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Three Challenges to Overcome in 8 days

April 5, 2011

• Personal Trainers get stuck. They get stuck in habits, old outdated paradigms, and worst of all, a system that undervalues them. You’ll learn how to quickly get unstuck, to tap into the power you’ve been sitting on but didn’t recognize (no, not your butt. “Sitting on” was just a figure of speech).

• The second challenge is that trainers fail to recognize their power to influence. While old neural habits will tell you that you can’t ask for that money, you’ll recognize what’s happening, confront it, and open up to your new power to influence ethically, powerfully, and without any apprehension.

• The third challenge is, personal trainers believe that something outside of themselves will change their outcome (a new promotion, a new marketing angle, a functional training or kettlebell workshop). While these options may have merit, you’re going to accept that you have the power to change things. The driving force (once you’re unstuck) comes not from somewhere outside of you but from within.

In case you aren’t yet connected, I’m sharing my 8 Days of Change program with Personal Trainers for free beginning April 8.  You’ll receive access via email and downloads.  If you aren’t yet registered take the following two actions:

1. Sign up for the Facebook group, Every Personal Trainer Needs to Know.  The links will be posted at the group page.  Sign up at:

Also, register for additional materials by completing the simple form at:

Prepare to find Betterment!

Phil Kaplan

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