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If you deserve it – why not?

May 27, 2016

There’s a general consensus among personal trainers.  They believe they should be paid IN LINE WITH MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.  I often hear the justifications.  

“They can only treat sick people, WE CAN PREVENT THEM FROM GETTING SICK!”

Is that truly a rationale for what trainers deserve?  Let’s put a number to it.  Let’s say . . .

$250,000 Annually.  Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars a Year.

Are there trainers who earn that?  Yes.  Likely less than 1/4 of 1%.  If you would like to be there, but you aren’t, we have to question why.

Let’s start with this.  As long as personal trainers blame the industry, the medical field, the public, the drug companies, the universe, Oprah, or Donald Trump (OK, few blame the last two but I was on a roll), the percentages aren’t likely to change.  The big earners have a very different mindset.  They understand some things beyond “safe and effective exercise.”

Screenshot (16)In a 90-minute webinar I shared with a few hundred fitness professionals, I shared some truths.  Indisputable truths.  I changed the way some people think about provision (the service you provide) and reward (what you receive based in great part upon what you deserve).  I believe I made some sense out of the imbalances and the misinformation that riddles the medical field and its audience.

In a sincere effort to again raise the bar, to help personal trainers understand how they can get to become big earners, happy earners, knowing they’re thrilling their clients and finding just rewards, I’m making the video for a limited time available free.  If you’re apprehensive and you think “if it’s free he’s going to try to sell me something,” you can put that to rest.  There’s no sales pitch at all. It’s just information.  Good information.  Valuable information.  And of course, I invite your feedback.


More Clients – Like Lifting More Weight

May 3, 2016

Getting clients is the “need” most personal trainers indict as the most challenging and in that they seek marketing and social media options.  They create ads, funnels, and sign up for costly courses, but they fail to develop the simplest skill of all. Talk to people.  Honestly.

I know it’s hard . . . at first, if you have qualities of an altruistic introvert (as most trainers do), but change your neural wiring, make the initial contact easy, and then, once you’re engaged in conversation, use a 90-second “open.”   I know, in sales they call the capture of the client a “close.”  I hate closing.  I love opening.  It opens up a relationship.

The 90-second open simply asks you to initially spend 4 minutes in dialogue.  It can start with “hi” and can lead quickly to you mentioning what you do for a living.  Here’s the beautiful question.

“I love what I do for one reason.  I make people’s lives better.  What do you want to change?”

I know, I know.  You just can’t see yourself asking the question.

Consider the options.

  1. Want for more clients and keep yourself wanting
  2. Spend money on questionable marketing with an uncertain outcome
  3. Be courageous and force it at first knowing it will soon become simple

I’d choose #3. It’s just like lifting more weight.  You have to challenge yourself.  I know you get the old tired metaphor but realize, you change the wiring in your brain as you force new action.  Your client who thinks they’ll never handle 25-pound dumbbells for reps needs encouragement with 10’s and an eye on possibility.  It begins with a willingness to try something you’re not convinced of, to face an uncharacteristic challenge, and while in this case, the growth isn’t related to muscular strength, it’s that neural wiring that impacts mindset strength..

Once you find the courage to do this, you’ll find people answer you.  Sometimes it’s with the grab of a bodypart.  Other times it’s with a roll of the eyes.  Sometimes it with an ashamed smile, but they will answer you.  Always.  I’ve asked the question thousands of times and I’ve NEVER had anyone say “I don’t want to change a thing.”

People want more energy.  They want to get off meds.  They want to erase a symptom or cluster of symptoms.  They want to look better.  They want to be more attractive.  They want to feel better.  They want to perform better . . . everywhere from the workplace to the bedroom.  You’ll wonder if this is true, but only until you begin to habitualize the question.

As soon as you get an answer, you jump right into the 90-day “open.”  There is one caveat.  You have to have a single call to action.  In other words, you don’t want a long drawn out dialogue about cost, about the action they should take, about your schedule vs. theirs.  You simply have to be prepared to make an offer that comes across as a well-intentioned command.

Know, in advance, what you’re going to ask them to do.

“Let’s get you signed up for my Monday night Orientation.  It’s $20 with a money back guarantee.  Should I lock you in?”

“Give me your phone number and email and I’ll make sure there’s an opening in my group training tomorrow afternoon.  Are you more likely to find it easy to attend my 1:15 group or my 5:45?”

“Come in tomorrow evening for a consultation.  It’s $75 and I’ll make sure you get so much clarity and direction you’ll immediately realize what it takes to get into a new body quickly and happily.  I have open consult slots at 6:00 and 8:30. Which works better?”

I’ve shared this with hundreds of fitness professionals over the past decade in my Be Better group.  Would you like to know how many times one of them attempted what I’m sharing with you and regretted it?  Zero.  Do you want to know how many have found explosive growth after gaining comfort with this process?  Let’s just say . . . lots.

So now, with a willingness to open up and sustain a 4-minute conversation in a grocery store, restaurant, on the street, at the gas station, at your kid’s school, in the doctor’s office waiting room, in the line at the DMV, at the health food store, or . . . hmmmm . . . at the gym, and with a single marketing directive, here’s the 90-second journey from prospect to new client.

  1. Reiterate the specific of the expressed desire for change. We’ll refer to that as “the need.”
  2. Ask a single question that reinforces the fact in the mind of the person you’re speaking to, the need isn’t being met.
  3. Spend 30 seconds, not more, explaining that you are “the Vehicle” that will take them from where they are to where they want to be.
  4. Go to your directive.

That’s it.  Is it fancy?  No.  Do you have to drive people into your sales funnel, hook them into your website, or pay Google or Facebook to bring you “leads?”  No.

Here’s the big question.

Does this simple process work better than virtually any client acquisition process on the planet? Yes.  Yes.  A thousand times yes.

Want more posts and info?  Good!

Be sure you’re on my 500 list, a list of fitness professionals receiving insights aimed at higher and higher levels of success.

Be sure you’re enrolled in the Facebook group, Every Personal Trainer Needs to Know.

In June of this year I’ll be launching Be Better 101, an explosive new version of my Be Better Project.  It’s early . . . but I haven’t offered this program to Fitness Professionals in over two years . . . so it will sell out.  Right now, if you have interest, or want more info, email me,, with the Subject: Make Me Better and we can set up a time to talk.

For now, get beyond fear, get beyond the Rational Lies that will assure you “this will never work” and use the 90-second open.  I look forward to hearing of all the new clients that suddenly enter your life!


May 3, 2016

So commanded the group exercise instructor as the small medicine balls were returned to the rack and the 55 cm stability balls were spread out around the room.  Enough overhead presses, time for lying leg curls.  “Get bigger balls.”

Perhaps I can borrow that phrase as I say to the personal trainers of the world . . . capture clients!  That command is always received by fitness professionals with acknowledgement of the importance of it, but the hesitation and a subtle retreat making certain I know that people “don’t like to be sold.”

“But Phil, I can only “sell” if the person really wants it.”

At that point I shake my head, turn a little bit red in the face (just a little) and emphasize the truth I know, “THEY ALL WANT IT!!!!!!”

Yes, they all want it.  You just have to know what “it” is.

“It” is betterment, and after 30 years in this field, I can make you a promise.  Everyone wants it!!! Whether they believe “better” means bigger, faster, stronger, or whether they believe “better” means thinner, leaner, lighter,” or whether they believe better means livelier, healthier, sexier, they ALL . . . each and every one of them . . . want to be better.

If you’re a personal trainer, and your subconscious mind wants to give me another “but,” if you want to tell me they can’t afford you, they aren’t ready, they have other options, or they have to think about it before they decide, I’m not telling you to pressure them, nor am I telling you to trick, coerce, or mislead.  I’m simply asking you to get bigger balls!

OK, apologizing to anyone who finds that offensive, trust that I mean it as a figure of speech, and a very rough one at that.  Still, you get it.  You understand the meaning of “bigger balls.”

I can tell you it’s an AC/DC song (it is), or better yet, I can refer you to urban dictionary where it’s defined as “courage or bravery.”  Hmm.  Let’s stay with that definition.  Courage.  That way it applies to female personal trainers too.

Why do you need courage?

