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The Personal Trainer Who Wished For More

August 27, 2014

Once upon a time there was a personal fitness trainer.  He knew it was his calling.  He had an immense passion for fitness and loved helping others, and so . . . he lunged out along the Road of Fitness Careers.  He obtained his nationally recognized certification, studied and trained, and became an extraordinary practitioner with expertise in exercise prescription, sports nutrition, and motivation.  He worked for a health club, built a clientele, and worked hard to practice with integrity and for the betterment of his clients.  In his best year he earned $62,000.  Not bad, but . . .

He knew doctors who helped far fewer people than he did, and they earned 5 times as much.

He worked 40 – 50 hours a week in his best years and had little time or resource for vacations, benefits, and the joys that should accompany immense effort aimed at the betterment of others

He was subjected to the usual comments and perceptions many hold related to personal trainers and found he had to justify his decisions and explain why he chose what many thought was a frivolous pursuit.

While he could hold his head high, proud of his profession and achievements, he knew he deserved more.  He watched friends, colleagues, and childhood buddies build businesses they could sell, build tangible offerings that brought them security and comfort, and while he never second-guessed his career choice, the truth is, he knew he deserved more. 

To me, that’s criminal.  To you, it may ring a little too close to home.

Sometimes the right thing shows up at the right time.  Some times in that moment that there’s a thought of opportunity, the path becomes clear.  This is one of those times.

A New Paradigm Emerges – Don’t Be Left Behind!

I won’t go on and on about the virtues of the offering.  I’ll simply tell you the medical field, the state of our nation’s health, the political discussions of health care, and the state of the pharmaceutical field have aligned to allow a new breed of Fitness Professional to step up as a pivotal player on the Allied Health Care Team.

I won’t ask you to forget everything you know, as there’s massive merit in all the knowledge you’ve acquired.  I’ll simply invite you to learn more, to master an enhanced skill set, a specialized language, and an intimate understanding of our true power to improve, renew, and heal the human machine.

These are not random thoughts.  For the last six years, I’ve been treading in new territory, in the space between conventional fitness and the conventions of medicine, a space where I’ve demonstrated how a little-recognized but a solid and extensive foundation of science allows us to restore people to health, to go beyond the physical and aesthetic and into the biochemical.  In essence, today’s new breed of trainer can step into the realm of healers of old, of “the other part of medicine,” of a mastery of the laws of nature that allow for hormonal balance, reversal of disease, reduction in inflammation, and restoration of perfect health.  

Ok, all this talk sounds nice . . . but What Does it Mean For Me?

It means your entrepreneurial powers to steer your career take on a new electricity.  Whether you work under the umbrella of another business or you venture on your own to build your future, in this field you must be an entrepreneur.  It’s the only way you really establish security, and by moving into this space, by becoming something that separates you from the rest of the field, you have a massive edge.

If you want plain simple English, with the skills of the new breed of personal trainer, the professional I refer to as a health catalyst, you retain every single thing you’ve built . . . but you’re more.  Much more.  And with that comes more money.  Much more.

I know it’s not “about” money.  It can be about passion, about changing lives, about making people better, but those noble undertakings should be met with deserved reward.

With this enhanced skill set, you change your paradigm, you change the platform you stand upon, and you develop new empowering associations.  You’ll build a solid referral network incorporating physicians and medical groups.  You’ll command respect previously reserved for medical professionals.  You’ll find heightened ability to find speaking appearances, workshop offerings, and corporate programs. 

With the knowledge you’ll amass in the 12 hours I’m going to invite you to spend with me, I can promise you this.  Your world will change for the better.  You’ll have a new confidence, a new launching pad, and a far greater sense of your own potential.

I’m going to teach you, in 12 hours, how to become, not a luxury, but a “need” among the largest segment of our population (65% of adults over the age of 45 need you).  While the newest authors and speakers reveal the perils of 21st century diseases, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and inflammatory concerns, you’ll be in the position of offering solutions.  Real solutions.  Proven solutions.  You’ll teach people to improve from the inside out, literally, changing body chemistry, hormonal state, and biomarkers of health. 

When I say it’s a new paradigm, I mean it’s an ENTIRELY NEW PARADIGM!!!!

This 12-hour course will be offered in workshops around the country.  I’ll be sharing much of the science at the NSCA conference in October, but here’s a chance to really get a head start, to master the skills now, and best of all, to do it from home, over the course of 4 weeks, for less than a client would pay you in a single week.,

I invite you to be one of the pilot trainers.  I want to connect with a handful of fitness professionals from all parts of the U.S. ready to step into this new realm, ready to serve at some level as true pioneers.   I invite you to be a part of the launch, not for $750, but for less than you’d collect from a single client in a given week.  In fact, I’ll show you how with a single new client you can earn 5 times your investment . . . instantly.

Register for the 12-hour “New Paradigm” course, delivered online via eight (8) 90-minute webinars, for only $207, or 3 installments of only $75 each.  It begins September 15 from 1:00 – 2:30 PM Eastern Time (webinars are Mondays and Thursdays, each session running 90 minutes).  If for any reason you can’t attend a live webinar, the recording will be available within 4 hours of the webinar completion.

You can wait until the live workshop comes to a city near you for $750, or you can get a massive edge right now for only $207.  This will sell out.  Don’t wish for more.  Get more.  Have more.  Do more. 

Register now!

(The online course is sold with a money-back guarantee of satisfaction).

If you want to know more, I’ll be happy to answer personal emails limited to a single question or concern.  Email me at with the Subject: New Paradigm, or better yet, trust that this will be the most powerful program I’ve ever offered, that the value:cost ratio is absurdly in favor of value, and register with the knowledge that the money back guarantee ensures your extreme satisfaction.

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