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The Way

June 12, 2012

In March of 2008, at the IHRSA International conference, I sat in a casual but important meeting with a top level industry consultant.  He listened to me talk about the importance of creating a bridge between fitness and medicine, and the importance of empowering personal trainers to step up and develop peer to peer relationships with medical professionals.  He looked me square in the eye and with every bit of confidence he said three words.  “There’s no way.”

He had reasons.  He knew this industry.  He knew trainers and their shortcomings.  He had evidence.  He had knowledge.  He knew my vision was nothing more than a dream, and nowhere in his mind was there any room for the possibility that it may in fact become real.

Yesterday I sat in a meeting with the Chief Executive Medical Officer of one of the largest emergency medicine groups in Florida and he enthusiastically embraced the combined energy we were committing to invest in combining Hygeiatic Healing with the recognized field of Medicine.

In English that translates to, we’re bringing together a force of personal trainers trained in a new discipline targeting chronic metabolic disease with doctors.  We’re creating a fully comprehensive model demonstrating how a mix of interventions better serve the diseased population than a single force applied as a Panacea.

Principles for Trainers Seeking Excellence

#4: Regarding “The Way”

If you’ve been a part of my Be Better family, or if you’ve been exposed to my recent evolution, you might recognize the references Hygeia (Hygeiatic Healing) and Panacea.  For those who haven’t yet been exposed to these metaphoric terms, Asclepius, the father of medicine with his present roots in Greek mythology had two daughters.  One was Panacea, the goddess of herbs, drugs, and invasive interventions.  The other was Hygeia, the goddess of natural healing, of self-care, of what we might now call wellness.

When we look at medicine at its roots, we find the presence of both forces.  Today medicine has become purely an extension of Panacea, as evidenced by the unprecedented over-prescription of pharmaceuticals presented as treatments and cures.  Hygeia has gotten swallowed up, and it’s only through continued drive by an elite and driven force of fitness professionals that we can re-establish the missing piece of medicine.

One of the underlying principles of Be Better relates to the historic and much-reinvented quote, “as a man thinketh, so shall he be.”  We’ve all been faced with the same three words that self-important consultant confronted me with.  “There’s no way.”  I believed differently, and so it has come to pass that a working model of a Hygeia – Panacea bridge promises to “cure” individuals with chronic metabolic disease.  You’ll hear me use that term frequently from this point forward.  Chronic Metabolic Disease is a term I’m using to describe progressive movement along a continuum , movement that includes the accumulation of body fat, and in that regard, obesity is a chronic disease.

In this blog, I’ve been sharing Be Better principles, and today I share the fourth.  Before I share the principle, I’ll ask you to adopt a new phrase, one that should become a foundational pillar of your belief system.  Here it is, “Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.”

What?  You don’t understand?  Well of course not.  It’s Latin.  Never fear, I shall translate, but first allow me to tell you from whence this phrase arose (whence?).

Some time around 300 BC, Carthage and Rome went to war.  Hanibal was a revered Carthaginian general who is thought of as one of the greatest tactical generals of all time.  He decided he was going to use surprise as his greatest weapon in attacking Rome.  He wasn’t going to come by the obvious sea routes, but he would cross the Alps and surprise them from the mountains.  As if that wasn’t far-fetched enough, he wanted to appear with an unprecedented show of force, so he opted to come across the Alps . . . with elephants!

“There’s no way” the advisors of the day cried.  Elephants crossing the Alps??!?!

“There’s no way” the war consultants assured this obviously overambitious general, and it was with that burst of negative talk that Hanibal blared out his historical quote (referenced above in Latin).

In English?  “Where this is no way, we will either find a way or make one.”

Centuries later, In the movie Apollo 13, actor Ed Harris played the role of Gene Kranz, the head honcho at Mission Control in Houston during the troubled mission into space.  When told there was “no way” to salvage the spacecraft and save the astronauts aboard, Ed Harris said, “well you gentlemen better invent a way to put a square peg in a round hole rapidly.”

Throughout history, great leaders and achievers have operated from a place where “no way” means “not yet.”  They operate from a framework of possibility and the recognition that we, as human minds and bodies, can create what, prior to creation, might have been deemed impossible.  They know, once an outcome is set in stone, there is a way, although it might not have yet been traveled.

For many of the Be Better graduates, the idea of earning $100,000+ per year as a personal trainer summoned up the words ‘no way,” until a new belief system asked them to find or make one.  Many who today take pride in the studios they conceptualized and manifested can recall the old belief system that limited them.

In the past few posts we addressed want and the concept of creative tension (the gap between where you are and the outcome you desire).  Today’s principle is the catalyst that turns want into “will have” or “will be.”

“Crystallize your dream and create certainty, even if you don’t yet have the how.  When desire meets certainty, creativity and invention create “the way there.”

A new Be Better group begins in July 2012.  It’s affordable.  It’s powerful.  It’s going to elevate an ambitious group of fitness professionals to “the way.”  Want to be a part of it?  Register now.

NOTE: If you haven’t read my 17-page pdf report on protein, food, and my unexpected endorsement of Isagenix and Beyond Organic, read it now!!  Not only will you get the meaty details behind my decision, but you’ll also find out what goes on behind the gates of our nation’s largest food producers.

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