Because you’re an altruist.  You care about people.  The amygdala, a little gateway shuttling information in your brain, has teamed up with your Emotional Experiential Memory to link a fear response to asking people to pay you.  I know you don’t think that can possibly be true, and that’s because it happens subconsciously.  Beneath your conscious awareness.  You think of “asking for money” as “selling” and you hate, absolutely HATE to sell. Deep down you believe you’re worth the money, you understand intellectually that you’re offering a value exchange, but that darn subconscious mindset attaches fear to asking.

A man jumps over the word fear on an arrow, illustrating the bra

Everyone who has gone through my Be Better Project learned, achievers are not free of fear.  In fact, without fear there is no courage.  The big balls of courage require that fear rears its head and you act forward anyway.

That’s courage.

Taking the action you know is right, even if fear tries to hold you back.

Tomorrow, I’m going to teach you a 90-second technique for turning a suspect into a client, for scheduling an appointment and bypassing “maybe,” even in an initial conversation.  I’m going to show you how to verify that the next new acquaintance you connect with wants “it,” I’m going to tell you how to uncover the need, summon up instant motivation, and receive a commitment to schedule an appointment without any sort of drawn out sales process.

It’s simple.  Subscribe to my “Earn Better” private group posts by clicking here.

By this time tomorrow you’ll be registering new clients at will.


What Do Personal Trainers Deserve? A Beating?

November 5, 2015

I considered titling this article, “The Threat of a Beating with a Toilet Plunger and a Loaf of Bread,” or “Trainer Gets His Ass Kicked by a Senior Citizen.”  I thought “What Trainers Deserve”’ might be more appropriate.

I met a 72 year old man in the checkout line in Target last night.  I was buying organic raspberries (for my new favorite probiotic smoothie . . . but I digress . . . . ).

The man looked at my item and studied my Under Armor shirt.  “Raspberries.  Is that your dinner?  You must be a fitness nut or something.”’

“I do love fitness, and I have earned my living as a personal trainer, but no, I have never eaten raspberries for dinner, and as far as the “nut” part, it’s certainly open for discussion.”

His face took on a Jack Nicholsonesque quality as he grunted his disgust.

“A personal trainer?!?  You know what you deserve??  A beating!”

There was a moment of elevated heart rate inside my thoracic cavity.

Yes he was 72, but he was 6 feet tall, had perfect posture, and was wearing a motorcycle club jacket (with a label on the chest that said “Cal” which I assumed was his name but later thought it might have been an abbreviation for California), and I noticed he had a toilet plunger in his cart (not sure what relevance that has but if you let your imagine go it gets ugly).

“What did I ever do to you?” I asked.

“Not you, but my no good rotten personal trainer.  Because of him I have joint pain.  I never had joint pain until he started telling me, a 72 year old man who’s been in the navy, had physical jobs my whole life, and never took anything more than an aspirin and a shot of whiskey how important it was to lift weights.  Four days a week I paid that idiot to come damage my joints . . . “

He went on and on as the cashier rung (rang?) up my raspberries and asked me for three dollars and forty nine cents.

“After three months he got tired of my complaining and stopped showing up, but he didn’t’ give me back my money . . . ‘

As I inserted my card (it’s the new thing with the chip so you insert instead of swipe), I tried to defend our profession.  “I wish two things for you.   One is that you live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.”

Cal(?) smiled.

“The second is that you meet a personal trainer who can redeem my field, who can help you see and feel the true value and virtue of a health professional who understands how to meet you where you are and get you to where you want to be.”

“OK, young man,” he said.  I liked him a bit more.  I thought our conversation was complete, but as I stepped away he verbally grabbed me.

“Do you have a minute to talk to me about the gluten?”

“The gluten?”

“Yeah.  I gave up the gluten and lost 30 pounds.”  He held up a loaf of bread with a gluten-free label.  “Is this good?”

“Did it help you lose the 30 pounds you wanted to get rid of?”


“Then it’s good.”

“Better than that rotten trainer.  I think I’ll use the bread to beat his ass.”

I knew I had to escape as I was either talking to a lunatic or was at risk of a plunger and loaf of bread beating.

The cashier grabbed Cal’s bread to scan it and I asked him for his email, promised I’d send him some info, and ran off with my organic raspberries.

Something stuck with me.  The thought of “what personal trainers deserve.”  In many cases, I’d agree, if there were a judge and jury assessing the value they provided, many would be sentenced to one of two punishments:

  1. An overbearing workout where they are coaxed to exercise beyond their body’s recovery ability
  2. An ineffective waste of time being taken through movements without purpose or strategy

Those personal trainers who do operate from a place of excellence, who understand the concept of meeting the client where the client is, and who take responsibility for client education, guidance, and progression may make up a minority, but it’s a subset of an industry that operates without regulation.  It’s becoming increasingly important for that subset to self-regulate, to rise above the mediocre standard, and to position themselves as health practitioners with a vital skill set.

Here’s the crime.  Most of the “good ones” I’ve met struggle to earn anywhere near the earnings bestowed upon lesser health practitioners in more medically recognized fields.  What do those extraordinary trainers deserve?  Ah, that’s a different question with a very different answer.  Of course, you can answer it for yourself, but I’ll take a stab at it.

They deserve prosperity.  They deserve financial and emotional reward.  They deserve to acquire the things and emotions they most want in life as they’re committed to providing those ideals, at least from a physical perspective, for others.

Tomorrow at 1:15 PM Eastern Time, I’m kicking off my next Be Better group, and this one is unlike any other.  If you are a trainer, and haven’t heard of Be Better, it’s an 8-month program that has shaped the careers of scores of the world’s leading fitness professionals.  It empowers you to be extraordinary, to rise above, and to operate from a place of ethics and morality without ever sacrificing the rewards you deserve.  It reignites lost vision, connects innate passion to new action, develops new habitual behaviors, and literally transforms you and your business in ways that are dramatic and measurable.

Why is it unlike any other Be Better group?  Because years ago I pursued a vision of doctors and fitness professionals sitting elbow to elbow, learning together, understanding how their complementary approaches can “fix” the greatest health challenges we face as a nation and a planet.  This really is a last chance to act.  If you want in, email me immediately with the Subject, “Make Me Better.”  I or a member of my staff will reply and if this program is for you and you’re ready to go, your life is about to change at any entirely new level.

Whether or not you have interest in joining us for this 8-month experience, consider that the word de-serve, at its root, means “to be of service.”

What do you deserve?  Are you getting it?  If not, it’s time to think, regroup, and pursue your heartfelt dreams with full engagement and all that you’ve got.  Ultimately, it’ nice to believe we all get what we deserve.

Phil Kaplan

What Business Are We In?

October 23, 2015

What business are we in?  It should be a simple question to answer.

Are we in the Health business?  Hmmmm.  If so, are we then in the same industry as medical professionals?  If so, why are we omitted from the list of “Allied Health Care Practitioners?”

OK, so maybe we’re in the fitness business.  That would put us in the same category as health clubs, infomercial product offerings, and exercise books.  At a glance, it certainly appears as if we’re in that realm, but when we look at the abysmal success (failure) rate of this industry as a whole, the association would lump us into a field of impotent promises.

I got it!  We’re different than medicine, different than general fitness, because we specialize on the individual, right?  Where medicine views patients as commodities, and health clubs see members as dollar signs, we care!  We work with people, devoting time, energy, and attention to every one of our clients.  We are self-improvement specialists, aren’t we?

When judging the “personal training industry” as a whole, it’s hard to conclude all trainers deliver true betterment.  Maybe we shouldn’t judge the industry as a whole.  Maybe we should look at the 3%.

My friend, Dr. Daniel Pompa, an expert in cellular healing, has identified solutions to reverse chronic illness, but his solutions require responsibility and stick-to-itiveness among his patients.  He’s learned that most of the people who are exposed to curative nutritional, lifestyle, and nutraceutical solutions will reject the programs or abandon them.  Based on that experience, he zeroed in on 3%.

Three percent isn’t a random number.  It’s historic.  We’re taught that back in the 1700’s we had an emerging nation of patriots fighting against the restrictions of the English monarchy.  We watch movies that lead us to believe we were a land united by a want for freedom.  The truth is, while freedom sounded like a pretty good idea to most, it was only 3% who picked up arms and battled for that wish they saw as the future of a nation.

