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The Mirror, the Scale, and The Doctor

November 9, 2011

Let’s be honest. We overuse the word “results.” In an industry where failure abounds, every seller of hope promises this elusive outcome they refer to as . . . “results.”

Every personal trainer worth his or her certification can point to clients who have lost fat, increased strength, and reassembled their own human machines . . . but . . . that’s where the lines are typically drawn. Trainers boast of “transformations,” but by no fault of their own, they don’t have the tools or skill sets to demonstrate a new level of “result,” a radical improvement in health. I know you’ve had clients who have seen reductions in blood pressure and cholesterol, but I’m referring to an all-out assault upon any lifestyle disease that threatens optimal health.

Enter the Mirror, the Scale, and the Doctor. They are three sources of bad news in the lives of moms, executives, employees, and the middle aged and senior segments of our population.

The scale tells them they’re too heavy, the mirror tells them they’re too fat, and the doctor can typically create a very disturbing list in those who aren’t sufficiently active or adequately nourished:

• “cholesterol’s too high”

• “you have pre-diabetic hyperglycemia”

• “your blood pressure is too high”

• “your thyroid hormones are too low”

And then, to top it all off, when the patient who has already been whipped hard by the scale and the mirror gets the diagnostic review, the doctor can prescribe something for the residual depression. Is it any wonder people are depressed?! A world without doctors, mirrors, and scales might not be a perfect world, but I suspect we’d have happier people! I’m being facetious, and I don’t want to eradicate doctors . . . I want to create alliances with them, and that process has already started to unfold. Doctors are competent well trained facilitators of approved interventions. The doctors aren’t the problem. The corrupt system that dictates what they are exposed to, that dictates what they can and cannot do is the problem, and we are the solution!

Over the last 4 years, I’ve found an entirely new position in the field of Health & Fitness, one that doesn’t replace anything I’ve done previously, but builds upon to create a new strength and with it, a much-enhanced value. In those four years, I’ve studied not only the science of dis-ease and wellness, but I’ve also consulted with renowned psychologists to understand adherence, mindset, and perceived possibility. If any health care professional is going to ensure an individual takes responsibility for improving his or her own health, there are some vital prerequisites:

1. A baseline
2. An outcome to pursue
3. A strategy and a plan
4. Support, guidance, and periodic review

Experience my A.L.I.V.E. Coach Trainer Training (incorporated into ASPIRE) and you’ll be amazed, disgusted, and disheartened when you first learn about the impotence of the most common medical interventions, and why they fail the “responsibility for results assessment” right out of the gate. You’ll be annoyed and irritated when you gain access to some of the realities of 21st century “health care.” I’ll teach you what the drug research really shows, and where doctors are misled by materials disseminated by the pharmaceutical giants.
Once you get past the shock and awe . . . you’ll come to realize your power. Personal trainers are about to Leap . . . and the Time is NOW!

Do you ASPIRE to be, do, and achieve more?

Then register for my ASPIRE program for personal trainers in search of excellence.

Never afraid to go out on a wire, but always careful to test the strength of the wire I’m about to stand upon, I approach this new age of health and fitness with some powerful and provocative statements:

• A competent personal trainer can be the pivotal health care provider for the masses.

• Personal trainers can cure dis-ease

• Personal trainers with a new exercise and coaching competence combined with a new complementary skill set can help people restore hormonal balance, reverse inflammatory activity, reduce oxidative stress, and develop biologically younger cells, and they can achieve this in clients with greater power and promise than any drug.

Bold assertions? Of course, but I’m willing to defend them, to stand by them, and . . . to prove them! You can too.

How much more valuable do you become if you become the “go to” health practitioner, not instead of doctors, not promising to do medical work, but able to understand the biomarkers of disease and prescribe lifestyle shifts aimed at restoring health?

How much does the perception of your value shift if you learn to align with doctors, not only as referral sources, but as partners in Allied Health Care?

You must recognize and respect your scope of practice, but I think it valuable to re-examine where those boundaries lie. If, in fact, we can, without stepping into the realm of unwarranted risk, help more people find greater outcomes, shouldn’t we? The answer is YES, and I’ll show you how. Safely. Effectively. Consistently.

My A.L.I.V.E. protocol is an 8-week exercise and eating intervention that helps people reclaim their own health, rediscover vitality, reshape, restore, and ultimately, relax. The science behind the program is wonderfully complex, and it’s because of the complexity that I’ve been so protective of the protocol to date. I wanted to demonstrate its power without the data being tarnished by imitators and shortcuts. I’ve done that. I’ve presented in front of medical groups, contracted with hospitals, and created partnerships between health care facilities and health clubs, but most of all, I’ve empowered 28 trainers from all different parts of the continent to serve as A.L.I.V.E. coaches, to understand the science and integrate a new awareness into their individual experiences.
In order to ensure that these trainers really understand the intricacies of the protocol, I developed a 12-hour intensive training program complete with quizzes and a final exam. The training program is unlike anything this industry has ever seen. I’ll share realities many organizations and institutions would shy away from, realities evidenced by legitimate but underpublicized research.

Consider this. If exercise were able to affect health and eradicate specific incidences of dis-ease more effectively than drugs, would the drug companies want to publicize the research that offers evidence?

