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They Call it a Miracle

August 6, 2014

As a personal trainer, you’ve been on the receiving end of that emotional hug.  The client’s eyes water, the body contact communicates a pure expression of gratitude, and the client says something like, “thank you.  It’s a miracle.”

The “miracle” is usually the promised weight loss, the reduction in size, or the “you look great” compliments at the client’s cousin’s wedding.  You don’t see it as a miracle.  You see it as the reality of what happens when a client follows your direction.

Imagine, the expressions of gratitude you’d receive if clients given lifetime labels and forever prescriptions were “cured” . . . miraculously.

I think miracles happen every day, but the greatest miracles are those granted us by the wonders of nature.  Our bodies’ abilities to grow, heal, and restructure are in fact miraculous, moreso than the purported cures cranked out by pharmaceutical companies.

Think about it.  From Phen-Fen to Redux, from Meridia to Orlistat, every “weight loss miracle drug” fell flat.  While they might have been money makers during their limited lifespans, they certainly weren’t miracles.

I suggest, with the right skill set, a new perspective, and identification of the boundaries of our scope of practice, we can perform . . . . well . . . miracles.  I further suggest that when we look at 21st century medicine and its approach toward chronic disease, miracles are disturbingly absent.

I believe its time to question the approaches and scrutinize the outcomes, and if we dare step into that arena, the findings aren’t pretty.

  • A reduction in salt is NOT a fix for high blood pressure.*
  • Natural hormone replacement is NOT a fix for hypothyroidism.
  • Type 2 diabetes is NOT fixed or cured by blood-sugar control medications.

If we discuss the concept of healing, we have to understand, we’re discussing a return to health, not the management of a condition.

By that token, the conventions of medicine do NOT heal people from the burdens of chronic disease.

I’ve received my fair share of verbal darts for making bold statements, but I stand firm and am willing to speak before any medical or professional group specifically on the topic of “cure.”

If the conventions of medicine do NOT heal, if drugs and standard therapies do NOT cure chronic disease, what does?

Well, before we answer that question we’d have to know chronic disease is curable?  Is it?


How do I know?

I see evidence of healing of chronic conditions, prevalent in the U.S. in 2014, as far back as 1930, without pharmacology.  I see evidence of healing of chronic conditions through extreme but natural measures documented in research in the 1970’s and 80’s up through today.  Names like William Kempner and Dean Ornish are recognizable to functional medicine practitioners seeking natural approaches to healing. From Pritikin’s approach to the latest Harvard Studies, a cornerstone in “natural cure” is restriction, and in that lies the challenge.  We see clients, not in laboratory or hospital settings, but in their real lives, and we all know that restriction and deprivation are short term, abandoned as soon as mandate, supervision and fear subside.

This raises a new question.  Can healing of chronic disease take place naturally without deprivation, with enforceable and lasting intervention and change?  Here again, a resounding yes.

I see evidence of healing of chronic conditions every single day . . . in the here and now, and it’s being done without pharmacology, but also without any extremes.  The key?  Strategic exercise and nutritional shifts.

If you’re a trainer, you’ll nod your head, full agreeing that exercise and nutrition are keys to cure, but I’ll take it a step further and tell you conventional approaches to exercise and healthy eating fall short.

Only when we can reduce inflammation, reverse not only symptoms of disease but reliable biomarkers, only when we can document hormonal shifts and restoration of balance, and only when the changes stick for a year or more without exogenous intervention (drugs) can we entertain the idea that the disease is truly gone.

In our fitness world, where our common successes are achieved with the fit and near-fit populations, there may be isolated anecdotal examples of “cure,” but statistically, 45 minutes of resistance exercise, 30 minutes of THZ training, and consumption of adequate protein and generous servings of fruits and vegetables may “improve” conditions, but without specific strategies employed, “healing” through exercise is rare.

We can change that.  In fact, I’m offering you the ability to, especially if you live in South Florida.


healing-handsSure there are true healers.  Many are viewed as odd, offbeat, or “alternative,” others are humble and quietly work their scientific alchemy.  It isn’t the modality that’s all-effective, it’s the access.  In other words, while the acupuncture meridian map offers inroads to true healing, so too do chakras and energy centers, and while there are many charlatans and hucksters exploiting the fascination with Eastern wisdom, ultimately, when healing takes place, it is a simple realignment of six key points.