If there’s a lesson there, it’s that the inspired few can initiate massive change. To expect 100% of the certified personal trainers to represent true excellence would be unrealistic, especially in a field where mediocrity seems acceptable.

Taking people through workouts, prescribing safe and effective exercise, and designing fitness programs are all wonderful descriptions of what the trainer does, but if we live by those limits, we will never as an industry emerge as revered professionals.  Perhaps we have to rely on the 3%.

Perhaps we should look to those few fitness professionals who not only deliver results, but deliver the agreed-upon results with the great majority of their clients.

Perhaps we should look to those few fitness professionals who recognize the greatest needs of our population and employ strategies related to true lifestyle change.

Perhaps we should look to valuable fitness professionals willing to charge fees in line with their true value.

Perhaps we should look to those who not only value education, but strive for higher levels of mastery in delivering outcomes.

Perhaps it’s time we move away from trying to fit ourselves into an established field, and we establish true identity, and if such is the desire, know that roughly 3% will take the lead.

I believe it is in fact time for leaders to lead, not only by sharing best practices at industry conferences, but by stepping out as role models evidencing the existence of a professional that shatters preconceived notions of what a personal trainer is.

A Google search for “Self-Improvement” yields over sixty million results.  As you begin to explore those books, programs, and courses, you’ll find they’re all expansions or reinventions of the classics, As A Man Thinketh and Think and Grow Rich.  The world doesn’t need another self-improvement expert lumped into a sea of redundancy.

Know that the medical field is swallowed by a pharmaceutical industry that generates hundreds of billions of dollars by not only recognizing the epidemic of chronic disease, but sustaining it.

Know that the fitness industry is, much like the diet industry, a money-dump for most who do not presently fit into the fit or near-fit markets as the absence of true strategies for compliance ensures those who have moved along a metabolic decline require extensive lessons in lifestyle the industry fails to provide.

We are the misplaced professionals with the opportunity to facilitate global change, but a few . . . roughly 3%, need to step up and challenge the current.  In that lies the question I ask you to contemplate.  Are you more comfortable in the mix, striving to find your place in an existing model?  If so, good for you.  You have clarity and should maximize your education and experience to be a front runner in the existing arena.

I predict 3% or so will shudder at that scenario.  Outliers will hunger to rise above.  If you are in that small percentage, I urge you to recognize the new realities, and consider the true opportunity that awaits you.

  • 65% of American adults have been diagnosed with at least one chronic disease and while they’re being medicated, they are not being cured.
  • Exercise as a modality of change and a disease intervention is more evidence and validated than any 21st century medication aimed at lifestyle-related illness.
  • While our industry caters to what we perceive as a price-sensitive market, functioning American adults (meaning not the sick and dying) spend near $40-billion annually on Complementary and Alternative medicine aimed at two simple ends . . . being fit, being healthy. Undercharging hurts not only your financial situation, but also the public perception of the value we deliver.

See the opportunity.  Make some important shifts away from convention.  Become the betterment professional who stands as a true outlier.  Be a three-percenter.

Phil Kaplan ( conducts programs aimed at those few fitness professionals seeking extreme growth.  He is conducting his Be Better program, a “best kept secret” of personal training icons, for a handful of up and coming leaders.  The next program begins November 5, 2015.  For details send an email to with the Subject: Be Better and a brief paragraph describing your present business and future aspiration..

HEADLINE: Criminally underpaid personal fitness trainers crushed by top earners

September 13, 2015

Personal Fitness Training is, in my opinion, the noblest and most rewarding career on the planet for those with a heart for truly helping others. 

Who am I to make that statement?

I’m very simply a career-personal trainer who turned a certification and passion into an undertaking that brought me abundance in virtually every area of my life.  My career began to take shape in 1980 and, while I do not seek the spotlight or further accolades, those entrenched in the health club, fitness, and personal training industry for more than a decade or two will know of and speak of my contribution.

If you want to know more about me, rely upon Google and explore.

This isn’t about me.

This is an invitation.  It’s about you.

It’s about you getting the true juice out of you chosen path.  I know you love what you do.  I know you’re driven by the thought of helping people.  I know you have a deep passion for fitness.  I also know, less than 3% of certified trainers earn over $100,000 per year, and those who amass true million-dollar businesses amount to less than .03% (that’s 3 out of 10,000).

If I told you the average annual income of a certified personal trainer your jaw would likely drop to the floor (and you might need help getting it back into place).  Suffice it to say, it isn’t impressive.  I’m sure you’re earning more than the average, but if you’re like most trainers, if you aren’t in the “3%,” it isn’t anywhere close to what you believe you deserve.

A glance at 2014 earning statistics reveals something highly significant.  While a random sampling of 200 health-club employed personal fitness trainers reveals the average subject is paid for an average of 12 hours per week (despite the fact they may be working over 40 hours including marketing and client acquisition), and despite the fact that the Department of Labor would have a field day with these numbers at the expense of industry employers, the health club industry continues to devalue the services and offerings of their most potentially valuable assets.  Looking at labor trends, a first-year truck driver in 2015 is likely to earn more than double what the average personal trainer earns.

With that said, there are a great many personal trainers fueling their entrepreneurial drives by earning  far more than “average” with bootcamps, group training, classes, and specialty offerings.  They are to be applauded, but en masse these Outlier earnings average in the $30,000 – $45,000 range.  The small circle of top earners earn (get ready for this) . . . more than 20 times that of the “industry average.”


The gap between top earners and average is disturbingly wide and deep.

The go-to action is to blame luck, genetic gifts, or arrogance for being the reasons top earners earn, but that assumption would be wholly incorrect.  It has everything to do with business acumen, sound financial strategies, marketing strength (that doesn’t mean mass marketing . . . in most cases it’s eyeball-to-eyeball), an acquired mastery of influence, and a respect of the necessary separation of being “at work” and being “themselves.”

There is one other interesting thread that runs through the histories of the top earners.  They ALL had strong mentors guiding them outside of the commonplace practices of “the industry.”

Here’s what I can promise you.  I can teach you to take the passion, client base, experience, and uniqueness you already possess, and turn it into reward you might have imagined but never touched.  I want to be careful.  Don’t mistake this for a “make a million dollars overnight” come-on.  It’s anything but.  My 35-year career has been grounded by two guiding concepts that ensure I stay fully connected to delivering on promises and to bettering people’s lives.

  1. “Growth with Integrity” are words engraved on a plaque that has decorated my desk for over 25 years. It may, in fact, be my most precious possession.  As all entrepreneurs, I’m driven by the idea of growth, but only if I can sleep at night knowing everything I do and pursue is connected to my internal moral compass.  The paradigm “Growth with Integrity” has allowed me to step away from, and at times battle against, those who live by another paradigm, “make money, even if it’s at the expense of others.”  Unfortunately, the health and fitness industry has been riddled with unsavory players who have learned to milk consumers using hope as a lure.  Those players, while they’ve amassed huge windfalls in many cases, have opened the door for you and I to stand out, to quietly but consistently be “outstanding.”
  1. The second guiding concept has put me in a position where I literally am forced to deliver upon my promises. It’s a simple phrase I’ve been sharing with high level fitness professionals in private consulting sessions and large-scale seminars for as long as I’ve been invited to coach, consult and mentor.  “Deliver More Value than People Expect.”  It’s a key foundational principle that becomes a pillar upon which your business grows . . . and grows . . . and grows.  In its simplest form it means, during an exchange of money and service (the client pays, you provide a service), don’t simply satisfy the client but absolutely thrill that person beyond anything they expect.  I know many of you will say you do that.  If you’re really going to grow, if you’re really going to test your true potential, if you really want to blow through the ceilings imposed upon personal trainers by a short-sighted industry, move your ego out of the way.  Consider that as strong as you are, you can be better.

Be Better.  That’s the name of the Project that began quietly in 1995 and has evolved into a sort of secret society, an elite “club,” made up of those personal trainers who decided they wanted to find new levels of excellence.  The curriculum isn’t like anything you’ve ever been exposed to and is now, in this single offering, more powerful than ever.  This is the Be Better program set ablaze!  The most powerful and usable information you’ll find related to growing your career . . . anywhere!  I guarantee it.

