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The Seven Powers

November 28, 2011

If an opportunity falls before you, and you opt to evaluate its credibility and merit, there are some valuable assessments you can start with.

  1. Is the environment supportive of this opportunity?  Selling hot soup on a Florida beach in summertime would immediately flunk the first part of the assessment.  Conversely, if there is an opportunity to connect with something that supports the greening of America, the news media and activist groups have brought about a shift in awareness that might make edible plates a good idea.
  2. If the environment is supportive, consider whether the time for this opportunity to bring benefit is now.  Selling little ear buds in health clubs might not have been a great opportunity . . . until everyone had cell phones that also serve as music  centers.
  3. If the environment is supportive, and the time is right, the mirror gets called into play.  You look at yourself and ask, with every bit of candor and honesty, “do you have the power to make this happen?”

On Friday I conducted a presentation for 18 board members of a medical center that has broken ground less than a year ago, one that has progressive minded doctors on board, one that is wrapping up the creation stage and getting ready to execute.  I’ve been involved as an ally and resource for 8 months or so helping them discover and prepare to capitalize on the extension of functional medicine that connects with exercise.  In other words, we’ve been discussing the bridge between fitness and medicine.

I took a risk.  In the past my presentations have been about “the connection.”  This time I took a different course.  I spoke very little about conventional medicine.  I instead opted to do a presentation on The POWER of Personal Trainers.  I wanted the medical pioneers present to realize that personal trainers could serve their patient base in ways doctors never could.  I wanted them to understand what, those personal trainers who are willing to adapt to a new landscape with new knowledge and an enhanced skill set, could bring to a progressive futuristic model of a true health, cure, and wellness operation.

The presentation was so well received, I’ll be presenting it for an extended group in two weeks.  I must admit, I feel I’m operating in a vacuum.  The information I share isn’t presently discussed among personal fitness trainers, yet I know with every thinking part of me, this is the future of our field.  This is the leap that will allow us to elevate to a new level of respect and career security.  The challenge isn’t as much with convincing medical explorers of the theoretic value of a personal trainer as it is with isolating personal trainers who are confident in incorporating this new set of skills.

I decided to share the presentation with you.  It’s titled, The Seven Powers of a Personal Trainer,” subtitled, “Personal Trainers in the 21st Century Deserve to Take Their Rightful Place in the Allied Health Care Field.”  Before the end of the week I’ll have it posted online for your viewing, edited down to a neat little 14 minute presentation.

The Seven Powers, when stacked side-by-side with a list of the power of medical professionals, demonstrates how obviously complementary we are, and why we can close the gap and find the missing piece that allows our population to reclaim health.

There is a very real opportunity for growth here, but before you blindly accept that statement, let’s hold it up against the three evaluators I laid out earlier.

Is the environment supportive of an escalation in the power of personal trainers translating to much-enhanced value?  Perhaps these statistics will prove evidentiary.  Two-thirds of women over 20-years-old use at least one recurring prescription medication to treat chronic conditions.  More than one-half of all insured Americans have been sufficiently diagnosed to facilitate insurance reimbursement for medicine purchases.  In other words, more than half of Americans have been told they have some dis-ease.  Here’s the kicker.  With America the largest consumer of ailment-aimed medications on the planet, with American spending on health care anticipated to make up 1/3 of Gross Domestic Spending in the next two decades, here’s what we know.  Something out there is making people sick, pharmaceutical companies are making ltos of money . . . but . . . the field of medicine has been virtually impotent in taking people afflicted with the all-too-common diagnoses (Type 2 diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia, Hypertension) to a place of “cure.”  If we have the power to intervene (we do), if we have the power to “cure dis-ease” (we do), and if we have the power to facilitate shifts in knowledge and mindset turning perceived helplessness into curative action (we do), only one conclusion can be drawn.  The Environment is right.

How about timing?

Is now the time?  Consider how absurd the trends are.  50% of the children born after the year 1999 will have diabetes in their lifetimes, most of them before they finish school.  That’s where we’re headed!  The public is aware, Obama’s initiatives have fallen flat, and the health care crisis has become such a  burdensome issue It’s now clipped from media news programming to make room for stories of the Kardashians.   The bottom line is, it’s bad.  It’s really bad, and there’s no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, at least not without a massive shift in awareness and action.  More meds, more disease, more spending.  That’s the pattern we’ve been following as a population.  If a new awareness, which we have the power to create, can help people make better lifestyle choices (I’m not talking about quitting smoking or minimizing fat intake . . . I’m talking about shifting actions that people actually believe to be healthy), don’t we have a responsibility to act?  A survey published by Harvard Medical School showed that of the near 1,000,000 bankruptcies annually, one-half were related to financial costs or losses due to illness.  So . . . is medicine helping people??!?!?  I can shock you with the statistics related to biotech companies profits increasing as cancer diagnosis hits an all-time high, and I can knock you off your feet by sharing the percentage of dollars generated by drug companies related only to symptom-treating drugs (vs. health improving ones), but I think what’s most shocking is . . . the food industry, the chemical industry, and the drug companies create a perfect storm where health suffers and big business capitalizes.  There has never been a time in history as ideal for us to claim our rightful place as true players in allied health care, as true catalysts for restoration of health.

The final evaluation question is, “do have the power?”  The answer is, yes, you have the potential power.  I’m sharing the education base in my ASPIRE program in January of 2012 for one reason.  I want to be able to point at a base of personal trainers who are equipped, confident, and powerful enough to lead the way, to show what we’re capable of as a collective force of health professionals.  If you haven’t yet signed up for ASPIRE, do it now!  It’ll take you through 16 weeks in which we’ll get to connect via webinar and teleconference, 16 weeks during which your eyes will open to the potential you never knew you possessed, 16 weeks during which the Seven Powers become yours.

Expect the complete Seven Powers presentation, as promised, later this week.

If the little “need to share bug” stays present in my head, you can expect me to present the Seven Powers over the next few days in this format.

What are the Seven Powers?  I’ll give you the first as a teaser . . . The Power of Profit-Ability, a very real power most personal trainers have failed to tap into.  I’ll teach you how to access the potential you really have to create a formidable business with a healthy bottom line, without ever sacrificing your integrity or veering away from what you love to do.

Join us for the ASPIRE program.  Register now and you can sign up for only $90 and four affordable monthly installments in 2012.

Click here for more info. 

Click here to register now.

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