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150,000 . . . for You, the Personal Trainer with Heart, Soul, and Passion

July 8, 2012

Consider this.  $150,000 next year.  For you.

As a personal trainer.

Regardless of where you are now.

This isn’t Lotto or some other windfall, but it’s something better.  Rather than a lump sum, I’m referring to a consistent income bringing you security for your future and longevity for your career.  Oh, and best of all, you’ll earn it without stepping away from your passion . . . staying true to the mission of personal training . . . helping people find new health, fitness, and well-being.

This is a message for very few personal fitness trainers.  As I’m about to launch my Career Conquest program, a highly affordable one-year coaching program that will help a handful of fitness professionals propel forward in enhancing position, compensation, respect, and freedom (beginning July 17), I’m quietly announcing my Platinum Consulting Project (by the way, if you have interest in Career Conquest, there’s still time to register).

If you seek more, if you want a clear path to earning professional income that allows you abundance and freedom, and if you’re willing to stretch to reach far above the limited ceilings placed on most people in our industry, you might consider becoming Platinum.

I’ll tell you in advance, it isn’t cheap.  I’ll also tell you, it’s the offering that will allow me the greatest impact into bringing you to the highest levels of achievement.

There will only be 12 – 15 participants in Platinum and I’ll get to know each one personally.  We’ll interact both privately and in the presence of the group to be certain we address your most personal and pressing concerns as the entire group escalates collectively.

How much can this program coach you to earn?  $150,000 (annually) is conservative.  That might sound arrogant, but it isn’t.  I remember when I crossed that line, more than 15 years ago, and how it brought me a new sense of “Career.”  No longer was I “just a trainer” but I become a “peer” among other professionals.

You should also know, I didn’t go through a slow escalation.  I literally went from zero (less than zero) to $75,000 projected income in 3 months, and 3 months later, I was headed toward $150,000 for the first time in my life.  There were many learning experiences, many walls I hit, and many times I was ready to throw in the towel, but once I figured out . . . not what fitness people did . . . what successful people do to grow businesses, it all fell into place.  You should also know $150,000 was only a beginning, and today, I can show you how to shorten the path and exceed whatever milestones presently seem barely reachable.  You need not hit any of those bumps in the road that nearly derailed me.

Once you find compensation in line with your expertise, I’d be lying if I said every aspect of life falls neatly into your dream world.  You just have a higher capacity to handle the stuff that falls in front of you . . . and as long as you keep your moral sensibility, achievement does feel easier.  As a 30-year veteran of this fitness field, I continue to reach out for empowerment, for support, and for direction, and I believe every person seeking a sense of fulfillment should.  Always.

As a student and participant, I’ve been part of roundtable groups where, just to be considered, you had to evidence earnings of over $200,000 per year.  While some of those groups were more of a fit for me than others, I fast learned there’s a difference between a “group-think” among earners and a commiseration among wanters.  A round table that puts me in front of someone else who has been through my struggles and come out the other side provides solutions.  A circle of individuals all battling frustration simply feeds the frustration.  I’ve created programs that are 100% solution based.  I understand your challenges, but more importantly, I have the knowledge and/or resources to move you past them, to leave them in the dust, to make whatever it is that you want out of your career a part of your thrilling daily reality.

I wish our industry was different on many levels.  I wish there was a greater level of respect for personal trainers, a more established and restrictive barrier of entry, and I wish there was a higher value placed upon the services we’ve come to call “fitness training.”  What I’ve continually been thrilled and reinforced by has been our potential to help others, and . . . our ability to command the fees we deserve.  The potential now, in 2012, is greater than ever before, and I don’t say that lightly.  I’m demonstrating it on a daily basis and I can show you how to do the same.

So . . . here I sit, looking at the future of our field and clearly seeing opportunity that most personal trainers simply aren’t ready to see.  I decided to create a new cooperative project, but one that attracts ONLY achievers.  I want not only ambition and clarity of mission and vision, but trainers who have some track record of accomplishment.  Unlike the roundtable groups I discussed earlier, I’m not looking for specific earnings, but rather forward motion, a history of overcoming one or many challenges or obstacles, and a proven willingness to stretch and perhaps venture outside the walls of convention.