I’ve kept the lid on the Be Better material closed tightly to ensure that those who commit to the 8-month long program, conducted live, interactively, via webinar, establish and maintain an edge that those un-indoctrinated cannot even touch.

I’m about to share some bullet points, provide a few insights, and open the door for you to tap into a power you never knew you possessed.  Only a small handful of those who begin this article will read beyond this point, and that’s by design.  Before you read any further, please ask yourself a single question.

“Am I willing to admit, despite any fronts I may put up, that I am unsatisfied with the income, position, financial security, and ultimate personal reward my personal training career has brought me thus far?”

It’s a hard question to face.  Most trainers reading this will stop now, and that’s OK.  This isn’t for everyone.

This is for the few willing to quietly lead, to rise above those barriers that have been imposed upon your income, the professional respect you command, and your sense of true freedom.  Ego, for most of us, wants to protect us from such admissions.  That’s why the few who read on are the few I want to speak with.

The program is open to only 35 personal fitness trainers.  It isn’t cheap.  It isn’t easy.  It isn’t magic.  It’s simply the most powerful learning experience you’ll ever go through, one that I promise will completely alter the path of your life . . . in marvelous ways.  If you’re up for it, it will challenge you, inspire you, and force you to step over boundaries that might initially have you sweating a nervous sweat that always precedes new accomplishment.  OH, and please don’t misunderstand.  This isn’t a program designed for the criminally underpaid seeking justice.  This is for those fitness professionals who have earned respectably, but see and feel the gap between what they collect and what, deep down, they really deserve.  Sadly, most of the underpaid will remain in that category held back by their own dually-imposed limits.


If you’re still reading, I commend you, as you were at least willing to consider that an overzealous ego might hold you back, and that letting your guard down a bit opens you up to true betterment.  It’s a humbling action, but a life-changing one.

Once you conquer ego, the next obstacle sure to raise its ugly head will be Fear.  You’ve heard all of the old adages about “fear of failure” and “fear of success,” but until you fully understand mindset (which is the very first thing we’ll cover and the first lesson will completely blow you away with the changes it prompts) you won’t understand how your brain is wired to create “rational lies.”  The act of “rationalizing” really translates to fear of the unknown, the untested, or the uncertain being met with lies that you convince yourself make perfect sense, they appear rational.

“I would make more money but in this part of the country people aren’t willing to pay”

“I know other trainers, less qualified than I am, have more clients but I take pride in knowing I commit to every one of them, and that’s enough for me to feel fulfilled”

“I know the guys I went to college with are building their financial security, but I love what I do and that makes my bank statement and financial portfolio OK.”

These are a few example of the way your mind deals with subtle fear.  It connects with ego to assure you, it isn’t you.  You’re OK.  Its circumstances that have brought you here, and you’ll dig deep to rationalize why it’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Here’s a thought to consider.  You created everything you possess, everything you put your name to, everything you are accountable for, and circumstances had far less to do with the lack or limit in your life than you’ve convinced yourself.  I’ll show you, in our very first session, how you can literally rewire your brain (applying the science of neuroplasticity), recognizing brain parts and reconstructing precisely how they communicate with each other.  This isn’t old school motivation.  This is cutting edge neurological science that is so powerful it can completely re-set the limits on anyone’s potential.

Join us for the very first session of Be Better and you’ll understand the difference between the neural wiring of true achievers, those who seem to attract abundance magnetically, and those who have great potential but fail to uncover boundless reward.

Best of all, you’ll learn how to change your wiring, quieting ego, shutting down fear, and creating a sudden certainty in what lies ahead.  This is more than sports psychology.  It’s more than exploring your deepest thoughts about money.  It’s the power to change the programs that run your life.  In the very first session, you’ll completely change your perception of what you deserve, what you’re truly capable of, and how far you can go without ever abandoning the passion that brought you here.

And that’s only a glimpse into the first of sixteen sessions, each one 90 minutes in duration, each one delivered live over the course of 8 months, and remember, even with a stellar unmatched record of creating success stories, this time it’s even better!

Each session’s value stacks upon the previous session, and as you identify your unique traits and gifts (you’ll shock yourself as you start to really identify the advantages you possess), as you recognize and change behaviors that allow you to command greater respect, command greater income, and know you’re more connected to morality and integrity than ever before, you simply get better and better.  And Better.

The program begins October 22, with a special preliminary webinar held the prior week.  You’ll have to commit to block out two 90-minute slots each month.  The teleconferences are scheduled for every-other-Thursday (with a few exceptions in months there are five Thursdays) at 3 PM Eastern time and they run until 4:30.  You don’t want to miss a moment.  The calls are recorded and are available for download, but there’s a massive advantage to being there live, interactively, as every call is unique to the specific situations of the “Betterites” (a term I’ve affectionately bestowed upon the 200 some odd trainers who have gone through the program).  You’ll want to join them.

If you’re interested, the first step involves filling out an online application.  After your application is reviewed we’ll schedule a personal one-on-one phone call to determine, together, whether you’re a fit for the Project and whether the Project is a fit for you.  Most applicants are not accepted.  The group becomes a cohesive unit of individuals from all over the country becoming each other’s guides and coaches and it’s on me to maintain a standard and a caliber of impending excellence.  There are very specific things I’m looking for in those I accept into the program.  I’ll give you a bit of insight now.

You have to be able to articulate the difference between where you are and where you want to be.  It isn’t enough to say “I want to be better.”  That would be analogous to a client saying “I want to be fitter.”   In order to assess the potential you have to thrill this client, you’d have to understand his or her definition of “fitter.”

What I’ve found in screening people for the Be Better Project over the course of a decade is, most trainers are better at articulating what they don’t want than what they want.  This again comes down to a mindset issue, from years of habitual self-imposed limitation.  I want those who come on board to fight that, to stretch, to really connect to the heartfelt answer to the question, “what do you want?”  Answers such as “I don’t want to have all this debt,” or “I don’t want to work for someone,” just aren’t enough.


There’s a key concept you’ll learn in Be Better, one that will empower you to grow more than anything you’ve ever learned.  The concept is coined “Creative Tension.”  It teaches you, simply, how to bring all forces together to propel you to those things you most want, in business, in finance, in life.

Creative Tension is self-induced stress (eustress) with the purpose and power of launching you forward.  It isn’t emotional stress.  It’s the opposite.  It underlies every successful business with any promise of longevity.  The fuel for Creative Tension is acquired by tapping into your heart and determining what you really want.  This isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but it’s a prerequisite of getting into the program.

You also have to be able to afford $325 per month over the course of 8 months.  It’s a fixed amount, a course fee, one that I promise will deliver in value exponentially exceeding anything you’ve reached in pocket for.  Commit, and stay the course, and I guarantee you’ll see how this investment will multiply hundreds of times over.  Really.  Hundreds of times over.

By the time we get to month three, you’ll have fail-proof strategies for increasing your income by well over $1,000 per month, so the investment will prove to be the best one you’ve ever made.

There is one more key piece that precedes acceptance into the program.  You have to be able to tell me why you’re dissatisfied and why you MUST find betterment.  Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning might have been the most powerful book I’ve ever read (and I’ve read thousands).  In essence, Frankl, a survivor of the concentration camps and a psychiatrist explores why some move forward where others stop.  The underlying key is, those who move forward have an emotional reason.  A “why.”

Whether you realize it or not, in this moment you stand at a figurative fork in the road.  You have the option of choosing a better path, one that comes with adventure, challenge, and ultimately immense reward.  Most will take the path of least resistance, the easy one that assures they remain OK, but short of their true potential.  Ordinary trainers will choose the ordinary path.  Those who are ready to tap into a new level of being EXTRAordinary will choose otherwise.   They’ll choose “better.”

At this point I have to say, there’s no way in the world I can possibly tell you everything the program offers in a manner that does it justice..  It isn’t possible to explain precisely how it will change your life.  It’s one of those things you simply have to experience.

I’ve already said this, but it bears repeating.  This program is unlike ANY other program.  There is nothing similar.  It is the quintessential success and career development program for any fitness professional with a true desire to better lives and find reward in the process.

