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From Rescue to Conquest

June 21, 2012


If you’re a personal fitness trainer, and you’ve had your share of victories, pleasures, and disappointments, whether or not you’ve read anything from me before, read this. It’s important. It can shape the path of your career. Things are about to change and you need a new awareness to find career security in our field.
At the end of this I’m going to ask you to take an action. If you’re interested in the insights I’m going to share, please register accordingly, but if you aren’t, please respond as well. I want to make certain that from this point forward, I’m reaching out ONLY to those fitness professionals who are intentionally tuned in. If you haven’t any further interest in any of the information I put out for fitness professionals, I’ll respect your wishes and remove you from my personal trainer database.

RESPONSE REQUEST at the end . . . go ahead and read . . . .


Over the past few weeks I’ve been sharing principles that guide the careers of top professionals. I’ve found one of the most important and foundational principles underlying the strength of my 30 year personal fitness training career has been the concept I’ve coined as, “Touch, Compel, Capture, Thrill.” It’s the four step process that allowed me to turn five clients into five hundred. It isn’t a trick, but an operating paradigm, a set of rules that serve as guideposts in capturing and keeping happy paying clients. Not only has it allowed me to move from hunger to achievement, it’s also been a cornerstone of my professional consulting with fitness professionals committed to helping others. Talk to anyone who has experienced my Be Better program and they’ll explain the relevance and value of “Touch, Compel, Capture, Thrill.”

For the year ahead, I have a brand new paradigm fast materializing. It features an adjusted guidepost, one I’m going to use to help 60 personal trainers find financial freedom, peace, joy, and passion. In the spirit of powerful simplicity, the Paradigm is governed by three vital action words:

Rescue. Command. Conquer.

I know it sounds aggressive, almost militant. “Touch, Compel, and Thrill” are words that make us feel good. They help us connect with our passion for helping others, but the 21st century has brought us change, and with it we need a new set of rules for excellence. Rescue, Command, Conquer, although it sounds a bit harsh or forceful, is every bit as altruistic as Compelling and Thrilling. It underlies the adage “get what you deserve.”


Today we have a population that has witnessed unprecedented decline in physical condition and they need not only guidance, not only motivation but true Rescue. They are plagued, not only by declining health, but also by the compounding effect of misinformation, false prophets, a pharmaceutical force running out of control, and a food industry that has mastered marketing with little concern for human health. If anyone has the power to rescue the unwell, it’s you!

As a vital part of the Rescue process, you as a trainer and coach must come to understand and harness what I call “The One-Way Power Flow,” the ability to ethically and powerfully command actions and outcomes. As caring fitness professionals, we are, by nature, givers, and it takes a bit of effort to gain comfort with the idea of “commanding.” With an adjusted mindset, you recognize the power great coaches have, great doctors have, great teachers have, and great business leaders have. They achieve results because they yield a power and that power flows one way. It isn’t a democratic debate. It’s, “you have to protect the quarterback and if they blitz I want linebackers coming in to shield the pocket.” It’s, “in order to graduate and pass your MCATs you’ll have to master critical thinking with an understanding of physics and organic chemistry.” It’s that power of command that drives recipients forward, and you can harness that same power. You already use it when you say, “two more reps,” but you destroy the power flow when you ask “what do you want to do next?” or when you share challenges taking place in your own life.

If we are to excel, we have to elevate above the “workout buddy’ mentality and become true advisors, coaches, and directors and harness the power that allows us to dictate thrilling outcomes.

And finally, with the opportunity to rescue and the power to command, we can help people conquer their dis-ease, move back toward health, and feel a sense of true conquest over their fitness and health desires. Self-labeled carb addicts, those who believe they have limited willpower, and those burdened by the toxic “eat less weigh less” belief must CONQUER their flawed thinking to allow a true ascension.


I know, even if it sounds aggressive, in theory this sits well with you. I know you understand how desperately the unwell population needs rescue, despite the fact that on an individual level they often fail to acknowledge the need. Instead of “yes, I want something more than I have now and I absolutely need help and guidance” they lean upon the crippling reasons that justify why they “can’t.”

“I’ll start working out after tax season.”