If you are such a trainer, consider becoming one of my Platinum participants.  We will get to know each other well.  I’ll be fully in your corner, as your coach and advisor.  Without taking anything away from the proven and continued power of Be Better, this Platinum group is about earning more by helping more.  It’s about finding a true sense of freedom in an industry where most are plagued by financial strain.

The investment in Platinum, for an entire year, is $4,750.  Realize, the $9,000 I charged club owners and organizations was for 3 days.  This is for a full year, and in that year, I’ll kick you so far beyond your previous sense of potential, you’ll look back and laugh by how limited you realliy were due to nothing more than lacking information and perspective.

We will connect, much like Be Better, through two interactive teleseminars each month.  We will also schedule a one-on-one coaching session, 45 minutes in duration, just you and me, every 8 weeks.

It gets even better.  I’ll understand your business, your vision, your wants, and your history, and I’ll guide you personally as well as guide you as a member of a forward moving group.  With that level of intimacy, I feel certain, if I choose / accept the right people, everyone in Platinum will thrive based on quarterly milestones, each one rooted in a financial return.

90 days into the program, I’ll show you how a single marketing energy can increase annual revenues by $60,000, and I guarantee, you can embrace this technique and strategy fully knowing you have a newly enhanced power to earn, a power that will last you the duration of your career. 

90 days later, the next milestone.  With significantly increased revenues, and a greater sense of your own potential, I’ll show you how to create a quarterly event that commands an extra $5,000 and feeds your personal training revenues.

If you’re doing the math, by mid-way through the year you’ve boosted annual revenues in the year ahead by $80,000.

90 days later I’ll share the strategy for implementing a true profit center, one that generates AT LEAST $3,000 per month (potentially tens of thousands) and introduce a method of reaching 500 true prospects for your business, each one hungry to connect with you for fee.

At this point in the program, money will not be the challenge.  Balance will, and we’ll focus, at that point, with the money monster put to bed, on maximizing the personal gratification you receive from your personal fitness training career . . . and there’s still one more milestone.

I’ll show you how the concept of my 800-square foot profit monster has moved into the 21st century, and whether you opt to open or add to a studio, or simply utilize someone else’s space (simple to do with no risk) you’ll learn how a recurring program can generate between $8,000 and $26,000 every 8 weeks.

I know I’ve thrown a lot of numbers at you.  I also know personal trainers are not wired for examining spreadsheets, P&L statements, and account summaries with any regularity.  I won’t change that.  I will give you a sense of the money you can earn, a simple strategy for “managing” that money, and if you read through this again and do it with a pen in hand, you’ll understand why, if I choose the right trainers, I am very comfortable promising I’ll show you how to increase your income by $150,000 per year.

Clearly this is not for everyone.  If you are living hand-to-mouth, this is not something that warrants an act of desperation (but Career Conquest can set you free).  Participants need the ability to approach with a clear head, an open mind, and a belief in their own capabilities.  I don’t expect that everyone who joins in will simply pull $4500 out of some trust fund or savings account, but If you are earning more than you’re spending, if your supporting yourself or a family primarily as a fitness professional, if personal training is your chosen avocation, and if you have goals and wants that exceed all that you presently have, do, and own, there are options.

$4750 paid in full for 12 months.

Quarterly installments of $1245 for a total of $4980

Monthly Installments of $430 for a total of $5160

Interested?  If you are, send me an email with the SUBJECT: Platinum.  Be sure to include a contact phone number and “best time to call.”  We’ll arrange a 20-minute preliminary conversation to see whether, as a Platinum member, you can make this the year you’ve always dreamed of.

For those who are choked up by the price . . . I urge you to join Career Conquest.  While it won’t include anywhere near the personal support and coaching the Platinum group will receive, I guarantee it to be the best investment you’ve made in your career and your future.

I’ll add one more invitation.  If you want it . . . you really want it . . . and somehow the words “if I only had the money” keep ringing in your ears . . . call me.  We’ll see if we can figure out how to get you out of your present struggle and launch you forward into a Conquest of your Career . . . from this moment on!  Send me an email with the Subject: I Want to Talk and I’ll email you back my cell phone number.  Honestly.  I don’t want you to miss out!

Whether you feel your best suited for Career Conquest, Platinum, or simply to pursue the current opportunities on your own, I wish you success and prosperity and hope to play at least a small role in your future growth.

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