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April 4, 2012

If there’s a plague . . . the “cure” becomes the most valuable commodity for anyone affected, and with a plague . . . lots of people are affected!

Last night I did a seminar for 500 employees of the Memorial Hospital System* in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.   A year ago, I might have been amazed by what I would have found to be an amazing phenomenon.  More than 70% of the people in attendance had at least one chronic disease.  Why is it a phenomenon?  THEY WORK IN A HOSPITAL!

A year ago, I wasn’t as aware of the magnitude of the epidemic.  I knew the statistics were staggering, but I would have thought that those who are immersed within the medical field would have a greater concern for or a greater understanding of their own health, fitness, and well being.  I’ve learned.  It’s more than an epidemic.  It’s a plague.  You can ignore it, you can decide it doesn’t affect you, and you can commit to only train those people who have made fitness a part of their lives . . . but if you want to see the future . . . you have to see the plague and . . . seek out the cure.

Here’s the exciting part.  The cure can become a part of your new power.

The chronic disease epidemic is vast, and the causes are many, and it now rolls over into every population including police and firefighters, teachers, and health care workers.  It knows few bounds as it’s invaded both ends of the socioeconomic spectrum.  Chronic disease is not fixable with a drug, although medications are the first course of action, and often the second, and the third, ad infinitum.

So far I haven’t shared anything that rattles you.  You see our population.  The fit people you train are dedicated, but I’m sure you’ve had contact with the unwell.  Here’s where it gets different.  I have isolated elements of complete restoration of health.  I know that’s bold, I know it may come across as arrogant, and I know it raises a skeptical eyebrow or two . . . . but I’m proving it on a daily basis.

We all know about chronic disease, and we know eating right and exercising are the keys to maintaining health, but what our industry hasn’t yet gained access to is the whole truth.  What “works” for your 34 year old client who want to “tone” or shed that stubborn 10 pounds is NOT going to “work” for the largest segment of our population.  Once the inflammatory process begins, it changes cellular structures, triggers genes, shuts down receptors, and the body doesn’t respond to exercise and healthy eating as the fit population does.  As trainers, we get frustrated.  We blame it on lack of motivation, but only over the course of the last three years have I come to learn and repeatedly prove, making the unwell well requires some different strategy.

A fit body can be forgiving of unnatural compounds in foods.  A healthy gut can make gluten and dairy acceptable options.  A fit individual with reasonable hormonal balance can stimulate muscle increase with any type of resistance program, and an individual with an uncompromised metabolism can turn 45 minutes on a treadmill into a training effect resulting in aerobic improvement and fat loss.  Twenty years ago, we likely could have treated the largest segment of our population as “fit people gone slightly astray,” but the 21st century has brought us unprecedented change.

Once someone slips into that chronic inflammatory state, the changes that take place are cumulative and while medications may mask some symptoms, they do not prevent the continued degradation of the human machine.

I’ve taken on challenges from a few dozen doctors, many of them skeptical.  I asked them to send me their tough cases.  I wanted the pre-diabetics who the doctor’s believe refuse to make change. I wanted the hypothyroid perpetual dieters who the doctors medicate and manage.  I wanted the hypertensives, the hypercholesterolemics, and the energy compromised . . . and WOW, DID I GET WHAT I WANTED!

The ALIVE protocol, the 8-week strategy I’ve used to help human beings from every population find change has been proven 266 times over, and it continues.  Although the protocol is delivered in a manner and language that make it simple for the consumer to understand, the science behind it is quite complex.

Those personal trainers who come to learn and understand the science will have an edge, an advantage, in that they will have the power to rescue the largest and most opportune target market in history.

I’m going to leave it at this.  With only a handful of personal trainers currently versed in the science behind ALIVE, I’m opening the door one last time for personal trainers who want the edge, who want to step up, who want to learn how to shift their career onto a new road, one where they ride side by side with esteemed professionals from the world of medicine.    I’m inviting 25 personal trainers to go through 16 weeks of the most empowering lessons you’ve ever experienced.  I’m inviting you to go through my ASPIRE program and master the strategies, truisms, and techniques that have the medical field looking and listening.

ASPIRE will become a program for medical professionals in October of 2012, and the same materials I’m going to share with you will come with a price tag of $6,000 per person.  Because I am a personal trainer, I live with the heart of a personal trainer, and my 30-year career in this field maintains a commitment to helping those trainers who seek true excellence achieve their dreams, I am inviting you to join ASPIRE an absurd price . . . less than you’d collect from even a single personal training client over the course of 16 weeks.   As a matter of fact, you can earn back four times you investment the first time you conduct the program I’m sharing.

This is the real deal.  If you want to join us . . . don’t hesitate.  It really is a last chance.  The next group begins on April 12 as of Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM, 17 spots remain.


If you’re a bit intrigued, but still uncertain. I’ll share one more invitation.  This Thursday, April 5, at 7:00 PM, I’ll be conducting the same seminar I did last night, the same seminar I’ve done for select audiences all over the country, in a live interactive webinar.  You can register for only $20.12.  If you want to hear the way I deliver the information to a consumer audience, attend, and see if it really makes sense.  No obligation at all.


If you want to register for the ALIVE Webinar, while I can’t guarantee the openings will last, you can get a taste of the material before you commit to anything more than 120 minutes in front of your computer.  REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR HERE

Looking forrward to the future!
Phil Kaplan

* The seminar last night was offered for $25.  I had 24 openings for individuals who wanted to register for the complete ALIVE Program, a commitment to 8 weeks including group sessions with me and one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer.  We sold the program out in 6 minutes!  This is the right opportunity at the right time.  JOIN US FOR ASPIRE.

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