Ayurvedic healers have demonstrated genetic shifts eliminating evidence of chronic ailments through subtle lifestyle shifts in East meets West collaborations.  Scientists such as David R. Hawkins have explained the placebo effect as an effect of the relationship between emotion and the physical manifestation (the body) and have demonstrated “cure” with thought changing.

These may be viewed as miraculous, but at their core, they all come down to the same recognition, a recognition that can not only fire up your career with new life and vitality, but can literally change the course of your own life.  You’ll continue to help people change their body composition, continue to improve performance, but you’ll take it further.  You’ll bring about what I call Biochemicanical Change.  OK, so I took some liberty with word inventing, but the shifts that take place are not only physical, as measured by out standard testing procedures, but also biochemical and mechanical.  We are changing the entirety of the body inside and out, hormonally and energetically, and in that we move people away from disease and back toward health.  The six points restored to alignment is the underlying thread that runs through all true healing.

sixpointsecret265x179Yes, it all comes down to six points.  I can show you how to tap into those six points, how to create alignment, and how to move people away from disease and back toward health with a simple but highly effective strategy in a 20-hour course aimed at empowering fitness professionals to become Health Catalysts.  It isn’t weird, it isn’t offbeat, it’s just powerful . . . and different than the stuff you learned in your certification prep classes.  It doesn’t contradict what you know (although it may get you to question some of the age-old tenets of exercise science), but for the most part, it complements it, giving it a far greater power.

If you are willing to admit, as a health or fitness professional, that your knowledge is limited, that there are vast unknowns that might well serve you if you were to tap into their power, or if you’re willing to move ego out of the way and acknowledge that as good as you are, you can be better, I’m urging you to step up and grow.  Be Better.  Challenge yourself to meet the greatest health demands our nation has ever seen.  Recognize that your foundation as a personal trainer serves you well if you seek to ascend, to develop a greater power to help others, and with that a greater power to prosper.

I’ve written about “The New Blue Ocean,” revealing the unwell market as the most opportune and untapped market.  This is a vast sea of possibility for fitness professionals with an enhanced skill set stepping into the realm of the Health Catalyst.

The Health Catalyst curriculum combines shocking revelations of the newest science (neuroplasticity, epigenetics, and changing genetic expression) with old and buried wisdom of the ages dating back to ancient Greece at the very roots of medicine.  Nothing in the course is conjecture.  It’s all validated.  You’ll be exposed to science, to conclusions, and you’ll be free to form your own, but you won’t dispute for a moment that the power to heal is a power we can access.   In every case?  Of course not, but in the arena of unintentionally self-inflicted chronic disease, the bulk of the unwell market, you’ll be blown away by the things you can change.  More importantly, you’ll be blown away by the positive impact you can have upon the lives of the masses.


I know you didn’t seek “healing” as a career pursuit.  You sought “fitness,” and I don’t want you to believe you’ll have to let that go in any way, shape, or form.  I just want you to recognize that the world has changed.  The food supply has changed. The air has changed.  The media and misinformation machine has changed.  Health insurance has changed.  Doctors’ attitudes, incomes, and perspectives have changed.  Even the health club industry has changed.  There’s never been as great a need for professionals with innate passion for helping others . . . . and there’s never been a greater time to use your exercise knowledge and communication talents to have massive impact.

If you live in South Florida, join me in September, live, Tuesday and Thursday evenings in Boca Raton, for the most explosive and career-shifting education you’ll ever experience.

Examine the course outline, and then register (limited to 24 students).  This will be a new stepping stone in your fitness career.

NOTE: If you do not live in South Florida or a city where the Catalyst course is being offered, register for a distance learning course available anywhere.

Be Better.  Always Better.


P.S.  If you want to read a bit about the misinformation and reality of the high blood pressure condition, I’d appreciate feedback on an article I’ve just completed.

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