You’ll learn strategies for finding balance in your life, for ensuring that your business becomes the source of your prosperity, and for influencing others flawlessly and effortlessly.  You’ll understand how to create relationships that build your business exponentially, how to market effectively without wasting a cent, and how to capitalize on opportunities very few are aware of.  You’ll learn to grow your reach consistently, begin putting money away immediately, and building something with lifetime value.   You’ll learn to preserve your core business as you add revenue streams, to find allies be they employees, contractors, or strategic partners, and how to connect with the medical field in a way that’s never been possible before.


I deliver this in the language of the personal trainer as it’s delivered from the heart and mind of a personal trainer.  It came out of my struggles, my lessons, my mentors, and my experiences and I guarantee nothing, and I mean nothing, will empower you to find your ultimate success as a fitness professional more than Be Better.

There’s only so much I can share here in this invitation to consider joining us.  You’ll be part of a truly elite group of like-minded professionals, all connected by a common thread, yet all bringing unique experiences that contribute to the learning experience.  All I’m asking you to do is, if you are intrigued, if I haven’t discouraged you in any way, if you are mentally and emotionally ready to tap into your true abilities and unseen potential, complete the application.  I’ll reply within 3 business days, and if I sense you’re a fit for the program, I’ll reply with an appointment for a telephone discussion.  After the discussion, whether or not we agree the program is for you, I’ll provide you access to a recorded webinar that outlines the key principles as well as another groundbreaking program valued at well over $1,000.  There’s no initial cost to you.  There’s no obligation.  All I ask is that you ONLY complete the application if you’re seriously jacked about coming on board.

I know people love bullet points.  I’ve avoided them as I wanted you to actually read, to make it to this point, to ensure that everyone who makes it to this point is a serious prospect for betterment.  So, while I’ll reiterate the impossibility of describing the 24-hour course fully, I’ll share 10 Bullet Points, 10 Lessons That You’ll Find Will Change Your Life.

  • How to acquire clients without investing a single hour in free promotion
  • How to literally create and live your own ideal schedule
  • How to accurately determine what your time is worth, and how to get paid in line with that value each and every time
  • How to guarantee thrilling results for every single client and deliver more value than they expect . . . always
  • Why the accumulation of wealth requires that you DO NOT focus on money
  • How to reprogram your brain and mind to steer you toward your ultimate outcome(s)
  • How to influence people at the deepest emotional levels and never ever ever feel as if you’re “selling”
  • How to separate “who you are” from “what you do” and optimize the time you spend “working” without ever stepping away from your true passion. Only with an understanding of these intricacies can you truly balance personal life, family life, and a thriving business without conflict
  • An exploration and understanding of the Lifecycle of Business and how to avoid the pitfalls that cripple even the most successful entrepreneurs ensuring that you always remain ahead of the curve, operating at your “prime.”
  • How to put together what I call “The Prosperity Puzzle” and remove overwhelm from your business regardless of how quickly and how much you grow
  • How to easily increase revenues by $1,000 per month, followed by $1,000 per week, followed by a decision to write your own paycheck demonstrating a $60,000 – $100,000 annual increase (or more) over the course of the program
  • Learn why conventional goal setting strategies fail most people and how you can create outcomes that come your way in a manner that feels certain and effortless

If you’re counting, there were 12 bullet points.  I promised 10.  I over-deliver (wink).  An extension of those 12 bullet points is literally a tiny glimpse of what you’ll learn.

A few times I’ve alluded to this presentation of Be Better being even better, suggesting the program has been set ablaze with new potential.  It has.  This 8-month journey will feature every single concept shared with previous Be Better groups, but also . . .

  • How to step onto a platform that instantly elevates you to a positioning level exceeding that of most 21st century physicians.
  • How to command $2400 per person for a program that attracts 12 participants at a time (do the math)
  • How to capitalize on the growing awareness of gluten, GMOs, environmental toxins, and chronic disease in a way that establishes you as an in-demand media guest, speaker, and expert
  • You’ll learn about amazing new breakthroughs in epigenetics that re-set the rules of the game in terms of the value you deliver to clients
  • You’ll learn how to develop irresistible appeal to the largest mass market in the nation

The remaining question is, “are you ready?”  If the answer is yes, if you’re willing to face whatever might have held you back, overcome obstacles that might have felt insurmountable, and create an entirely new paradigm for your career potential, one that opens doors for absolute fulfillment in every arena of your life . . . complete the application now!

Go to:


You keep saying this is unique.  Aren’t there other programs that deal with mindset?

Of course!  It’s a vital key to success, but in the Be Better Project, mindset is the main subject of the very first teleconference.  It’s a primer.  The key is, with a mindset tuning and an advanced understanding of amazing concepts in the science of neuroplasticity, you’re primed and ready to take on proven strategies, new perspectives, and elevations in the efficiency of your actions and the power of your passion.  This goes way beyond mindset.  No other program offers the breadth of content, the volume of strategies, and the volume of proof.  This will change your career.  Massively.  This will grow your income.  Exponentially.  It’s more than mindset.  It’s the unveiling of the keys to a power you never knew you possessed, the true power to create your future precisely as you script it.

If this information is really so powerful, why isn’t the whole industry aware of it?

You’re going to learn the difference, the true difference, between “ordinary” and “extraordinary.”  All industries operate upon their own established paradigms, and those within an arena who follow the paradigm are ordinary.  By definition, ordinary is determined by those actions and outcomes that are typical.  This program is designed to provide a massive edge, to allow you to elevate so far above the present paradigm you almost feel an unfair advantage (although it’s 100% ethical, legal, and moral).  Elevation and ascension must be led by a set of rules not typical to the field.  When you come to understand the concepts of The Prosperity Formula, The Rules of Profitability, Advanced Emotional Influence, and Creative Tension, you’ll realize you’ve stepped into a new world of possibility.  I’ve intentionally kept the program under wraps, promoting just as I’m doing now . . . by invitation to apply.  Despite scores of offers from the certification agencies and marketing companies, I’ve opted to preserve the integrity of the information among a select group.

$325 a month is a stretch for me.  Can you guarantee I’ll earn it back?

I can guarantee you’ll have the power within a matter of weeks to multiply your income significantly.  I don’t simply mean increase your income.  I mean multiply it.  As you progress through the program, the exercises you experience and the lessons you amass will empower you to decide how much you deserve to earn in the year ahead.  I’ve seen trainers in the program go from $30,000 annually to $150,000.  I’ve seen trainers go from frustrated employee to massively successful multi-studio owner.  I’ve seen trainers who never knew their potential sell their businesses for six figures and they took a direction that generated three times the revenue they’d earned prior.  These are all examples of Betterites who learned the lessons and took the simple actions suggested.  With that said, it’s up to you to be on the calls, to follow through on the exercises (none of them difficult, none of them time-consuming) and to face that voice inside that’s governed by some old rules that need to be put to rest.  I will say, increasing your income by $650 per month, which would not only cover your monthly investment but actually put an extra $325 a month in your bank account will prove incredibly simple.  Should that thrill you?  Of course not.  Just know if you’re willing to put some energy into your own growth, the risk is less than minimal, and the sky’s the limit.

So what should I do now?

C’mon.  You’ve read this far and you still are tentative?  If realizing that your actual potential is beyond anything you imagined scares you, if you are truly uncomfortable with the idea of making more money than you ever thought you can make, and if you’re apprehensive about delivering a new and consistent level of outcome for each and every one of your clients, don’t bother to apply.  On the other hand, if it’s just uncertainty, procrastination, or worry, the Be Better program will teach you how to obliterate every one of those “monsters.”

Nothing left to say.  Apply now.

The Only Thing We Can Count On . . . ASPIRE!

January 9, 2015

bigstock_Riding_Blue_Arrow_Of_Success_7207812The only thing we can truly count on is . . . things will change. They always do. The laws of nature assure us that as the landscape changes, so too do the fruit. As our population shifts, so too do the opportunities.  In order to grow, we have to move upward, riding on the wave of change, finding our footing on higher ground.

Most of us came into this field believing fitness was a safe bet. After all, humans as a species haven’t changed in thousands of years, and as long as we are reliant upon our aerobic energy systems and muscular contraction, the exercise strategies we have mastered will “work.”