I’ve found a Platform that sits proudly between conventional medicine and conventional fitness and the vantage point form here is astounding. I have committed to create the A.L.I.V.E. Coach Trainer Training program for health professionals (doctors, medical professionals, and top fitness professionals) as a recurring curriculum. The price tag? $6400.

I’m excited by the momentum this movement is taking on, but I’m also sensitive to the needs of my own chosen field, the needs of the personal training ground army. That’s why I’m offering a new program, ASPIRE, scheduled to run 16 weeks beginning in January of 2012, for a fraction of the $6400 this curriculum will soon command.

How much? $950 . . . and it gets better. . . .

For this offering, I’m going to add in four additional hours sharing concepts from my Be Better Project. Be Better has been in existence for six years and has helped a small but significant number of personal trainers to find effortless prosperity. I’ve kept it under the radar and never marketed it industry wide. There’s an intimacy to Be Better that makes every participant feel like part of a family, a family of individuals with a power to achieve.

So, for $950, you’re going to get success strategies plus an entirely new perspective and skill set. What will this do to your value? I’ll promise you this. I’ll teach you how to instantly increase your income by $950 a month . . . so that pays for your investment in the program several times over. You should also know that each ALIVE client pays between $750 and $2425 for an 8 week program, and 80% of ALIVE clients roll over into long standing recurring revenue generators. If you’re doing a bit of math, know that I can take 8 clients through ALIVE every 8 weeks.

What will you learn when you register for ASPIRE? I’m not sure how to answer that without going into a 12 hour talk. I can promise you, this is information you haven’t heard before, and it will change you. I’ll give you a few bullet points, but don’t register because of the bullet points, register because you’re ready to find the career reward and security you’ve always wanted for. Register because you want to recognize your true potential and you want to find ultimate reward for continually bettering the lives of others. With that said . . . bullet points ahead! You’ll learn . . .

 How to track reversal in lifestyle diseases

 How to direct clients, with an exercise and eating intervention, to move toward “cure” for type 2 diabetes, primary hypertension, and inflammatory disease of the circulatory system, respiratory system, or nervous system.

 Why everything we’ve learned about cardio is outdated for our new unwell population

 How 22 minute exercise bouts can be more powerful and efficient than standard sets and reps training

 How we can tap into the nervous system’s ability to stimulate restoration of hormonal balance

 How we can get ALL clients to adhere to their programs without fail

 How to instantly facilitate shifts in client mindset that instill belief in the power of physical change

 How to improve function, form, strength, body composition, and biochemistry with a streamlined approach minimizing exercise time and food restriction

 Why personal trainers have a greater potential power than the most common medical interventions aimed at training lifestyle disease

 How we can help people “rewire” neural connections to create motivation, drive, and lasting enthusiasm

 What medical tests are popular but valueless in assessing risk, and why insurance companies are so anxious to “approve” select lab panels

 What the true markers are for identifying dis-ease and how we can help people reverse dis-ease trending.

 How to radically improve flexibility and posture without a designated stretching program.

 How we can bring about simultaneous changes in biomechanics and biochemistry.

 How to establish a position that is accepted and respected by the medical community

 How we can stimulate the body to produce compounds that out-produce the most commonly prescribed drugs in terms of long term benefit

 How we can work with individuals diagnosed with hypothyroidism, diabetes, and hypertension in a safe yet aggressive manner aimed to reversing their “conditions.”

 How we can bring about 1000% strength increases without ever going to the point of muscle failure.

 How we can tap into a little-utilized pathway for liberating and incinerating stored bodyfat.

 Why accepted exercise wisdom is limited in its ability to address the populations’ primary health needs.

And in the four additional hours (16 hours in total over 16 weeks) I’ll share:

  • Owning Your Time (not managing it . . . OWNING IT!)
  • The only five reasons for falling short and how to shut them down
  • Four key financial strategies that can instantly increase your earnings and exponentially increase your ability to save and establish financial peace
  • Fail Proof Marketing in minutes a day

I can keep going, but I won’t. If you don’t see the opportunity at this point, nothing I say can light it up for you. If you’re ready to step things up, here are a few important details:

ASPIRE is delivered via a weekly webinar. You’ll need a phone and computer. Each session runs 55 minutes and you’re urged to be on every call live (audio recordings are available in rare emergencies).

The sessions will take place beginning in January (my assistant Stacey will send you a start date shortly) and they’ll begin promptly at 3:00 Eastern Time. You’re encouraged to call in and sign on 5-10 minutes before (this not only ensures everyone is set up and ready to go at the onset, but it also allows you a bit of time to get to know the other participants).

There’s another perk. I’ll discount registration $200 for the first 20 trainers to register. That means . . . . instead of $950, if you register now, it’s only $750. Here’s how it lays out. $90 non-refundable deposit, then . . .

January, 2012 – $165

February, 2012 – $165

March, 2012 – $165

April, 2012 – $165

BONUS: Before the New Year, I’ll conduct a 90-minute workshop for those who register early (the first 20). The material will astound you. I’ve been studying not only influence, but an evolving science called Neuroplasticity, and in this private webinar workshop I’ll teach you to change outcomes by changing minds. There’s another benefit. I’ll get to know 20 of you personally, and you’ll be the key players throughout the program. In other words, I’ll get to know your circumstance and experience and I’ll speak to your concerns and situations on the 16 group calls. It’ll give you an edge, both in acquiring additional information and in coming to master and optimize the power of the materials.


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