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One More Time . . . Better Than Ever

May 22, 2012

I see the opportunities before me, the opportunities I’m willing to share with you, as insights into a new world, a world that has just flung its door wide open. . . and if you’re ready to walk inside, I’ll show you the way.

I sent an email out to my consumer audience yesterday with the heading “Everything is Changing.”  It is, especially in my world, and I want to help you understand the professional opportunity the recent changes, both the “good ones” and the “bad ones” bring to those willing to step up and pursue the highest levels of excellence.

The “good ones” include the advances in science, technology, and our individual and collective ability to reach and impact more people.  The “bad ones” include the escalation in chronic disease and the degradation of our food supply.  It’s fair to say, this isn’t the same world we knew even a decade ago.

I want to start out by making an unnecessary but important promise.

I will never again apologize for pursuing a career that brings financial reward.  That’s my promise and I’m going to stick to it.

In the early days of my personal training “career” (hardly a career at the time), I learned that I had a choice to make.  I could train people out of passion and I could starve, or I could deliver thrilling results, get paid what I deserve, and prosper.

Throughout the years random personal trainers who didn’t know my struggles, didn’t know my moral compass, didn’t know my thought process and commitment to betterment, condemned me for “selling out.”  “All you care about is money” was the common thread that ran through the few but stinging accusations.

Here’s the reality.  I have never compromised my integrity, I’ve built a business that has been throwing off more than a million dollars a year for over 15 years, and I have never accepted a nickel unless in the process of earning that nickel I brought extreme benefit to someone else’s life.

I’ve been sensitive to the “money” issue as I see it on two ends of the spectrum. I see the new “success gurus” selling emotionally to those personal trainers who struggle with financial lack, and then I see the trainers who still believe there’s something noble about “the starving artist,” the craftsman who stays true to his gift without seeking reward.

Today, putting all of my aversions about presenting success opportunities aside, I’m going to invite you to join me for a program / offering that is unprecedented in its career value for anyone committed to helping others improve through lifestyle shifts incorporating exercise.  It isn’t a “million dollars overnight” scheme, but rather a deeply insightful and career-altering process that allows you complete control over your income without ever stepping away from the passion that drove you here.

I’m also, because of the major shift in my personal career focus, am going to offer some peripheral resources for a fraction of their regular pricing.

The offer I’m about to make for my Career Conquest program is only going to apply to 25 trainers, the first 25 to respond.  Allow me to provide some background and then I’ll present you with the invite / offer.


Before my daughter was born (she turned 8 in March), a primary piece of my revenue pie was “consulting.”  I would travel to different parts of the world, coach health club owners, train their key people, and inspire both the staff and members, and thankfully I was paid handsomely.  There was an innate beauty in the consulting relationships I established and maintained.  Without ever stepping outside of the boundaries of morality (in some cases, reeling in practices that tiptoed on that line) I brought club owners to a place where they increased their profits exponentially.

I didn’t teach my consulting clients single promotion.  I taught them an operating strategy that increased their bottom line carrying forward from month to month.  At the time, my approach was so far outside of the box of convention, simple shifts showed immediate evidence the strategies were going to “work.”

I began with an evaluation of the mission (at times we had to define it to create some sort of focus out of chaotic frenzy) and a comparison of the daily practices and the desired outcomes.  Right then and there we’d find flaws in the approach, and I’d look to “clean up” those flaws that could be addressed the quickest.  We’d eliminate Profit Centers that were, in reality, crippling drains, fix those that simply needed tweaking.  We’d make adjustments in management responsibilities to ensure that leaders could lead and the staff would feel well led.  We explored developing a congruent company culture.  We examined the intake process, the bridge from membership to personal training, and the communication patterns between “the club” and the members.

With that process it became simple to make a series of shifts that could increase revenues by 10% or more within 45 days.  At times it amounted to a $10,000 per month increase in net.  At other times it led to a gradual escalation of revenues brining in an additional $250,000 over the course of 8 months.  It’s certainly justifiable, fair, and rewarding to be paid $9,000 for a 2-day visit when you knew you were increasing a company’s profits by $120,000 a year.

The only downside was the travel.  At first it was an upside.  My consulting projects took me to Trinidad, Brazil, and Moscow.  I’ve been to 47 of the 50 states on “business.”  It’s just that when my daughter entered this world, and moreso when I became a single dad, I found the travel burdensome.  Although I started to despise the airplane delays, taxi rides from airports to hotels, and unavoidable layovers, It was hard to give up the revenue, so I had to figure out a way to replace it without sacrificing in any way the value I deliver.