What we failed to recognize were the changes that are taking place in our environment. I’m not speaking of global warming. I’m referring to the “new environment” created by large chemical companies increasing their reach, an agricultural industry driven by dollars, and a medical field that has been swayed and sullied by pharmaceutical giants with massive control.
Here’s the bottom line. Things have changed. Thanks to the internet, smart phones, social media, and webcams, behaviors have changed. Not a little. A lot! Our commercially produced food is no longer a reliable resource for safe and healthful human nutrition. As metabolic compromise becomes the “norm” (65% of our adult population over 45 has been diagnosed with at least one chronic disease), bodies simply don’t respond as they did even a decade ago.

This has opened the door to what I refer to as “The New Blue Ocean.” I have pioneered an enhanced professional paradigm for helping people rediscover optimal health. It falls under the heading of “The 21st Century Health Catalyst.” I see it as the greatest opportunity our field has ever seen.

It isn’t conventional. It’s effective! It isn’t easy. It’s rewarding! It isn’t for those unwilling to invest time and energy in learning to enhance their skill sets. It is, however, for any health professional or personal trainer looking to find greater fulfillment and significantly greater financial reward. If you have the heart of a healer, the passion of a fitness pro, and the desire to be compensated as you deserve, consider moving forward. Consider becoming a different type of personal trainer, one with a far greater power to serve today’s population.

On Tuesday, January 13, I’m beginning a new ASPIRE group. ASPIRE is a course that shares the keys to reversing disease, the strategies for facilitating remarkable change in the here and now, the science that combines age old wisdom and new discovery to deliver true insight into health restoration, physical betterment, and a new level of change.

The course runs over the course of 16 weeks. It’s delivered live, interactively, via the web in webinar sessions running 50 minutes each. It’s mind-blowing, empowering, timely, and most of all, career-altering revealing incredible new vehicles for personal and professional growth.

The program is starting Tuesday . . . with or without you. Are you ready to see what you’re made of, to step into a new realm of understanding and power, to tap into your true potential to earn in exchange for training lives?

Click here for further details and to REGISTER for the ASPIRE program.

Questions? Email me at

It’s affordable and it promises to be the most educationally valuable experience of your entire career.

Join us for ASPIRE!

Phil Kaplan

The Surprising Lessons This Personal Trainer Learned – Part III (The Dream of Passive Income)

October 29, 2014

ASPIRE-3DwhitemanwithmoneyWe’re smart enough to see through much of the “make a million dollars without lifting a finger” nonsense that lures in the un-indoctrinated.  Then we have to admit, there are those who have fooled us, who have led us to an emotional leap of faith believing that somehow prosperity would come without effort.

I conduct entire courses on the topic of Effortless Prosperity, but know that it has nothing to do with  the absence of effort.  Effort is necessary.  How, then, can it be effortless?  Because effort is a perception.  When it feels hard it’s feels as if we’re immensely challenged.  Consider the aspiring NFL quarterback learning plays, practicing throws, developing awareness in the pocket,  and practicing moving, thinking, scanning, and acting against an aggressive defense.  IT’s hard.  It’s really hard.  There’s a great deal of thought and a great deal of momentary failure.  Those who make it to the pros still exert effort in the games . . . but . . . their bodies know how to move.  They develop an instinct that only comes from practice.  They no longer separate dodging defense from finding an open receiver and drilling a spiral before the linebacker gets his hands in there.  It’s all “flow,” it’s all part of what they’ve learned to do.

When you started studying to pass your exams, it was effort.  When you started seeking out your first clients, it was effort.  When you struggled to keep the first few motivated and paying effort was required, but then . . . you got in a groove.  You love what you do, you’re compensated, and while it clearly takes physical and mental exertion, it just doesn’t feel like effort.

With that line of thought, “Effortless Prosperity” is an achievement.  It’s the progression through the early stages of energy output that lead to revenue generation feeling effortless.  The challenge with the career of a personal trainer is, the effort is required ongoing to continue to generate revenues unless there is the creation of a new revenue stream, a revenue stream that comes in and flows even when there is little or no direct energy output.  We’ve heard that referred to as “Passive Income.”

There’s nothing passive about income.  It’s almost always the result of effort, but when you have an opportunity that allows front end effort, up-front effort, to reap lasting residual rewards, you have the dream of Passive Income.

Isagenix offers you that dream.

For years I’ve seen the industry seek out and capitalize on revenue streams, and those who stayed focused were able to create residual dollars.

Online Training is a recurring “want” I hear from fitness professionals looking for growth.  The idea of sitting at home, in front of a computer, using your developed skill set, and collecting money through PayPal is intriguing, and while few have capitalized in a very big way with entire libraries of videos, with back-end programming, and with membership offers, the truth is, few ever turn this into a revenue stream. At best, some trainers manage to supplement their “in-person” sessions with Skype-based sessions or email exchanges for fee.  While it can contribute to profitability, it still requires a direct link between revenues and time.

Group Exercise or Small Group Training takes the one-on-one idea to replication, allowing each client to pay fewer dollars per session and the trainer to reap a greater per-session fee.  It’s a good strategy for increasing revenues, but not without its obstacles.  Adherence is reduced, drop offs directly affect hourly revenues, and . . . the umbilical cord between time and money remains unbroken.

Supplement Sales – when we think of supplements as “the extra,” we may isolate a handful of supplements we feel would serve our clients.  We can negotiate arrangements with retailers, suppliers, or in some cases manufacturers, where we buy at an adjusted wholesale price and sell at retail.  I was the first personal trainer to sell Creatine Monohydrate when it was released.  It was a huge boost to revenues, but . . . it was the first and only supplement that brought a discernible strength and size result and . . . at the time it was brand new.  Today, every compound is created, packaged, or private labeled by hundreds of sellers and it’s difficult to find a unique edge.  I wound up creating my own nutritional supplement company which created a very strong revenue stream for the better part of 20 years.  The industry changed, the materials changed, and I went through an ethical struggle trying to decide how to readjust.  The answer?  I connected with Isagenix.  It’s more than supplement sales.  It’s the integrated nutritional piece to the lifestyle we recommend for our clients.  It’s creating a trust relationship between the client who relies upon Omega 3’s and the company that sells a quality solution.  It’s creating a comfortable dependence between the client who wants the highest quality undenatured whey protein from grass-fed cows and the company that delivers.  It’s allowing you to serve as a doorway your clients can walk through giving them access to fat loss aids, cellular health products, and compounds evidenced to play a role in producing biologically younger cells . . . in humans!

Direct Marketing.  This is it.  I wouldn’t have always said that.  I say it now.  I’ve benefited from all of the above, and gone through 30 years of growth, challenge, and adaptation all as a Personal Fitness Trainer.  The idea of “learning enough” is a flawed idea.  Just as soon as it all starts to fall into place, something shifts.  The landscape never stays the same.  As our world evolved, so too are we asked to be evolutionary beings.  Today, the opportunity to provide a solution for your clients with the promise of client satisfaction and residual pay is just too powerful to ignore.

The Surprising Lessons This Personal Trainer Learned (Part II – The 7 Reasons You Need to Stretch)

October 28, 2014

stretchingAre you committed to stretching, to re-examining how great your potential may be?

Sure you can help the near-fit find fitness.  Sure you can knock some inches of the new mom’s waistline.  Of course you can help the athletic firefighter hopeful train to pass his or her physical.  That’s fulfilling.

You have learned, not only about exercise, new modalities of change, postural assessment and functional improvement but also about nutrition.  You talk to your clients about proteins, carbs, fiber, and anti-oxidants.

In this moment, you may be very well equipped to grow . . . slowly.  If you really do seek career excellence, there are some important considerations.  Everything I just described can be said of an ordinary personal trainer.  That doesn’t suggest you’re ordinary, but our field has evolved quite a bit from the days of counting reps.  While there are still a great many calling themselves trainers without any true competence, the ordinary trainer today is competent.

You don’t want to be ordinary.  You want to be extraordinary.  Yes, of course you already are, but are you reaping extraordinary rewards?  If not, you simply need to stretch.

