing we can truly count on is . . . things will change. They always do. The laws of nature assure us that as the landscape changes, so too do the fruit. As our population shifts, so too do the opportunities.  In order to grow, we have to move upward, riding on the wave of change, finding our footing on higher ground.

Most of us came into this field believing fitness was a safe bet. After all, humans as a species haven’t changed in thousands of years, and as long as we are reliant upon our aerobic energy systems and muscular contraction, the exercise strategies we have mastered will “work.”

What we failed to recognize were the changes that are taking place in our environment. I’m not speaking of global warming. I’m referring to the “new environment” created by large chemical companies increasing their reach, an agricultural industry driven by dollars, and a medical field that has been swayed and sullied by pharmaceutical giants with massive control.
Here’s the bottom line. Things have changed. Thanks to the internet, smart phones, social media, and webcams, behaviors have changed. Not a little. A lot! Our commercially produced food is no longer a reliable resource for safe and healthful human nutrition. As metabolic compromise becomes the “norm” (65% of our adult population over 45 has been diagnosed with at least one chronic disease), bodies simply don’t respond as they did even a decade ago.

This has opened the door to what I refer to as “The New Blue Ocean.” I have pioneered an enhanced professional paradigm for helping people rediscover optimal health. It falls under the heading of “The 21st Century Health Catalyst.” I see it as the greatest opportunity our field has ever seen.

It isn’t conventional. It’s effective! It isn’t easy. It’s rewarding! It isn’t for those unwilling to invest time and energy in learning to enhance their skill sets. It is, however, for any health professional or personal trainer looking to find greater fulfillment and significantly greater financial reward. If you have the heart of a healer, the passion of a fitness pro, and the desire to be compensated as you deserve, consider moving forward. Consider becoming a different type of personal trainer, one with a far greater power to serve today’s population.

On Tuesday, January 13, I’m beginning a new ASPIRE group. ASPIRE is a course that shares the keys to reversing disease, the strategies for facilitating remarkable change in the here and now, the science that combines age old wisdom and new discovery to deliver true insight into health restoration, physical betterment, and a new level of change.

The course runs over the course of 16 weeks. It’s delivered live, interactively, via the web in webinar sessions running 50 minutes each. It’s mind-blowing, empowering, timely, and most of all, career-altering revealing incredible new vehicles for personal and professional growth.

The program is starting Tuesday . . . with or without you. Are you ready to see what you’re made of, to step into a new realm of understanding and power, to tap into your true potential to earn in exchange for training lives?

Click here for further details and to REGISTER for the ASPIRE program.

Questions? Email me at

It’s affordable and it promises to be the most educationally valuable experience of your entire career.

Join us for ASPIRE!

Phil Kaplan

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