It was that line of thinking that led me to create my Be Better Project for Fitness Professionals.  I knew I couldn’t ask a personal trainer to pay me $9,000 for two days, as for some of them that was the totality of three month’s revenue.  I realized, however, those trainers that ride at the top of the excellence wave have common threads that run through them.  They’re passionate.  They’re earning.  They’re learning.  They’re bettering lives.  With that, however, more often than not, they were undervalued, underpaid, and stuck in a place where their ceiling seemed limited by the number of hours in a day.  If I could round up a group of like-minded trainers who were willing to follow a proven set of principles, than they could cooperatively invest in my services, requiring only a few hundred dollar investment per month, and I could coach them in a group, confident they could quickly justify the investment with exponential returns.

This wasn’t a Mastermind Group.  It was a set curriculum, laid out strategically, teaching them to build their value, to market innately, to influence without a sense of pressure, to capture a marketplace, to set up contemporary revenue streams, to identify little-known but highly valuable motivational strategies, to move toward a sense of effortless prosperity, and to enjoy a vacation or two every year celebrating the good they’ve done for others.  Out of vision that Be Better was born.

Today roughly 200 trainers have gone through Be Better. I conduct it remove, via teleconference and webinar.  Each group remains in the project for 8 months, and in that period they go from a place where they feel stuck and stifled to an unparalleled joyous sense of freedom to earn, to create, to serve.  They go from want to achievement, from uncertainty to belief, from struggle to conquest.


Today I am putting on new blinders, narrowing my focus.  I’ve developed a protocol over the past four years that has proven groundbreaking in helping people find greater health, not only fitness, but health as indicated in shifts by medical biomarkers.  The A.L.I.V.E. protocol has been conducted in conjunction with major hospitals and it’s fair to say the results have in most cases exceeded any results brought about by the common prescription meds aimed at hypothyroidism, hypertension, blood sugar irregularities, and autoimmune diseases.

I am now making the A.L.I.V.E. protocol the center of my career and anticipate releasing a new book, embarking on a media tour, and finding new inroads to connect with an admirable but broken medical field.

I’ve created a 16-week training program for those few trainers I’m grooming to be ALIVE coaches.  To date there are less than 40.  This training program is called ASPIRE and in the months ahead it will be conducted for medical professionals.

I feel that I am more enlightened and empowered today than ever in recognizing the open door before us.  I realize that those personal trainers willing to step outside of the box and pursue yet a new level of excellence have a power they’ve never had before.  Chronic disease afflicts 60% of our adult population and an ever-increasing number of adolescents and children.  This IS the problem of the 21st century, and while MSNBC and Fox News talk about “health care,” the candidates fail to discuss health.  They discuss sick care and money.  We have an opportunity to emerge as proactive key players in the allied health care team, and I’m further proving that every day.


Before I launch fully into training medical professionals in the ASPIRE curriculum, I want to do a last live Be Better program.  It’s hard for me to step away from Be Better, as it has built an amazing sense of family among those who have made the journey, and in all honesty, just as you love facilitating change in your clients, I love watching each trainer’s career evolution, watching each one gain true clarity, and trading doubt for evidence that prosperity is there for the taking.

I will offer Be Better in the future as a recorded self-study program, but I will not conduct the live interactive groups where I come to know and guide participants personally.  I am going to do it just one more time, but with a huge twist that provides you a chance to jump over whatever obstacles might have hindered you in the past.

I’m going to invite you to participate in a special extended Be Better Project going from Summer 2012 to Summer 2013.  In that year, I will teach you to completely transform your career, not based on my vision, but based on yours.

Be Better is the foundation of some of the top earners in our industry.  This past weekend we had our semi-annual Be Better Family Vacation at the Pelican Grand resort and the stories of career evolution are mind blowing.  It’s a rare group.  They are humble, they are confident, they are open minded, and they are earning by fully linking together passion and a revenue growth formula that positions you for true career security in an industry where few have any assurance for a financially sound future.


For those who feel a financial strain, breathe a sigh of relief.  It will not be a limiting factor.  For those who are earning well but know there’s more to achieve, I’m making things simple.  I’m going to invite you to join this next Be Better, for only $98.97 per month.  You’ll attend an intensive 45-minute teleconference twice per month, each session sharing the Be Better principles strategically delivered to help you identify and move toward whatever future you desire.

For those who want a high level of interaction, who want me to serve as their coach beyond the information delivered in the “principles” teleseminars, you’ll have an opportunity to upgrade to what I’m calling a Career Conquest Insider ($297 per month), but that is simply an available option, by no means a need.