“I know how to eat, I’m just waiting until after my cruise.”

“My blood pressure’s only high because of stress at work.”

You recognize these as excuses, but the men and women leaning upon these beliefs actually accept them as truisms. They adopt a mindset that prevents them from acknowledging their own roles in physical decline, fitness defeat, or gradual escalation of disease. They point fingers. They find excuses. They blame.

You know that if you’re going to rescue people, you have to facilitate a mindset shift, perhaps a crack in their limiting armor. You have to get them to say, “yes, I’d really like to be better and I could use some help.”


Because you know the “truth blocked by excuses” syndrome to a be true limiting factor among prospects and clients, I’ll ask you to recognize that same characteristic in yourself when it comes to your fitness career.

“I’m doing well, I just had a couple of off weeks . . . clients were out of town.”

“It’s the economy and it’ll turn around.”

“I’m a great trainer, but the facility . . . . but the owner . . . but the neighborhood . . . . “

You can likely see the “but problem.”

I want to help you rescue your career. That doesn’t mean it’s failing, but it may be off course, much as the person progressing toward dis-ease doesn’t see the movement away from health as it graduates. It’s an ideal time to ask some questions.

  1. Is your business the source of your prosperity? Does it generate enough reward so that you can live the life you want to live, have the things you want to have, and do the things you want to do?
  1. Is there a separation between who you are and what you do? Until you establish a distinction between you the person and you the trainer, you’re going to head toward burnout and a sense of loss of self. This is a very plaguing condition that becomes a reality in the lives of far too many of us. Your energy becomes connected to every dollar you earn and your “off time” is simply “on-time” with nothing specific to do. I understand it. I’ve been there. I’ve recovered. I’ve changed. You can too. Love your business, but don’t be it.
  1. Understanding that our industry comes with an average annual income less than 1/15th of the average medical income, are you positioned firmly at the top of the field, commanding the respect and compensation you deserve? If you are “just above average,” or “earning more than most trainers,” it’s time to ask if you’re allowing the constraints of “the way things are” to limit you. If you really are bettering lives, you’ll want to earn, not double the average trainer, but more than a tenfold increase, and not only is this possible, it’s a matter of following some simple principles and action steps.

Career Conquest is going to be a game-changer. I promise it will. I’ve opened new doors that are ready for teams of high-level trainers to walk through. I’m ready not only to show you, but to guide you to a place where you write your own paycheck. I’m going to show you precisely why your training talents are being under-recognized and how a simple mindset shift can bring you hero-like recognition.

As a member of this exclusive group of not-more-than 60 personal trainers from around the country, you’re going to appreciate the new opportunity the 21st century realities of nutrition, lifestyle, and health care bring us. The opportunities are massive, but invisible without a select knowledge base.

Are you going to be a part of this empowered group? Are you going to use the 12 month span between Summer 2012 and Summer 2013 to completely redesign your relationships with clients, businesses, and money? Are you going to conquer all of those career desires you’ve buried because you got “caught up” in the day to day? Are you ready to stop away from “but,” “can’t,” excuses, and limiting beliefs?

You don’t have to decide that now, although the decision should be simple. Career Conquest, a live remote interactive coaching program running 12 full months is less than $100 a month. Yes, Career Conquest is less than $100 per month for a program that promises to bring you your investment back tens if not hundreds of times over.

What you do have to decide now is if you want to join me on July 2, at 3 PM Eastern Time, for a 75-minute webinar sharing the four insights that can change everything.

When I say change everything . . . I mean . . . everything, including . . .

  • The respect you command from clients, prospects, and community leaders
  • The respect you command from medical and educational professionals.
  • The overview of “what you do for a living.”
  • The amount of freedom you feel on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • The relationships you cultivate.
  • The money you earn.
  • The money you save.
  • The adventures you take on.
  • The future you choose to design and manifest.

Is that a lot to promise? Of course, and it seems unrealistic unless you come to understand that whether you chose this career or it chose you, you deserve to get the juice . . . the thrill . . . the joy . . and the power that should come the way of anyone bettering lives as you seek to. You are worth more than you are earning. You are worth more than you are receiving. You are worth more than you believe you are . . . and with a shift in belief and some mind-blowing insights, it all flips upside down, putting you on top.

