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Manure and Goldfish?

June 13, 2011

In this short entry, I’ll use the words, “Two tons of manure” and I’ll also ask a question about goldfish.

Here goes . . .

June 13. It’s another Monday. Another beginning. One of those opportunities to kick things up a notch, to test what you’re really capable of, to move toward the ultimate rewards you long for and deserve.

That’s why, if you’re a physician or personal fitness trainer, I’m inviting you to attend the Platform call. It takes place at 3:00 Eastern Time and while most attendees are members of the Platform, I will accept 10 guests to attend on me.

The Platform call is a webinar. You need a phone and computer to attend.

This special edition of the Platform will address and hopefully answer many questions including, “what happens when you put two tons of manure in a one-ton truck” and “why did the goldfish leave the bowl?”

OK, maybe that isn’t as compelling as this, “how you can make more money, help more people, and find new power and potential while maintaining your professionalism and your integrity.”

Want to be my guest on the call? Complete this form before Noon today, Monday, June 13, and I’ll respond with access information.

Don’t miss this one!

Be Better.  Always Better,


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