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Some Day Isn’t Coming . . . Unless it’s Today!

August 29, 2012

Personal trainers earning $150,000 a year? Personal trainers establishing businesses that can be sold for multiples of $500,000? Personal trainers living out their passion as they master the growth of businesses with a sense of simplicity and ease?

That’s exactly what the group of trainers who have embarked upon Career Conquest are learning, and the lessons are not only powerful, they’re dynamic, thrilling, and . . . unlike anything you’ve heard before. Prepare to rethink potential, rethink exercise, and most of all, rethink the power you have to make a massive difference in the lives of thousands as you sow and reap your deserved rewards.

The program isn’t about money, but it’s about teaching you to live and work at a level of excellence extremely rare in our field. It empowers you to simplify those elements of “business” that seemed elusive, prohibitive, or burdensome.

It starts out with introspection. In fact, that’s the hard part. At the beginning of the program, you have to ask yourself some hard questions. You have to face honesty and reality. You then have to reach into your heart and mind and determine what you really want. From then on, you stretch at a rate you might never have dreamed possible.

This program runs through Summer 2013. We’re already 8 weeks in, but over the past four weeks I’ve had many people ask if it’s too late. I thought it through and developed a “Fast Track” program that will allow you to get caught up in 14 days and you’ll progress through the program with everyone else.

I know about doubt. I know about criticism from people who haven’t any exposure to that which they criticize. I know about struggle. I know about prosperity. I know about the fitness industry, the personal training field, and have gained extraordinary insights into the medical field. My sole intention over the next year is to “coach,” to teach deserving trainers to take the lessons I’ve learned and use those lessons to set a new model of excellence for our entire industry?

Are you limited to $150K a year? Of course not. It’s just a number that you’ll find achievable as you move through Career Conquest. You can doubt, you can wonder, you can condemn, or you can criticize, and with that you can wait for “Some Day.” Some Day is that mythical day upon which those who wanted riches get rich, those who wanted success find success, and those who wanted power become powerful. The problem with Some Day is . . . as long as you maintain a some-day-mindset, that day never arrives. It’s always off in the future, and I’d hate to count the number of people who got stuck at the shore because “someday” their ship was going to come in.

Make today someday. Join us for Career Conquest. It will prove to be the most challenging, most rewarding, most career-changing course you ever embarked upon.

Find details . . . register now for $127.50 a month! You won’t be disappointed!
NOTE: Immediately upon enrolling you’ll gain access to the teleconferences you missed and the hadout materials that were distributed. You’ll also get the Fast Track coaching summary that will steer you forward allowing you to catch up without missing a beat. Find Additional Details or REGISTER NOW.

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