Here are 7 reasons stretching is vital to your future

  1. The world has changed. Technology has overrun human productivity.  People spend more time staring blindly at their electronics than interacting with each other.  Physical challenge is no longer inherent in the workplace.  Not only is “daily physical energy output” becoming a dinosaur, but worse yet, the postures required to sit at computer stations have crippling effects upon health (far beyond postural shifts).  Moving forward, for you to stand out in the field, you have to be able to steer clients toward correcting lifestyle issues that limit your ability to help them.  You also have to learn how to grab people’s attention when they are offered pedometer apps, dietary apps, and exercise prescription apps.  The number of messages people receive in a day is astounding and most people make most of their decisions based on advertising.  No longer do we live in a world where those seeking betterment make the resolution to join the gym. They’re seeking solutions in “new scientific advances,” “proprietary formulas,” and recommendations from the doctors they watch on television blindly believing these doctors care about them.    Learn how to intervene.  Learn how to market without selling.  Learn how the quiet promotion can overshadow the scream.  Don’t stop yourself from stretching in this regard because you hate to sell, you’re not a marketer, or because you’re locked into the tired old thought, “if people want to train with me they will.”  The world has changed and people are in greater need of rescue than ever . . . and in all honesty . . . the changes in the medical field, the pharmaceutical field, and the abuses of science have them more confused than they were even a year ago.  Information overwhelm is as much an enemy as hypnotic power used to harm.  You have to stretch to better serve those living in the changing world without clear direction.
  1. Food has changed. To summarize this is a task, as I do 12-hour courses focused only on the shifts in our food.  In short, GMO’s are a mainstay, which quite simply means the foods most people buy in the produce sections of their grocery store are not of this earth.  They’re creations of mankind and as the science unfolds, the damage they bring to human health may make them the most extreme plight to face our population.  Beef is no longer beef, milk is no longer milk and wheat is no longer wheat.  The massive growth of agricultural industrialization has snowballed without any concern for human health.  Hormones, antibiotics, and waste products are found not only in the beef and dairy cows, but in the products they produce, the water they drink, the soil that they stand upon.   It isn’t enough to coach people in the language of nutrient percentages.  We have to teach them to restore health at the cellular level by recognizing the gradual and very real degradation 21st century food brings to the human condition.  The blind belief that gluten free foods are better, the failure to recognize why gluten and similar compounds have become toxic, and the confusion that leads people to trade stevia for agave are leading people away from health.  If you are to rescue people, you have to stretch in your willingness to challenge nutritional mainstays and offer steps toward truly better choices.
  1. The human being has changed. I mention gluten intolerance as a new epidemic, but it runs deeper than the changes in wheat.  In reaction to consumption of alien compounds, in response to the absence of therapeutic physical practices, and in response to the ever-growing stresses and the illusion of “fixing them with Pharma” the human being is different.  Genetic expression is different.  Weight loss resistance is a burrowing phenomenon affecting near 65% of our population.  Chronic disease is consider “normal” in aging populations.  Inflammatory disease is now more the rule than the exception in “average” populations.  If you’re honest enough to admit, you’ve had those clients who just didn’t seem to see a payoff, despite their best efforts, you’ll open up to the reality, they’re not the same as the clients of years ago.  They need counsel to undo the damage they’ve unintentionally brought to the themelseves, and you need to stretch in order to provide that counsel.
  1. The science has evolved. The Human Genome Project changed the frontier of medicine . . . but . . . the medical field hasn’t responded.  Stuck in system of “diagnose and medicate” conventional medicine is completely inept at curing or reversing the chronic disease that afflicts near 65% of our adult population.  We now know that genes are NOT the predominant factor determining whether or not people wind up with diabetes, hypertension, or even obesity.  The study of epi-genetic (above the gene) reveals that environmental factors determine whether or not genes get switched on or off . . . in other words . . . it isn’t the gene that’s the direct cause of compromise or disease, it’s the way the gene is expressed.  Amazingly, we have far greater control over genetic expression than we even imagined.  Science has also revealed the intricacies of the “gut mind,” the thinking system that lives within our digestive tracts, and how directly related the gut environment is with cellular health.  Most of all, science has revealed that lifestyles shifts aimed at facilitating genetic and cellular optimization, including strategic exercise protocols, can restore health in many who were told their commitment to meds is forever.
  1. The opportunities have shifted. In a time before the internet, I found vast opportunities in radio, in seminars, in public appearances, and in writing for major magazines.  Today it’s all been leveraged by the web.  A blogger, in days, can get more exposure than a veteran writer, a new site more traffic than that posted by a 100-year old company.  Opportunity came from corporate relationships, health club affiliations, and media.  Today a YouTube video can go viral in hours.  The idea of selling products has always appealed to personal trainers, purely from their desire to earn more, but few were able to comfortable take on inventory, sales, and fulfillment.  The demand for nutritional products has grown, the hunger for health solutions as grown, and the greatest opportunity for a revenue stream today comes from direct marketing.  In order to be a “fit,” the product has to be in line with your beliefs and the needs of your customers, but with that “fit,” the beauty of a company that ships, handles customer service, provides massive support, and pays you weekly is unmatched.  I know the apprehensions we hold related to direct marketing based on flawed products being sold via hype.  It’s precisely those apprehensions that can hold us back with the right “fit” comes along.  It’s time to stretch.  Consider “the fit.”
  1. Others will pass you. Excellence is a moving target.  In the Lifecyle of Business, created by Dr. Adizes, the “Stability” phase is followed by “Aristocracy” which is, in essence, the beginning of the end.  Early on you’re driven by passion, hunger, drive, and chaotic missteps that need to be fixed.  As a business matures, it often loses that go-go frenzy that created the growth, and when financial “Stability” overshadows the driving hunger, energy subtly starts to evaporate.  In the Aristocracy phase, the business is perceived as successful only through the virtue of past performance, so the illusion of “being on top” is easily crushed by the hungry competitor seeking a greater market share.  In plain English, that means unless you continue to grow, to move with the changing landscape, it’s inevitable that others will surpass you.  Stretch and stay in front.  Challenge yourself to outpace the industry.
  1. Your dreams are living and you’re capable of more, The dreams that you held early on rarely go away. The simply morph, and change, and as they drive you forward you are further fueled by desire.  Desire is the fuel of life.  It’s what makes us want to help others, to find betterment, to improve as people.   We seek fulfillment, but as we grow we learn that it’s sort of the carrot on the proverbial stick.  We may feel fulfilled in a moment, for a period of time, for a season, but was we connect with our desire, we realize there’s more.  Fulfillment, true fulfillment, requires pursuit.  You’re capable of more than you have, more than you do, more than you are.  Stretch and test your own potential.

All of this leads me to present the Isagenix opportunity.  It isn’t a single product. It’s a massive company with immense success and that success is shared by the distributors.  It’s a business capable of generating hundreds of thousands of dollars that requires a $250 start up investment.   The company is transparent, the distributors are accessible, the products are exceptional, and believe me when I say . . . I am the most discerning force any company can face.  After years as a consumer advocate, I’ve learned to ask the questions, hammer home the concerns, look under the right rocks, and squeeze out the real story.

I’ve spoken at length to the company founders, to the formulators, to the scientists.  I’ve examined the studies, some of which are mind-blowing in their outcomes.  I’ve tested the waters, made the mistakes, and ultimately found the sweet spot, the true opportunity to do what I do, to share with others, to help people, and to prosper, not unlike a Super Hero.

Isagenix “gets it.”  The product line, the scientists, and the driving force that moves the company forward are united in a multi-pronged approach to restoring health.  Their formulators are fueled purely by real-world science in a real-world environment.  They realize toxicity is the beast that must be battled.  They realize that a re-commitment to food the way nature intended it is a must.  Getting clients to use Isagenix preoducts, integrated into the nutritional protocols you live by can only assist you in stretching and assist them in improving.  The product lines expand into the most in-demand areas of desire ranging from youthful aging to athletic performance.  It’s the real deal.  It’s the right opportunity for any fitness professional seeking growth . . . but . . . and here’s a real but . . . . but you have to put any preconceived notions of direct marketing behind you.  This is different.  I know.  I live it.  You should too.  It legitimately offers you fulfillment of the dream of “Passive” Income, or what for years in my  Be Better project I’ve called “Effortless Prosperity.”