Join me on July 2, via phone and web, to learn and benefit from The Four Insights That Will Change Everything. One insight involves the flawed medical model and how it offers us a new platform. Another involves a little known element of human influence and how, today more than ever, we can command the word yes without ever stepping away from integrity. The third involves a mistake that comes from the annals of Exercise Physiology, one that we’ve all been taught to be a tenet of exercise prescription, a mistake that when corrected yields shocking results. The fourth is the biggie, and I won’t even tease it here, but I will promise it can lead to a genuine sense of prosperity.

I presented the material to a friend who runs roundtable groups for progressive medical professionals. I wanted his take on how to best release these insights, knowing I could reach trainers worldwide with a webinar, knowing that I could deliver all four insights in just over an hour. He suggested I charge $1500.

“For a 75-minute webinar?”

“Phil, this is not about 75 minutes. This is about the power to change direction, the power to capitalize on very real opportunity. This is the stuff that changes an industry. $1500 would be a bargain. You know that! You talk about preserving your value all the time.”

I was flattered, and he inspired me to charge precisely that. So the webinar is $1500 (breathe easy, you can afford it . . . just keep reading). Yes, $1500 . . . to be shared equally by 60 trainers seeking new futures.

I know, I know, he meant $1500 a person, but in his circle of work, he speaks to doctors earning upwards of $200K annually. While nobody loves writing a $1500 check, for most of them it’s a drop in a bucket. Although I have, of late, been sharing insights with large medical groups, when it comes to career development I speak to trainers who deserve to be earning as much as his doctors, but who simply aren’t . . . and the “drop in the bucket” must be a much more conservative drop . . . so here it is.

You can register for the Four Insights That Change Everything for only $25.

Don’t dare ask the question if this is worth $25.

You know its worth far more . . . but . . . . I don’t want to leave you with any wonder at all. I want to offer you more . . .

Be one of the 60 to register and you will receive not only the Four Insights but also . . .

  1. A Report on the Three Biggest Shortcoming of Conventional Medicine and How They Serve Us.
  2. A Special Report Sharing The Fully Legal Crimes of the Food Industry and How They Affect Our Population
  3. An overview of the 800 square foot Profit Monster model that has launched over 100 of the top producing independently owned personal training studios in the world.

How’s that? I could value the information in any of those reports as having thousand of dollars of value, but I’m not finished. There’s more . . .

You’ll also be invited to complete a brief questionnaire, one that when completed will invite you to schedule a 15-minute one-on-one coaching call with me.

Is this crazy talk? $25 for a one-on-one consultation, protected reports on inside information, and a life-changing career-altering webinar? It may be . . . but I’m talking the talk and walking the walk . . . crazy or not. I am more excited than ever by the road ahead for personal trainers, and by the impact I can have on identifying and helping deserving fitness pros capitalize upon opportunities that have never been present before. I want my Career Conquest program from Summer To Summer to kickstart a wave of newly positioned personal trainers . . . and you can be one of them.

This webinar is preliminary. I’m sharing material, talking to people, trying to find those trainers best suited for the career escalation ahead. There is not catch, there is no hidden agenda. Register now and join us on July 2 for only $25. There is no further obligation and you will receive the webinar, the reports, and the invitation for a personal consultation without additional charge. If you opt to register for Career Conquest, Summer to Summer, the $25 investment will be instantly credited to your registration.

OK, now it’s action time. You’ve read this far. I urge you to take the next step. Either . . .

  1. Register for the Four Insights Webinar and Special Bonuses, over $2500 worth of value for only $25 with a money back guarantee of satisfaction
  1. Access the no-obligation feedback form, indicate that you haven’t any interest in Career Conquest or the Four Insights, and check the boxes that indicate whether or not you would like to remain active in my Personal Trainer database.

If, on the feedback form, you opt not to receive additional information, I assure you, you won’t be bothered, there will be no unsolicited follow up, and you can opt back in any time you want.

Please click here to REGISTER for the Webinar event.

I’m looking forward to sharing the Four Insights and launching the most powerful career-altering course I’ve ever put together, Career Conquest – Summer to Summer.

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