You don’t have to decide right now whether or not you want the upgrade.  25 people can register for the next Be Better program, one that will tap into, not only the success principles that have made Be Better groups so powerful, but also the key underpinnings of the A.L.I.V.E. protocol.

Register at the $98.97 price.  Once the 25 slots are filled, you’ll receive an opportunity to upgrade if you choose.  This doesn’t in any way reduce the value of the basic offering.  The information you’ll acquire has sold for well over $2500.  This is my way of “bringing deserving trainers along,” of helping them understand a world outside of conventional personal training where you are revered and rewarded as a true professional.

Is it for everyone?  No.  Yesterday I had lunch with a doctor and we had an open discussion about the medical field’s view of personal trainers.  I’ve discussed this with scores of medical groups and I’ll simply say, their opinions aren’t flattering, but those same doctors embrace me, my ALIVE coaches, my team of trainers, and the ALIVE protocol as a valid and proven health intervention with credibility, promise, and an ever-growing track record.  The trainers that emerge from Be Better and ASPIRE are different.  They are allowed into arenas where few trainers have been welcomed.   I estimate, based on a long and interesting immersion in the field of personal training, that 5% of the credentialed practicing trainers have the X-factor necessary to step up and enter this new realm.

If you’re not sure . . . this likely isn’t for you right now.

If you know you have the heart of a personal trainer, the deep-rooted desire to help people find betterment, and the recognition of a value that has not, in your world, been fully recognized and married with compensation, then, and only then, should you register.


To register you need only invest $42.77, a non-refundable deposit.  The remainder will be billed at $98.97 per month for 12 months.


If you want two SPECIAL NEVER BEFORE OFFERED BONUSES, there’s an additional opportunity.  For a deposit of $128.77 you’ll also get the complete DVD recording of my Personal Trainer Business Forum.  This has never before been offered like this, by me. This is an event with a price tag of $1299. I haven’t conducted the Forum in years as my focus has shifted, but the information you’ll find will blow you away.  I daresay, any one of the four full-length DVD’s will give you tools and strategies that will earn you thousands of additional dollars per month.  You’ll find the details of my 800-square foot profit monster, a personal training model that can throw off more profit than a 25,000 square food health club.  I personally know more than 50 personal trainers who came out of this business forum and launched their profit monsters, and each and every one has grown, and grown, and grown.  You’ll learn to be Bullet Proof, to insulate yourself from competition, to look at marketing in an entirely new light, and to kick your business into the stratosphere, and all of that before we even begin our first teleconference.

You’ll also, if you opt for the $128.77 deposit, receive the massive Be Better manual, a hard copy guidebook that will serve as the greatest success resource you’ve ever acquired.  When you receive it you’ll be overwhelmed by the volume of information we’ll cover, but because it’s broken into 24 teleseminars (two per month for twelve months) it will never feel overwhelming.

So, you can either register for $42.77, or, for only $80 more, get the full Personal Trainer Business Forum on DVD ($1200 value) and the Be Better manual.

OK, decision time.  Want in?  Once the 25 slots are filled, I guarantee this offer will NOT be repeated.   Click here, choose the deposit option that best serves you, and prepare to embark on a year-long journey that allows you to conquer any career demons, obstacles, or challenges that might have limited you.  REGISTER NOW, before it sells out!

Note: the Personal Trainer Business Forum DVD set is available online reduced from its retail price of $299 to $129.77 if you opt to purchase it without enrolling in Be Better.  You’ll also find a number of products including my Profits Book and Commanding Yes at severely slashed prices, but there is a limited supply.  Click here to see the offers (while supplies last)

Oh, wait, there is a catch.  If you’re going to come into Be Better – Career Conquest, I’m going to ask a favor.  I don’t think it’ll be a deal breaker, but I want you to know, it is important to me.  I’m offering you a special price, I’m offering you an opportunity to propel your career forward, and I’m asking a simple favor.

Ready to join us?  Click here, read the little stipulation, and then, if you’re ready to grow, to conquer the future, to enjoy experiencing your true potential, join us for Be Better Career Conquest.

Find Special Product Offers for Fitness Pros in the Superstore at

P.S. This offer can be taken advantage of by previous Be Better pariticipants or trainers who are active in any of my other programs.  Because of the deep discounted price of this offer, no additional incentives are available, but feel free to join us for this Summer-To-Summer journey.  All you have to do is REGISTER NOW

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