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July 30, 2012

If there were two strengths I believe would best serve the accomplished fitness professional, one would be, managing client load while driving revenue increases, and the second would be having greater control over the hours in your day.

Want it simplified?  More clients, more time.

I’ve launched Career Conquest and on tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) call (3:00 Eastern Time) will be sharing these two powers, and as you’ll find, they are powers that are yours for the taking.

It’s hard to get clients, at least enough all training concurrently to allow you to earn the money you deserve.  I’ll show you how to make it so flippin’ simple you’ll be shocked by the new power you have to build your business to a new level.  It has nothing to do with a promotion, nothing to do with a marketing trick, and nothing to do with a social media ploy.  In fact, I can promise you the perspective I’ll share related to building your business is one that has been passed along to me by one of the most revered business builders of all time.

As far as control over the hours in your day . . . that’s not quite as simple, but I will show you a manner to mastering your calendar that will take you no more than 15 – 20 minutes a day.  I’ll share with you a tool that is so important in my life, I can refer to it as the greatest vehicle to finding true balance between work and everything else.  When you own your time, you decide what time you devote to workouts, what time you devote to family, to friends, to spouses, to travel, to education, and you do it while optimizing the return on the hours you devote to work.  Work less, earn more, love more, play more.  I’ll also mention, this has nothing to do with conventional time management.  It isn’t about setting goals, prioritizing, and managing projects.  While I said it isn’t as simple as the business building strategy, it’s a safe bet for me to say it’s far simpler than virtually anything you’ve ever tried out of desire to get better leverage over your calendar and you’ll come to treasure the power it gives you to determine what every day holds in store.

This will be delivered in only one call out of 24, and it’s only the second call of the Career Conquest project.  Career Conquest will roll forward with extreme momentum.  We’re only in the developmental phases.  The outcomes will be mind-blowing.  Hold me to it!  Whether you heard the first call or not, if you want to join us . . . register for Career Conquest now.

If you’re tentative, uncertain, and apprehensive as to whether or not this is legit or hyped up marketing nonsense, email me ( with a paragraph telling me what you’d like to change in your career over the course of the year ahead, and I’ll send you “guest access” so you can be on the call without obligation.  Over the next two weeks, the program will be closed out.  Now is the ideal time to take advantage of this groundbreaking affordable one-of-a-kind program arriving at the ideal time for personal trainers seeking to capitalize on the changes the 21st century has brought our way.

Register now.

If you want to read more about The Career Conquest program, click here.

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