Read “The Dream of Passive Income” (to be posted on October 30, 2014)

The Surprising Lessons This Personal Trainer Learned (Part 1 – Heroism)

October 27, 2014

Boy Superhero ConceptAs a child I wanted to fly.  Today I am a Director for Isagenix.  No, it isn’t quite the same as flying, but if you ever had dreams of achieving, of being more, of getting out of the “sensible reality” your adult advisors steered you toward when you were a child, Isagenix can bring you all the reward you, the Personal Trainer, would receive as a Super Hero!

Far fetched?  Of course, but sincere.  Anything outside the box of our conventional thinking seems far fetched.  It’s only when you test the waters beyond your present island that you find new possibility, and wow, do I have some possibility for you.

I’ll deliver this article in six parts, the last of which will share Seven Powerful Lessons I’ve Learned that allowed me to see and experience the true Isagenix opportunity.  Even if you haven’t the least bit of interest in finding what I’ll refer to later as “effortless prosperity” (a term I’ll address and clarity at some length), if you earn your living by helping others find physical betterment, you’ll find immense value in the information I’ll share.

There’s only one thing I’ll ask if you’re going to hang out with me for the duration of this article and the segments that follow.  Put your present reality to the side and just consider accessing what psychologists like to call “an open mind.”  Regardless of your personal desire you’ll benefit by entertaining both the novelty and the excitement of finding Super Hero Reward with Isagenix.

Before I go into my Super Hero metaphor, let me put two points on the table that align Isagenix with my personal growth (points I couldn’t make about competitive companies or products):

  1. The Isagenix product line integrates perfectly into my personal training career (only after the lessons I’ve learned which I’ll share with you shortly). As it complements my energies, I can promise you it offers the ideal complement to the programs you design, whether you train athletes, people seeking fat loss, or plain old average folks seeking betterment.  Coming from me, that’s a massive statement.  With the exception of the products I personally manufactured, I’ve never endorsed or believed in any nutritional supplement line with the passion and fervor I hold for Isagenix.
  1. The Isagenix opportunity really does offer personal trainers the elusive “passive income.” With the right preliminary steps, it becomes a legitimate profit center with income potential far exceeding the annual training revenues of the personal training elite.  Does it work by itself?  No, and of course those who expect magic out of the gate will fall short and strengthen their own limiting beliefs.  Does it require effort?  Of course, as does everything that generates reward, and the beauty of the compensation plan is, the front end effort creates residual income . . . I daresay for years and years and years and years, and then some.

Stop.  Take a moment.  Move any old aversions toward supplements or “opportunities” out of your line of thought.  I don’t ask for blind faith, I simply ask for an open mind.  When the mind is open, read on . . .

When I was four I wanted to be a superhero.  Really I did and the idea carried forward for years.  I devoured Superman, Justice League, Fantastic Four, and Incredible Hulk comic books looking forward to the day when I’d be able to hang out with Thor on Mount Olympus or soar over New York City while my childhood crush, Randi Hyman, would look up and wish she’d paid a little more attention to me in first grade.

I decided the power I would start with was flight.  I had a strategy.  I would jump as far upward and forward as I could, timing my trajectory.  I even recruited my friends Larry and Richie to coach me with a stopwatch.  The idea was, if every week I could stay suspended in the air a little longer, by the time I hit puberty I’d be leaping from rooftop to rooftop rescuing people from evil villains.

In fourth grade my teacher, Mrs. Entin, squashed my dream, or at least put a major dent in it.  She taught me about Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation.

“An object in the Earth’s gravitational field experiences a force pulling it towards the centre of the Earth.”

That sucked.  It seemed Superman had some ability to defy gravity.  I didn’t.  So much for flight.  I’d opt for strength, and so it led me to a point in time where my Uncle Marty bought me my first weight set.  I was hooked.  Interestingly, I discovered something inside that went beyond building muscle.  The dream of being somehow superhuman existed in me but not without an important archetypal quality.  Deep down, I felt a burning desire to help people.  As I learned, I wanted to teach.  As I gained I wanted to share.

I know this speaks to you.  Whether or not you ever read about epic battles between Spiderman and The Green Goblin, you have that same deep lying desire.  You want to excel, but not for your own selfish benefit.  You want to excel so you’re recognized for your ability to help others, and you want to help others in a very big way.

When we take childhood dreams forward to adulthood, with enough introspection we can identify innate traits that formed and strengthened from those early fantasies.  Here’s what I recognize about myself:

I love to be rewarded for helping others.

That may be the most honest and crystallizing statement I could possibly make about my drive, my passion, and my heart.

I love to be rewarded for helping others.

As a Superhero I’d rescue the beautiful woman from the clutches of the deranged evil-doers.  As a personal trainer, not only would I rescue women and men alike from poor lifestyle choices, misinformation, and the villains who push drugs, surgeries, and absurdities as solutions, but I would find immense gratitude coming right back at me.

This begs a new question.  How does a Superhero get paid?

At first, as most personal trainers, I hated the idea of asking for money.  I operated under the flawed paradigm of, “if people want to train with me, they’ll pay me.”  It took lots of early financial struggles to realize, there’s a value to what I do, and until I find a belief and confidence in that value, nobody else will ever see it.

Every business strategy I ever developed stemmed from two foundational ideas:

  1. I will only prosper if every dollar I make comes from bettering the life of another
  2. It is my responsibility to establish extreme value and deliver more value than people expect

After seasons of financial struggle, that paradigm shift gave me power.  I started to earn, to grow, to prosper, and I never lost a night’s sleep.  I watched less scrupulous people make money at the expense of others and I took great pride in my moral compass and developed ability to find just reward.

So let’s isolate two key points I’ve laid out thus far, following with the assumption that in these few regards, you’re a lot like me.

  1. We want to excel . . . but only feel fulfilled if we legitimately help others
  1. We must establish our own value and find comfort in demanding as we deserve

Here’s where it gets tricky.  As we find fulfillment, as we begin to earn as we feel we deserve, and as we establish a position whereby our value is attached to our time, we face an inherent ceiling.  It’s human nature to seek growth, it’s noble to want to earn sufficient to raise a family, and it’s important to prepare for the future knowing that your ultimate financial status is reliant upon what you build.

What happens if you build nothing but a clientele reliant upon your time?  In the immediacy of the present day, you feel fulfilled, but where’s the safety, the security, the promise of a strong foundation for the next decade, and the decade beyond?

Most personal trainers live in that reality.  They are reliant upon their time for their income.

If you haven’t hit the sense of impending burnout yet, you will.  It’s the conflict between a desire for growth and the limitations of your time and energy.

Out of this comes the desire for residual income, for a long-term payoff, for our efforts to deliver extreme value and for that reward to flow our way with ever-growing power.

Isagenix offers that dream.  The question becomes, “can you help people, find reward, and feel fulfilled?”  and that answer is simple.  Yes.  “Will you do what it takes?” is another question completely.  Here’s my promise.  With the lessons I’ll share, with a commitment to value and growth, and with a modest effort that promises to build extreme momentum, you can find the future you deserve, no trickery, no cold calling, no pressure selling, just you being you . . .  feeding your own deep desires.

I’ll address the concerns, I’ll shed as much light as I can on the true opportunity, and then it’s up to you.  I’ll make myself available to speak to anyone interested and if I sense a true desire, I’ll invite you to come on board as a part of my team.  (feel free to email me to arrange a telephone appointment,  On my “team,” we do things ethically, caringly, and with the clients’ best interest in mind, and in that we seek ongoing betterment.

Knowing there are 5 segments to follow, I’ll wrap this up with an important point.

If you want to grow you need to stretch. 

That’s it.  That’s the point.  For decades I’ve been helping trainers stretch, closing in on their dreams, opening their own studios, or trading employment for freedom.  This is simply a continuation of that process.

Interested?  Email me, or go forward and read the next segment, “7 Reasons You Need to Stretch.”  This has nothing to do with lengthening hamstrings or alleviating psoas tightness.  This type of stretching has everything to do with mindset.

Read, “The 7 Reasons You Need to Stretch” (to be posted October 28, 2014)